by: De Vries, Jan, Ph.D., Dr.H.Med., D.Ac., D.O., N.D.

Dr. Jan de Vries is the director of the Mokoiya Health Centre in Troon, Scotland, which has become one of Britain's best known alternative medicine clinics. He specializes in the treatment of degenerative diseases using proper nutrition, homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy and special mineral baths. His most influential teacher was the world-renowned Swiss doctor, Alfred Vogel, with whom he pioneered alternative medicine in Holland, and established the very first clinic of its kind in that country. He has travelled and done research in the field of holistic medicine in many primitive societies throughout the world. The accomplishments of Jan de Vries have won him international acclaim including the prestigious Dag Hammarskjold Award for "outstanding contribution to humanitarian causes". He is the author of a popular series of books, the "By Appointment Only" series, which focuses on alternative treatments using herbs and diet for degenerative diseases.

My great-grandmother wrote in her book a long time ago, that there would be a time when people will get unidentified diseases resulting from failures of the immune system. The question comes to us then, why are there so many health problems today? With all that science has discovered, and all the knowledge that we have today, why do we not have a better prospect of health? Every time that I meet people from primitive or uncivilized societies throughout the world who do not suffer from degenerative diseases, I think about the many problems we have in our part of the world where we have so many wonderful and educated people. Why do we have the problems we have today? And don't underestimate them. An allergy, for instance, can lead to very serious problems. If we neglect candidiasis, we can develop many problems. But we are a result of our own society. We have perhaps become overly scientific insofar that we cannot think biologically any more. When we think scientifically, we sometimes do not pay attention to the simple lessons that nature gives us. I once visited an uncivilized tribe by helicopter, and this tribe taught me an important lesson. Because there was no doctor available, they had remained with the old-fashioned way of treating themselves. And I did not find any of the health problems that modern civilization suffers from.


Thirty years ago, I attended a lecture in Amsterdam given by Dr. Vogel who is probably the only surviving pupil of the old Dr. Bircher-Benner. They promoted four principles of health, and these will help to guide us and prevent us from falling into the trap of these twentieth century diseases which can lead to very serious degenerative problems. I have just finished a research study in one of the Glasgow hospitals on muscular dystrophy. It was very enlightening to us to discover how much food played in this particular problem. These people lacked certain enzymes.

The four principles that Dr. Vogel discussed in his lecture were aimed at the quality of foods. The quality of food suffers today from additives and colouring. When I came in to breakfast this morning at the hotel, and looked at all these pudding faces, I thought, my, you would be much more beautiful people if you had on your plates what I have on mine. I went to breakfast many times with Dr. Vogel, in the best hotels, and he came in with his package of muesli under his arm. He did not eat one other thing for breakfast. It's the quality of food that is important, and it's the quality which shows up even in our faces and influences our health. Not quantity. Quantity will take us nowhere. Another principle of good living is the contents of the food. Read your labels. I have never seen an Angel Delight pudding being eaten by the uncivilized people, as we call them. Or a tin of tomato soup. They have never even seen a tomato. Read the content of what is in your food.

Another principle of good health is a much more important one: the digestibility of foods. People often say they have flatulence and wind and bad digestion. These are just little signs of poor digestion. Why does a person get eczema? The food that these people are eating is probably lacking in digestive enzymes.

Another important principle is the absorption of food. Food is your first form of medicine. Its absorption properties determine that it does not just sit there and go into the fermentation process, producing many of the problems that we have.

How many problems do we have today with diabetes? How many problems do we have which involve the pancreas? Gastric problems seem to be winning over. Gastric problems are not only caused by food, but by the stress factor as well.

Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, also promoted four principles of health. The first one was the importance of the life force in man. There are ways that we can affect it both positively and negatively. And it's wonderful how positive always wins over negative. If you put positive energy into it you will get a positive result. One of the reasons we don't like to prescribe drugs when it isn't necessary is that it disturbs the life force.


We live in nature. We belong to nature. I will give you an example of a couple whose immune system was weakened by environmental pollutants. They came into my office one beautiful summer morning, and they were both very sick people. They were quite young and the husband had developed out of the blue a Parkinson's Syndrome. The wife had a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I recalled an article I had read in the Lancet which described how an overexposure to pesticides and insecticides could produce Parkinson's symptoms. I sent the wife to the department of virology for more blood tests and they discovered nine different viruses. Not far from their home was a chemical dump, and the chemical factory dumped their pesticides, insecticides and chemical wastes into the river. That was about thirteen years ago, and I could show you a cluster of these particular patients on a map from this area. Do other factors have an influence on the incidence of illness? Certainly this couple had not had a very good diet, so I don't think their immune system was all that strong to begin with. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often results when a group of viruses or parasites attack a weakened immune system, doing enough damage to cause these symptoms we have seen.


