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Bioluminescence: The Inner Light

The Keys of Enoch tells us that human life was engineered by the highest Divine levels of Life, and describes the physical and spiritual transformations presently occurring in our galaxy. The human mind and body can be electrified to higher energy states under certain circumstances due to Light radiations described as Hasmal energy forces and Alhim particles (Hebrew).

The brain is not only able to process the light of our known electromagnetic spectrum, but is also able to reach beyond the constrictions of local magnetic fields and receive light from other electromagnetic spectrums – from the Light that comes from above. Academy for Future Science

It gives me great honour to be here. Having travelled throughout the world, having looked beneath the oceans, having used remote sensing technology beneath the Great Pyramid of Egypt, having worked in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru, I can tell you the missing pieces are falling into place.

We are presently being prepared for some type of quantum change. In the twinkling of an eye, the ancient hermetic literature that speaks of the body of Light, or bioluminescence, the inner light processes of every cell of our body will be understood.

I ask each of you to take only that portion of the presentation that can fit into your mental logic or mental computer. Some of this is a bit advanced and to say the least, very provocative. And yet, what is not provocative when one looks at the great epics of spiritual literature.

I would like to begin with a brief quote from the Book of Daniel, Chapter 12, V.3. “The ones having insight will shine like the brightness of the expanse; and those who bring the many to righteousness like the stars to time infinite, even forever.” In the ancient text there is an acknowledgement that those who have the “higher knowledge” will be quickened, they will be lifted up and they will be, in effect, connected with the stars of thinking intelligence.

Pistis Sophia

I have recently published a commentary on the Pistis Sophia, which is the lost teachings of Jesus, documents given to his disciples in Egypt, according to the Coptic tradition of the late first, second and third century teaching of the Holy Sophia, a wisdom teacher. And I read that Sophia, who exemplifies the female spirit, in despair calls upon the Light: “And in my distress, I sang praises in the Light and it delivered me free from distress. It has delivered my bonds.

It has freed me from limitation and brought me up out of darkness and oppression. And I will thank you O Light, for you have delivered me, and your wondrous works have given to the generation of humankind and you have broken the upper gates of darkness and strong bars of chaos. And you caused me to leave the region where I have transgressed and my power was taken away because I had transgressed.

For I had abandoned the mysteries and descended into the gates of chaos namely into this physical incarnation.” And then she goes on to speak of the mysteries of the Christ, the higher teachings of the Cosmic Christ in the sense of higher teaching, how the gates of vibration, terminology very similar to the science of the Kabalistic Tree of Life of Judaism, were literally opened. And light beings with the names of Michael and Melchizedek, ministered with Christ unto her.

Now, what are we to do with these documents? Is there an essence, a science of Light, or biolumin-escence? And if so, how do we deal with it?

I would like to begin by taking a look at the emergence of a whole new picture of humanity and it is the female form coming out of the oceans of Creation, soaring ahead into the opening of billions and billions of galactic creations. With light coming out of her head, one is reminded of the symbolism of Moses coming down from the Mount where light energy poured forth.

The shifting that takes place will require the male and female minds to come together as we read about in the Pistis Sophia texts and also in the New Testament Book of Revelation, “putting on of the virgin spirit of light, namely the higher rebirth, the higher body coupling with this body with the Overself, the higher body of consciousness vibration that exists throughout the universe.

In the traditions of the North and South American indigenous people the sphere of our planet is a living organism. There is a balance in the animal kingdom, and in the centre we see the whales and the dolphins; we see the nexus point as interspecie communication that is taken for granted; it is all in balance, and humans are but part of this.

Think what would happen if man and woman were created on the first and second day rather than on the sixth day. Think of the waste and the destruction that would have occurred if early humanity had our contemporary practices of competition, acquisition and consumption.

In just a few generations we have seen the death of Mother Earth being speeded up to such high levels that many of my colleagues at the United Nations are suggesting biospheric collapse is imminent. The Aboriginal peoples of Australia saw the flowing of the river of time in terms of concentric circles, energy vortexes that were used to balance the energy flow from nature to supernature.

