by: Barefoot, Robert

Robert Barefoot is a research chemist from Arizona. He has published many scientific research articles on mineral diagenesis, the process by which minerals change from one form to another, and has researched and obtained numerous international patents in metal extraction. This interest led him to his main area of research today, biochemical calcium and nutrition. He has written two scientifically documented books which describe how mineral and vitamin deficiencies can lead to degenerative diseases: The Calcium Factor and Death by Diet.

DEATH BY DIET All disease is caused by diet according to the father of medicine, Hippocrates. Hippocrates also said that all food is medicine, and he treated all his patients with food. He claimed in all his writings to have cured cancer which he did with large doses of garlic and onions.

GARLIC AND ONIONS In 1988, the American Cancer Institute was looking for anomalies in the cancer rate around the world. They found a province in China where the cancer rate was practically zero; yet in the next province it skyrocketed. They found that the people who had no cancer were in mountainous regions where there was plenty of sulfur, and garlic and onions grew like wildflowers. Garlic has been used as an antiseptic since the beginning of time. In World War I, all surgery was done with garlic packs. It kills bacteria like you wouldn’t believe. Now we have antibiotics, and antibiotics kill germs, but when you stop taking them, the stronger germs thrive. If you take an antibiotic, you only have a 72% chance of killing the germs. When you eat garlic and onions you kill all the germs because you don’t ever stop taking it. So if we stayed natural, we would have a constant way of killing bacteria.

SATURATED FATS DON’T CAUSE HEART DISEASE There was a cholesterol study done in the U.S. in which subjects were divided into two groups. Both groups ate plenty of butter, toast and eggs, but the second group was given in addition, two grams of garlic. Their cholesterol count was monitored, and it was found that the cholesterol of the first group went up by 50%; however, in the second group it was reduced by 50%. Does that mean that butter causes your cholesterol count to go up? No, it just means that you aren’t eating everything you should eat. Many traditional societies eat large blocks of lard, and there is no heart disease amongst these people. Their hearts are healthy, and their cholesterol count is non-existent. When we did our initial studies, we went around the world looking for people who never got sick. There are 17 cultures, 7 major cultures. The first culture we found was the Canadian Eskimos before they started eating our food. They ate only meat, not even one vegetable, and what they ate was 78% blubber. Not only did they not have heart disease, they didn’t even know the meaning of cancer. Another study found that women who ingest at least 20 grams (3/4 tbsp.) of saturated fat daily have half the rate of breast cancer. High fat diets are also linked to fewer strokes. Another study demonstrated that men with the smallest amount of fat in their diets had twice the risk of suffering a stroke as men who had 10% more fat. In addition, all kinds of scientific studies show that eggs have nothing to do with cholesterol counts.

UNSATURATED AND HYDROGENATED FATS DO CAUSE HEART DISEASE Research shows that it is usually unsaturated fats which raise your cholesterol. A good example is margarine. In one study, the cholesterol levels of identical twins were monitored. One group was given butter, and the other margarine. The one on margarine always had a 50% higher cholesterol level that the one on butter. This occurs because the unsaturated fats and hydrogenated fats induce the body to generate huge amounts of cholesterol. If an oil is man-made, watch out. Saturated fats such as olive oil don’t raise your cholesterol. We have been stuck with this medical myth about cholesterol for too long. Science says, eat the butter, eat the eggs. Everything God made for you is good. Everything the drug companies and their counterparts make such as Crisco, margarine and man-made corn oil – all those things are linked to heart disease and cancer. So it’s quite simple. Eat the things that are natural. Biochemists know the most important molecule in the body is cholesterol. It is the building blocks of your cells and every hormone in your body. Testosterone and estrogen are cholesterol derivatives. The brain is made up of 78% cholesterol!

DR. CARL REICH was a medical maverick. He earned the title “quack” because he was treating his patients with supplements of 700 mg. calcium and about 5,000 units of vitamin D. Immediately, the children under puberty within about four days were totally cured, asthma gone, allergies gone, complaints gone, Attention Deficit Disorder gone. He wrote a paper, but no one in Canada would publish it. He continued his work with adults and started seeing dramatic successes. Terminal cancer patients and other patients with no other hope poured through his door. He gave them nutrients: the cancer patients were cured, and the diabetic patients within six to twelve months were off their insulin. Heart patients were cured within about 1½ years. He documented his cases meticulously and when he tried to present them at conferences, he was told “Calcium is too simple.” However, in 1962, the Max Planck Institute, the most prestigious institute in Germany, invited him to present his paper. A man named Otto Warburg was there, a two time Nobel Prize winner for proving that cancer was anaerobic (which means that lack of oxygen induces cancer, and infusion of oxygen kills cancer). So in 1932 we knew what caused cancer, we knew how to prevent it and we sure as heck knew how to cure it, but the trouble was there was too much money in cancer. They were making practically a billion dollars a year. So they put Otto in a corner and told him to be quiet. In any case, Otto Warburg told Carl Reich that he was right and. that the key factor was the calcium factor, and they became colleagues. Unfortunately Otto Warburg died less than three months into their project, so Carl had to look for a calcium chemist, and eventually he found me. He presented me with stacks of records of terminal cancer patients whose autopsies showed absolutely no cancer. I went to the medical library to find more information about calcium and found a book called Biological Calcium written by 227 Ph.D.s, in which they had taken an ugly cancer tumour, cut it in half and put it in two beakers in body fluids at 98 degrees. They put a pinch of calcium salts in one of the beakers. Four days later the tumour with the calcium is a quarter of the size and the one without is four times larger. That’s a 16-fold difference in four days. So, we agreed to go around the world and investigate further, looking for localities with naturally high calcium consumption to document the cancer rate.