Fortunately there are remedies which will help to strengthen the immune system, and these are very simple and natural methods. The discovery of antibiotics was a great discovery and I am very friendly with the family of Sir Alexander Fleming who made the discovery. I have asked what Sir Alexander would think of the use of antibiotics today, and the family tell me that he would be horrified. We cannot take these things right, left and center. We have a wonderful natural remedy. Dr. Vogel and Dr. Albert Schweitzer were great friends, and when I went to see him once with Dr. Vogel, he showed me a nice purple flower and said it was his best antibiotic medicine. It is sold here in this country as an echinacea complex, the original Dr. Vogel complex. This is the only fresh extract and it's only safe if you see Dr. Vogel's signature on it. Be sure that you get the right stuff. There is no better antibiotic under the sun than that.


When I was in India not so long ago, I was practicing in one of the hospitals there in the especially poor areas, with 16 other doctors. We saw 1,163 people in two days. And I thought, that's funny, I haven't seen a lot of these candidas and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes. Actually I had none. And this is a country which is full of parasites and a lot of harmful bacteria. Yet I did not see any viral diseases. The quality of food was the answer to it, and the way they lived, and the natural medicines that they took. Especially around Calcutta where there is a lot of poverty and a lot of people even dying of hunger, there was no colitis. Why? When people have very little to eat, as we did in Holland during the war, the quality of health was better because all we got to eat was roughage. In India we saw people taking rasayana and this is a wonderful natural cleanser. Dr. Vogel makes his own rasayana complex and it is wonderful for cleansing the whole body. We call it the spring cleansing course. It treats the bowel, the liver, the kidneys and the whole system. I always tell my patients to take it two or three times a year. You need the original Dr. Vogel complex. I have seen a rasaya complex in this country with Dr. Vogel's name on it but it doesn't have the original ingredients.

How do we fight against viruses? There are dormant viruses in our systems but they can be triggered off to produce problems like multiple sclerosis. So what can we do to protect ourselves? We have to look at simple forms of diet and simple natural remedies in order to rebuild the immune system. How do we build up the immune system? It is very easy. It's just common sense. Vitamin C is an enormous help, but you can do much more to protect yourselves so that these viruses which attack you can have no influence on you. God created kelp to absorb contamination. It is a wonderful absorber. I give this to all patients at my clinic who live near nuclear stations. And I must say with great shame that the percentage of leukemia which we see around these nuclear stations in young children is shocking. This is a very simple remedy if you get into problems with radioactivity. Fortunately, the original Kelpaforce by Dr. Vogel is available here. You can also get it fresh or in tablet form, and it will definitely absorb a lot of the rubbish we come in contact with. Another remedy which helps purify the system of toxins is molasses. Molasses is a very great absorber. Another one is vitamin C. Another wonderful remedy which I give to people is simple calcium, or biocalcin from Dr. Vogel. Those are just four very cheap natural remedies which I give to people who come in contact with these particular problems.


I want to say a little bit about allergies, because there are many degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis which started with an allergy which was ignored. An allergy shows you that there is something in the body which does not react normally. For instance, there are a lot of unidentified skin diseases which are caused by allergies. You have heard about wheat allergies. Why do people have an allergy to wheat? Is the wheat so bad? No. God created the finest of wheat. Man made it different with the application of so many artificial fertilizers that it now has up to 60 chromosomes. Our poor bodies can't cope with that. We have to go back to eating natural food to treat our bodies, preferably organically grown food. That will help the immune system. I once visited a life-sentence prisoner who had a tremendous chaos in his endocrine system. He was allergic to white sugar, white flour, milk and alcohol. He was seriously hypoglycemic, and he should not have had any dairy products at all. I eliminated his food allergies with his cooperation and the prison's cooperation and his asthma and hypoglycemia cleared. He told me that Princess Anne went to see him personally, and she said, "I feel there is a great change in you. Tell me exactly what Jan de Vries did for you." And he said that before all he wanted to do was murder someone, and now he thinks about the wrongs that he has done and he sees life in a different way. The worst thing that we can do with hyperactive allergic people is feed them white sugar and other denatured foods.

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