In this the animal kingdom, even the serpentine kingdom was in dialogue with the human creation. To quote an ancient Chinese Sutra, “We come from eternity through the womb of time, through the womb of water back into eternity”.

The discovery of biogenetic material that is formed by biological organisms with ferro-magnetic properties and found to be magnetite was the first breakthrough towards an understanding of why some animals have the ability to detect earth’s magnetic field. With this finding, applied not only to the animal kingdom, but to the human race, we can begin to look very carefully at hidden potentials that we have within us.

For magnetite found in animals that navigate by compass direction such as bees, fish and birds, have a source of attraction, of interpenetrating the rhythms of the earth’s magnetic field and a sensitivity of biological rhythms that can be altered with respect to the earth’s magnetic field.

And so the voices and the rhythms of creation are gathering around us at all times and the unseen movements from below are being heard. And this is exemplified in the ancient charts from China to India to Tibet that speak of the Tree of Life. Bioluminescence arises from this field of morphogenic doors of energy which influence the body’s magnetic field.

The inner biophysical mechanisms of twelve canals or gates are connected with a series of moving channels of breath and energy and colour and run transversely and obliquely through the human body depending upon the balances of the mind and the oppositionary forces that we are connected with.

For many years this was simply oriental philosophy but now we know through the work of the Russians, the European community and of the West, that there are mechanisms, very important mechanisms that carry the electrical activity of our body and are connected with the cosmologic, cosmogenic oscillations of the universe in unique ways.

Russian research in the early seventies presented a series of scientific reports based upon the study of the electric properties of the acupuncture points of the body, describing the relationship between acupuncture points or flow energy meridian of our body with individual organs. This research, along with others led to a specialized study done behind the scenes by NASA scientists on mind over matter research at Stanford Research Institute.

And this led to research pioneered by astronaut Ed Mitchell in space who was able to turn off his technical apparatus and communicate with two of my colleagues back on earth, biological targets over tens of millions of miles to receive mathematical signals, independent of one another showing the importance of the powers of the mind connected with the universal mind and the illusion of time, space separation.

And so there is an omni-directionality that we are beginning to work with in terms of communication theory and we are recognizing now that the ferromagnetic crystals that have been found within human tissue interact more than a million times more strongly with external magnetic fields than do diamagnetic or paramagnetic materials.

What am I saying? The human mind is a transducer of information.We are swimming in a sea, so to speak, of morphogenic points of resonance through which we build a higher consciousness, a higher reality, ultimately opening this creation for change, for balance and for quantum change on the next level of the Cosmic Tree of Life.

In the human brain, pyramidal cells are present and arranged in layers of the cortex of the two cerebral areas. The pyramidal cells act as electro-crystal cells immersed in extra-cellular fluids and operate in the fashion of a liquid crystal oscillator.

Biogravitation encoded as switches present in the human brain allow a type of liquid network to release ions that induce currents to this running coded dendrite system. In that sense the human mind, as a human biocomputer is activated.

According to Einstein matter is to be regarded itself as part, in fact, the principle part of the electromagnetic field andelectrical energy is therefore the fundamental origin of our entire physical world.

When we understand this we will understand that certain biological conditions can be changed, and the power of the mind, the thought forms can actually orientate the structure of cellular material as we see also in some of the studied of water droplets made by Japanese scientists. Human thought forms can actually create corresponding geometric forms of water.

And so we have within us a type of superconductivity. We have within us a special biomagnetic computer that can be used for great change. Even the genetic material, as we see here in research done in California, has its own scale of music. Work done by Susan Alexander and others has shown that the DNA has its own musical scale, microcosmic music as it is called.

Her work with professors at the University of California, Davis has shown that just as the atoms of carbon and hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen receive light, they absorb some of it depending upon their vibratory frequencies, those frequencies of absorption can be measured, plotted on a graph and read as numbers which then can be converted to musical signals. And so there is this certain sound-scape present at all times.

