by: Beyrle, Stanley, N.M.D.

Dr. Stanley Beyrle is a naturopathic medical doctor who graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland in 1981. He studied ozone therapy in Germany with Dr. William Turska and Dr. Siegfried Rilling, both pioneers of ozone research and treatment. He is certified as an ozone therapist by the German Medical Ozone Society. He is the director of the Kansas Clinic of Traditional Medicine in Wichita, Kansas and a founding father of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.


Ozone is tri-atomic oxygen (O3) - it is a highly charged, volatile particle. There is ozone and there is medical ozone, and they are very different. Ozone produced from air is toxic because of the nitrogen oxides, nitrites, nitric acids, sulphur dioxides and other compounds formed. This type of ozone is poisonous. Medical ozone is produced by passing clinical oxygen through high voltage tubes. We use only the cold spark method for medical purposes. This does not produce the poisonous gases, and that is the big difference. This is why I do not believe in ozone generators to purify the air. It is not pure ozone and it reacts with other oxides in the air and produces poisons and you are inhaling this. I have bought them, but I don't use them any more. I couldn't figure out why the office staff weren't feeling well; they were around it all the time. It's corrosive, it's oxidative, it gets in your mucous membrane and dries it out. Non-medical ozone used for other purposes may be generated by passing air or oxygen over a special ultraviolet light, but this does not have the staying power or the concentration necessary to manufacture medical quality ozone. Ultraviolet produced ozone is good for hot-tubs and swimming pools. It works well at that level, but we must use medical ozone to get the concentration we need to activate the immune system. Medical ozone is accepted by the overwhelming majority of all German educated physicians and doctors. Most water purification in Germany is through ozone, and we are beginning to use it now to purify water in the United States. Ozone is a bleaching agent, a deodorant and a disinfectant; it is virucidal and bactericidal. If it can kill viruses and bacteria when used industrially, why can't we use it in medicine, and apply it to human function? Because it is inexpensive and the drug companies don't want it. There is no money in it for them.


You can manipulate your ozone concentration with a voltage regulator which controls the voltage input to your machine. The higher voltage increases the ozone concentration. The concentration must be in a range limit of 1 ug (microgram) per ml up to 100 ug/ml for safe and successful results. For home rectal insufflation that is not important, but for autohemotherapy it is important. So when you are looking for a machine, firstly, it must not be ultraviolet, and secondly, you need a concentration range from 1 to 100 ug/ml. Most of the ozone machines don't have this, though companies are starting to produce them. If you have a machine that only goes up to 38 ug, you will never get that high oxidative potential. I use the German protocols, Dr. Rilling's protocols, because physicians who use them are the only ones who have consistently obtained good results. There are other protocols, but they are not used with the same success.


You must always use pure oxygen when creating ozone for medical use, and if you don't, you sure don't use it for therapeutic purposes. You must not use rubber tubing on your machine. Silicon treated tubing works the best. Glass also works well. There is a machine available that has all these features which is relatively inexpensive. It is around $5,000. I get my ozone supplies from a company in Burnaby, B.C. called the Ozonifer Company, and from Germany.


In autohemotherapy 50 to 100 ml of blood are drawn out of the patient, mixed with an ozone/oxygen mixture and reintroduced into the body. This produces oxygenation, kills viruses, and enhances circulation. Many physicians are still using IV injections of ozone, but it is such a reactive substance, that it reacts immediately with the cell membranes of the white and red blood cells. I teach a lot of my patients how to use an IV, but I prefer the autohemotherapy.



Oxygen or ozone therapy is very effective for super-infected and badly healing wounds. It stops bleeding. It is wound cleansing, and it accelerates wound healing. We use ozone concentrations ranging from 40 to 100 ug per ml. When I start my treatment on badly infected wounds, I always start with at least 80 ug/ml, and I actually cause a little bit of tissue necrosis to break up the scarring and the inflammatory substances in there so that I can get through the cell wall and into cellular metabolism. Topically, you never heal a wound if you continue to use high concentrations of ozone, because you are destroying all the cells, good and bad, by oxidizing and breaking down that essential fatty acid membrane that is around every cell. Too high concentrations of ozone are damaging to the tissues. You use high concentrations only initially to clean the scar tissue and break up those mutant type formed cells. When we do external applications with bags (bag therapy), we use about 32-40 ug/ml. I don't use anything higher than that. If it is done properly it will never be harmful. We see healing routinely in our clinic by simply placing a silicone bag above and below the wound or burn area. We secure it with a rubber band, and then ozonate the area. It is simple and inexpensive. Peripheral ozone treatments may be used on burns, gangrene, ulcers, diabetic ulcers and peripheral vascular disease. Ozone therapy is tremendously beneficial in treating burns - it is spectacular. For North America not to have medical ozone in their burn units is criminal. Burns are the most painful and disfiguring pathology a person can experience and ozone therapy is so simple and so inexpensive.