CALCIUM IN TRADITIONAL CULTURES Around the world, there are many cultures who never get cancer. They live 30 years longer and they don’t grow old. A hundred-year old man looks like a 50-year-old. What is the common denominator? All these people exceed the RDA of vitamins 100 fold. They have 100 times the calcium, 100 times the magnesium, 100 times the vitamin D, every vitamin. We went to visit the Eskimos. They never got heart disease or diabetes until we started feeding them our food. Their diet was 100% meat, no vegetables and the meat was 78% blubber, fat. But there was no cancer. We visited the Indians, the Azerbaijans, high in the mountains, the Hunzas of northern Pakistan, the Georgians, the Tibetans, the Chinese, the Titicaca Indians of Peru, the Vilcabamba Indians in Equador. We found at least one common denominator: high in the mountains and we knew that calcium was a factor. High in the mountains, water comes from the glaciers, and the glacier water contains ground up rock; it looks very turbid and white. The Indians refer to it as “the milk of the mountains”. Every liter contains 8,000 mg. of undissolved calcium. They drink three to five liters a day. Their vegetables are also loaded with calcium. We calculated they ate 150,000 mg. of calcium a day. It was astounding. Doctors say more than 1,200 mg. could be toxic. Yet these people never get sick. The only consequence is that they have no diseases, they live long and don’t grow old. When we looked at their other nutrients, we found they consume 100 times the RDA of everything. RDA stands for “recommended death allowance” because if you take it, you are going to die prematurely. There is no such thing as overdosing on vitamins and minerals. That is a medical myth designed to prevent you from consuming them. There has never been a case of anybody dying from God’s vitamins or minerals.

CORAL CALCIUM There is one more culture that is an exception. The Okinawas of Japan do not live in the mountains, but they live on an island of calcium, a coral reef. For hundreds of years, the people have been taking this calcium. Today, over 13 million people on mainland Japan take that coral calcium every day and Japan ships it all over the world. It is really “the milk of the ocean”. The people who live there consume every drop of it, or they put it on their fields. There is an ocean of supply in Japan and the claims for what it does are staggering. I discovered it in 1982 when we started our research, but it only came to North America a few years ago. I have talked to dozens of people who had multiple sclerosis and leukemia who don’t have it any more. We have seen hundreds of terminal patients who are now healthy.

CORAL CALCIUM ABSORPTION The trouble with calcium is that it is hard to absorb because you also need 5,000 units of vitamin D on the average. Studies show you only absorb 5%. However, coral calcium is predigested; it is ionized. Swedish scientists discovered it has four microbes and these microbes help you absorb your nutrients, just like the microbes in your intestines. When you drink a glass of coral calcium within ten minutes it shows up in your blood. That is unusual because your digestive process is a ten to 20 hour procedure. You need that calcium in your system to keep you alkaline. When Dr. Carl Reich gave his patients calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, he cured cancer by making their systems alkaline.

OXYGEN AND ALKALINITY The blood has a compound called calcium monoorthophosphate, and that is what keeps the blood alkaline. When something is alkaline it holds twenty times as much oxygen. If you don’t have enough calcium in your blood, your body fluids become acidic and your body will take it out of your bones, your saliva and your organs, and that makes them acidic. If your bones start to become depleted, it puts deposits in the joints and lo and behold the doctor tells you to avoid calcium. This aggravates the condition. All the calcium in a kidney stone, a gallstone, in your joints comes from the bones. It doesn’t come from your diet. The way to get rid of it is to increase it in your diet so it doesn’t have to take it from the bones, and your body will take care of the problem.

MILK OR CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS You have been told that milk is bad for you. Milk is man-made too. If you don’t like milk, don’t drink it. Your body knows best. However, a massive study on diet and breast cancer was done at the National Institute of Health in Finland, and they concluded that women who drank a quart of milk a day had 1/10 the rate of breast cancer. In Britain, the Royal Academy of Medicine and Science conducted a study of heart disease and diet. They concluded that one quart of milk a day reduces heart disease ten-fold. So you have a magic food that can prevent cancer and heart disease ten-fold. It comes in a bottle for a couple of dollars. Milk contains alkylglycerols that dramatically enhance your immune system. They increase your white blood cell count and the oxygenation of your red cells. Cow milk has 3% alkylglycerols. Mother’s milk has 33% and that is how the baby gets his tremendous resistance. Shark oil has 3%. Sharks never get cancer or heart disease. If you don’t drink milk, take calcium supplements.

Coral calcium and Robert Barefoot’s two books, The Calcium Factor and Death by Diet are available from Consumer Health Organization at 416-490-0986. Weston Price’s classical book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration about diets of traditional societies is also available.

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