In essence, it is now being recognized that light is the basis of creation. Not conventional light, but supraluminal light which allows for the intersecting of many electromagnetic spectrums. We also recognize now that the physical view of matter as the basis of reality, held since Newton’s Principia, is beginning to change.

Physical matter is an illusion. Scientists are beginning to recognize the matter-energy construct, that we are more than a host of linear reality and The Keys of Enoch explains this in depth. The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch, Key 313 states: “there is something in the nature of the brain which produces its own light field on a molecular level when polarized by light radiation patterns. These radiations change the action of the nerve terminals on the release and uptake of the neurotransmitters.”

I am here talking to you today because there is a higher spiritual science. The old methods that caused the demise of Atlantean type civilizations are moving quickly and materialistically to control the human image and that will be the last temptation – the destruction of the Divine image that we are; the image of the Adamic seed.

All of the ancient cultures had the ability to transcend the material base. We, also, in correspondence with our cosmic family will do the same at the proper time. Until that time arises, we must not allow the human book of life to be violated, and the Divine processes to be turned over to those powers of the earth, those princes of the earth, who would deny the spiritual capacity to understand the higher creation that we are part of, with the Keys of Enoch, called the Christ Consciousness.

The Common Basis Of Science, Medicine & Spirituality


Many pathways of knowledge are coming together. There is a common basis for science, medicine and spirituality, and that common basis is a higher consciousness which is connected with what we call the embodiment of Light or the Light Body.

In my research with the scientific community throughout the world I have had the opportunity to do paraphysical and musical measurements and to work with those who have had actual contact with levels of parallel evolution. We are truly being prepared for a realization that we are surrounded by a higher thinking evolutionary intelligence.

If you look at the ancient star maps, they connect the human body with the planet spheres and beyond. We look at the amazing lines of energy that run throughout space, and we see these energy lines are encapsulated even in the basic leaf of a tree.

Soviet scientists have demonstrated that even in taking material off the common leaf geometry, a phantom leaf remains. In other words, the physical is secondary to the matter energy construct. There is a fifth circulatory field that needs to be recognized.

We need to recognize that eastern science and future science are meeting within the larger construct of the energy flow system of the body and the cosmic body that surrounds us.

The human body is but one embodiment of several energy vehicles. In that sense, we are part of an electromagnetic energy system, as we have called it in modern science, but that is subordinate to the circuitory pathways of other levels of evolution reaching through the stars.

There is a type of garden within the mind’s eye, which allows us to interconnect the energy fields of the body as a biotransducer with the energies of the universe.

We are thus an open-ended system having the ability to work with the biochemical body or the psychochemical body along very precise pathways. In 1973 I had a higher consciousness experience and wrote in a book called The Keys of Enoch that there is a renewal process that takes place on the cellular level and that is controlled by what I called axiotonal lines, energy patterns of acoustical vibrations running throughout the body.

Through this, the body is remade. Through this, proper functions of the body can be accelerated. Through this, the body can be rebuilt, cell by cell, molecule by molecule, thought form by thought form.

We recognize the multidimensionality that we are not only an electromagnetic body, but we are also an epi-kinetic body of sound vibration and a body of many plus and minus relativities or abstract pictures.

We are, in essence, as the ancient Chinese spoke of, the five Buddha bodies in one combination if we can achieve higher levels of consciousness. We have, in effect, a vehicle of many vehicles.

Visualize now the pinpointedness of the light, the centre of the Buddha body. And again, this is also described in the New Testament, where Jesus goes to the virgins, five of whom are awakened by the light, the expansiveness of activating an inner body within our body of flesh.

Feel the circulatory system connecting your fingers and toes. The axiotonal lines that run through your cells with the microtubules. And then you realize that you are a walking Tree of Knowledge, as you go further up to the neurocircuitry, and you realize that you are a biotransducer processing the thought forms of energy from the universal mind, the universal consciousness, the universal “I AM”.

