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Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever And Allergies

Congestion And The Common Cold

Today there are more than 1,600 diseases but in actual fact, there is really only one disease and that disease is called congestion – congestion of the heart, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs and other organs. I have been in practice for over 30 years and I see a lot more common colds than I have ever seen before. It is so easy to ignore the common cold. You think it is just a cold. It will go away. Don’t ignore it.

It is a warning or alarm signal. If the common cold gets worse, don’t start on a whole pack of antibiotics because this only suppresses the problem. Your common cold is telling you there is something wrong with your health and if you don’t pay attention it might eventually lead to a nasty chronic bronchitis or asthmatic problem.

We have a great build-up of mucous nowadays and there are many reasons for this congestion. Air pollution is one and the food that we eat is another, especially dairy foods. The most mucous forming product is milk and dairy products. Dr. William Ellis often said that dairy food is one of the worst foods for the human body. It is not made for human consumption. The animal protein intake is far too high for most people. When a baby is weaned from breast milk and put on cow’s milk, what happens?

Often infantile excema and asthmatic conditions occur. That child cannot cope with the mucous forming agent in cow’s milk, but even more often with the level of protein which is nine times higher than in human milk. When I advise my patients with a nasty sinusitis or rhinitis to avoid dairy products, I have a tremendous job. I have to convince them. I almost have to blackmail them to stop, even when I tell them it’s for their own good. What can we do to protect ourselves? First make sure you drink plenty of fluids, especially fruit juices that are rich in vitamin C.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and take a vitamin C supplement. It is important not to ignore the warning signals but to make use of remedies which will build up our immune systems and nature provides us with the most wonderful remedies. The first thing I would recommend in the case of a common cold is echinacea, a God given natural antibiotic, but it must be in the right form. Dr. Vogel made a wonderful remedy with echinacea called Echinaforce and I have thousands of patients who use it. In cases of flu, cold, bronchitis and many other types of infection, Echinaforce provides a tremendous boost to the immune system.

The University of Munich has just declared that it has a stronger healing effect than a chemical antibiotic but does not have the adverse side-effects. Another remedy which can be very useful for the elimination of mucous and easing of congestion is fresh pine kernals which is also available in Dr. Vogel’s formulation, Santasapina. I often recommend Santasapina syrup for children because it is also an excellent remedy in cases of a dry cough. Irish moss and Iceland moss are also helpful.

Asthma And Bronchitis

We have evidence today that death rates due to the twentieth century diseases, asthma and bronchitis, have gone up six-fold over the last ten years. This is an astronomical figure probably resulting from ignoring the alarm bell of the common cough. Try not to ignore the message. I repeat that there is only one disease and its name is congestion. These problems may start out small.

Asthmatic and bronchitic patients often buy Ventolin, or other inhalers. There is a long list of them. This suppresses the problem. Suppressing disease is the worst thing that you can do. You want to bring out the problems causing your condition. The asthmatic and bronchitis patient is often low in calcium and often takes a lot of steroids on top of it, including cortisone. This makes the bones even more brittle.

Nature has something to offer. Every osteoporetic and asthmatic patient should take homeopathic calcium. I often see that calcium levels are very low especially in North America. There is a homeopathic calcium called Urticalcin, a calcium complex formulated by Dr. Vogel. Stinging nettles is the finest source of natural calcium and it is very good for rheumatism too. The problems of many patients with asthma and bronchitis initially begin with a simple allergy. And yet nature provides us with good general remedies for allergies.

One of the finest remedies that I give to my asthmatic patients and my bronchitis patients is sea kelp. It allows them to breathe more easily. Four tablets of Kelpasan (sea kelp) with a glass of hot water first thing in the morning. It immediately takes effect. It swallows up all those poisons. What is the secret of sea kelp? It swallows the contamination, the rubbish and the pollution that we put in the world’s seas like a sponge. For either acute or chronic bronchitis it is advisable to use Usneasan, a fresh herb prepartion containing icelandic moss and other herbs. If preferred, this remedy is also available in the form of tablets which can be sucked in the same way as a cough candy.

It is most important to avoid all dairy products and have a well balanced diet rich in vitamins A and C. Take 1000 mg vitamin C, 500 i.u. vitamin E and 4 kelp tablets daily. Use plenty of honey, garlic and onions.

Hay Fever

Hay fever does not need to be a problem. What can we do about it? There are many wonderful remedies in nature and one of the best remedies is Pollinosan. This is an exceptional hay fever remedy and I have seen proof of its success all over the world. Pollinosan is a mixture of some wonderful herbs as well as homeopathic remedies which should be continued until the problems have cleared up completely. I have treated hundreds of patients successfully with it.

For the minority of people who fail to respond to Pollinosan, I generally advise that they use hemp nettle and devil’s claw. The hay fever patient should not have too much protein intake, especially animal protein. He shouldn’t take too much salt or sugary foods. He should avoid dairy products. However, honey is very beneficial. If you have chronic hay fever, for goodness sake, do not ignore it. This is one of the alarm signals which may herald the onset of harmful degenerative diseases. Nature provides you with plenty of things you can use to treat it.