For a direct fungucidal, bactericidal and virucidal effect, you have to use 80 to 100 ug/ml. If you don't achieve that concentration you are not breaking that capsid up, you are not getting to the virus capsule. Using 28 to 42 ug/ml will be systemically virucidal through an indirect mechanism of increasing immunity.


Ozone oxidizes the cells of the body systemically. It stimulates enzymes and phagocytes, the white blood cells which chew up the debris, the viruses and the bacteria in the blood. It activates alpha interferon, gamma interferon, interleuken II and tumour necrosis factor. Ozone is specific for pathogenic cells and does not hurt the good cells. With red blood cells, it increases the cascade of events that eventually frees oxygen from the hemoglobin molecule so that oxygen is released. It is effective with hepatitis B. We have not had one hepatitis patient that we haven't had success with. We use more than just ozone, but ozone is a major part of it. For pathological conditions produced by viruses like herpes, hepatitis, AIDS and cancer, we use 38-42 ug/ml.


Medical ozone is very effective for macular degeneration and brain stem disease - it is very effective in getting into those small capillary spaces. I use anthocyanidins and antioxidants in conjunction with the ozone therapy. We see cessation and reversal in 90% of cases. Blueberry and bilberry supply visual purple which nourishes rhodopsin which activates cones and rods. This increases the blood flow to that region. My patients report that their eyesight has been enhanced simply by taking blueberries.


For irritable bowel syndrome, we put in a high concentration to break down that mucoid buildup and that toughened cell membrane. Then we put in the low concentration to permeate the cell and start the cascade reactions that activate the release of oxygen and stimulate interferon and the immune complement.


The concentration range here is a bit different, 1 to 40 ug/ml. For peripheral circulatory problems we want to use the lower concentrations and we use intravenous and with autohemotherapy. Ozone is also effective for rheumatism and arthritis.


The German doctors use antioxidants before and after ozone treatment. Antioxidants are also known as free radical scavengers. The antioxidants are so important in the use of medical ozone because if we use too much ozone, then we produce free radicals and these free radicals can start the mutation process. Your antioxidants keep the process in check. There are physicians in the United States who do not use this adjunctive treatment, and as a result peroxides are induced in the body which activate white blood cells, and immune deficiency will occur if it goes unchecked. Drs. Rilling, Etterling and Naessens have come up with the use of antioxidants called anthocyanidins bonded with another antioxidant called reduced glutathione. Pycnogenol's active ingredient is an anthocyanidin which comes from black currant seed and beet root, two of the most active and potent anthocyanidins or proanthocyanidins available. Anthocyanidins are necessary in order to get reduced glutathione across the gut border, through the stomach and into the blood stream. When taken alone, reduced glutathione is not very effective because of the acid content of the stomach. Reduced glutathione is probably the most important biochemical found at cell level. It sustains cell oxygenation so that mutations will not occur. This is described in Etterling's, Naessens' and Rife's work. We have found that when the cell respiration falls below 20%, then the cancer gene, the P41 gene starts to become active. This is documented in extensive medical research, including the German research and research from Sloan-Kettering Institute. Reduced glutathione in conjunction with the anthocyanidins is manufactured in Germany and is called SCAVE (free radical scavenger). If you are using these antioxidants, in order to get good results, it is important to administer them properly, with proper dosage and frequency.

The anthocyanidins and glutathione protect tissue such as the cornea, optical lens, vitreous body, the cartilage, bone and connective tissue against stress. Both glutathione and the anthocyanidins possess chelate-linkage effects and are able to eliminate heavy toxic metals. It is important that each and every one of us takes an antioxidant. Just being exposed to ultraviolet light in fluorescent lighting produces free radicals and destroys oxygen. In our office, we use full-spectrum lighting which does not produce other forms of ions like ultraviolet does. Recycled air destroys oxygen because of all the nitrites and oxides it contains.

Anthocyanidins and glutathione in combination provide optimum antioxidant free radical protection that is superior and superordinate to all other natural antioxidant defense mechanisms. There is nothing like it. But if you want a less expensive antioxidant, vitamins A, C and E are still very fine antioxidants, and have very similar properties to the anthocyanidins, although they are not as effective. My patients with a limited income eat one tablespoon of blueberries two or three times a day (frozen or fresh blueberries) which contain a remarkable amount of anthocyanidins.

Not all my patients have recovered. We have lost cancer patients, but we haven't lost a lot. We had a liver cancer patient, the first cancer patient that died in several years, who came to me with liver cancer that had metastasized all through his body. The ozone diminished his pain and made him comfortable in his last few weeks of life. He had taken an antibiotic every day of his life for 30 years for a skin rash. He was still taking it at my clinic, and he still had that skin rash, and I have no doubt in my mind that the cancer started with the use of an antibiotic every day, and that is why the liver was so weakened.

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For more information on oxygen and ozone therapies, two excellent books are available:

Oxygen Therapies by Ed McCabe, a classic book on oxygen
Oxygen Healing Therapies by Nathaniel Altman (1995) is well documented and contains many resources.

Dr. Beryle's address is 2708 East Central, Wichita, Kansas, 67214; phone 316-687-0035.

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