Throat Conditions And Coughs

Another problem is throat conditions. In China, they say that there are many diseases which begin in the throat; a little cough and a tickle in the throat will be an alarm bell that there is something wrong. My great grandmother said many times, don’t forget to look at your throat and when your throat is swollen or a little red or you have a little cough, do something about it. She recommended gargling your throat with a 1 1/2 per cent solution of hydrogen peroxide. I feel concerned when I hear of people using this remedy internally. If you use hydrogen peroxide internally, be very careful and do it only with the guidance of a naturopathic practitioner.

Sinisitis And Rhinitis

Sinusitis and rhinitis are often ignored, and sinus problems can often lead to a nasty headache. Yet there are many remedies. Two homeopathic remedies, Hepar sulph. and Cinnabaris are often used in the tretment of sinusitis and rhinitis. If the sinusitis problem is chronic, Usneasan should be taken. Don’t forget about the well-proven remedies cod liver oil, propolis and bee pollen. Inhalations of lemon, eucalyptus and Poho oil are also highly recommended.

Finally, to help the immune system you can use a preparation like Immuno-strength or vitamin A, betacarotene, vitamin C, vitamin E and if necessary some vitamin B. In the case of chronic rhinitis it would be wise to follow a fasting regime followed by a change in diet. A low protein diet avoiding all dairy products is needed. The sinusitis patient loves high protein intake. They love for a fact milk and dairy products, eggs, salt. These are the big enemies, the three s’s: sugar, salt and stress.


I do all kinds of allergy tests but I do not treat allergies. I treat the immune system. The more the immunity is rebuilt, the more rapidly the allergies will disappear. Asthmatic conditions, bronchitis, rhinitis and sinusitis are often caused by allergies and many allergic problems are caused by a weakened immune system. Asthmatic and respiratory problems today are probably partially the result of increased air pollution. Because there is so much attack on our health in our modern nuclear space age, we often have weakened immune systems.

When we do blood tests, we sometimes see a host of invaders, viruses, residues of infections and inflammations. We have to make a personal effort to keep our blood clean. You need to do colon cleansing as well as blood cleansing and there are many blood cleansing materials available to rebuild your immune system. The finest immune booster is Petasan, the pest root. It is a wonderful cell renewer. Life is a constant renewal of cell tissue if we use the right remedies to encourage it. The more you rebuild your immune system, the more these allergies will decline and the more you can withstand the assault of the polluted air.

Cortisone is often prescribed for allergies but unfortunately, I see problems arising from this daily including brittle bones. Although degenerative diseases may have been caused by simple allergic reactions, we have a difficult time convincing the orthodox profession that we have an effective way of overcoming these allergies.


Fasting is the most wonderful cleanser. Do a little fasting and take juice at your meal times. It gives your body a real cleaning out. Do it for three days. You should see how much mucous and misery comes out.


Q: What treatment do you recommend for continual phlegm?

A: When you have a continual phlegm condition, first look at your diet. Cut out all dairy foods. Cut salt intake down, fast once in a while, take fruit juices and vegetable juices. Use Echinaforce which is a wonderful product of echinacea. This will get rid of phlegm and probably relieve the breathlessness too.

Q: What is good for osteoporosis?

A: Take 12 tablets of Urticalcin per day. There is also a wonderful plant called comfrey. Comfrey extract, Urticalcin and evening primrose are very good. Even the worst cases of osteoporosis with respond very well.

Q: What symptoms might one expect with a calcium deficiency?

A: There are a lot of symptoms, but the usual ones are that your hair becomes less shiny and thinner. Your nails also become brittle and thinner. A calcium deficiency can make you very lethargic and depressed.

Q: I have been told by my doctor that I have prostitis. His only solution is antibiotics. Are you aware of any herbal remedies?

A: Yes, the natural antibiotic Echinaforce is a wonderful remedy and there is also a homeopathic remedy called Sabal. Also, you should take a handful of pumpkin seeds every day.

Q: What do you suggest for croup attacks?

A: With croup you have to be terribly careful. The best homeopathic remedy is mercurius D3.

Q: What herbal remedy will help the pain of bursitis?

A: Bursitis can be a pest and very sore. The best remedy is pure comfrey extract. Rub it where the bursitis is very painful. I always do homeopuncture, a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture, dipping the acupuncture needle into a homeopathic extract.

Q: How do you heal a hiatus hernia?

A: As a doctor of osteopathy, I do not find this a big problem. I have a very fine manipulation for it and have helped many people and saved many people from operations for hiatus hernia. It must be very serious, before I would ever recommend an operation. It is a nasty operation.

Q: What would you recommend for whooping cough?

A: There is a very good remedy made by Dr. Vogel called Thydroca.

Dr. Jan De Vries

Dr. de Vries is the director of seven health clinics in Britain, including the Mokoiya Health Centre in Troon, Scotland, one of Britain's best known alternative medicine clinics. He uses a wide range of therapies to treat degenerative diseases including proper nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, special mineral baths and herbal medicine. He pioneered alternative medicine in Holland, and together with Dr. Alfred Vogel, established the very first alternative health clinic in that country. He is the author of a popular series of books which focuses on alternative treatments using herbs and diet for degenerative diseases. The accomplishments of Jan de Vries have won him international acclaim and he has been presented with the prestigious Dag Hammarskjold Award for outstanding contribution to humanitarian causes. He is a scientific member of the Cancer Research Board in Britain and is presently doing research in Arcen, Holland for the European Commission, investigating the effectiveness of herbal medicine.

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