As you began to unfold these energy forces, a garment of flesh is exchanged for a garment of light. A pathway of connection is made across space and time. The words of Isaiah, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish,” are heard. A momentary taste of honey is experienced.

All Seven Levels, from the subatomic and atomic to the mental, and to the higher consciousness are opened and you see more light, you experience more light, and the Garden of Eden is reconnected. And myriads of stars, whether you look through the Hubbell telescope or whether you look through the mind’s eye, appear within the inner consciousness: the waveforms of the higher evolution, the creative design.

We recognize that we come from eternity, pass through the womb of birth, and go back to eternity in what we call this epiphenomenal reality of human life but we are in essence many bodies working on many levels.


Open your mind to the music of the spheres which the Greek philosophers spoke of, something that we are now beginning to understand. The awesomeness of the universe reveals its sounds although they cannot be heard, they are there within the structure of the universe down to the sounds of the DNA, vibrating in our body.

Light radiations of the cosmos interact with our human body, our human sensory system. Each section covers approximately 80 octaves of vibrations. Each set of 80 octaves is a vibration of three combined interpenetrating primary cosmic radiations referred to as the three gunas in Sanskrit.

Material from the Oriental heritage as well as from modern investigations of the biohelix system is now being validated by researchers such as the late Dr. Puharich, Marcel Vogel and others, showing that there is a unique vibratory system that we are incarnated into. Through supersonics, not only is this present within our body, but it can be expanded. We are basically tuning forks of energy working within a planetary and ultimately cosmic grid system.

We can use these axiotonal forces for localized healing and therapy and some healers in Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines were able to work with so-called mind over matter events and certain sounds to activate various parts of the body. Dr. Puharich and I, in Mexico had special cameras and we could see on cameras actual radiations of light coming in and out of certain organs when the healers used certain musical forms.

When the eyes are open, there is certain magnetic activity. Every time you open and close your eyes you are activating a magnetic signal which is a small demonstration of what the ancients of our western heritage called the activation of the Gematria, the inner body of knowledge through sacred sounds.

As we merge with the neocortex, we are redefining post-Einsteinian science. We are going beyond experimental realities into a global experience of intuitive and imaginative abilities that is not based upon localized culture. We are recognizing that this higher area of the neocortex utilizing both left and right hemispheric functions can activate super mental powers.


In the brain there are pyramidal cells that act as electrocrystal cells immersed in cellular tissue fluid that operate in the fashion of a liquid crystal oscillator in response to different light commands.

We found that biogravitational encoded switches are present in our brain which allow a type of crystal network to release ions that induce currents to the surrounding coil dendrites, so we have a biocomputer system in our brain that can be activated; we can go beyond the synaptic gap; we can experience intense energy waves and if we harness these properly we can materialize and dematerialize things. This is basically the definition of higher consciousness, which appears to be quantitized.

It is able to materialize and dematerialize all forms of structure, atomic structure. It can project energy images through all forms of matter into another mind through mental projection. It can function independent of time. This higher consciousness produces biological changes in molecules and atoms capable of changing proteins and minerals into other forms. It is able to work in linear and non-linear functions.

Again to go back to the pyramidal brain cell model, there is an electric activity that does take place in some individuals that can be amplified with the right magnetic fields. It appears that when the left and right hemispheres are in balance, this energy field can be activated and literally, a beam of light can be sent like a biological laser beam.

We did research that showed certain names and sounds in some individuals activate the super mental power to materialize and dematerialize. The Third Eye area was activated by certain sounds. The vale of space and time is truly arbitrary. There are other life forms that can extend themselves into our domain, both positive and negative.

Seen now from the standpoint of modern science, we have been working with electromedicine. The Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine in California in the early seventies demonstrated how certain photo-optical systems can be used to repair bones; how the spinal systems that are broken can be fused anew. So there is a whole new area emerging with new medicine and photo-optics.

The human body thus, is a unique combination of seven discreet energy levels. And we are recognizing now that we are a walking star. Our blood ionization comes from the chemistry that can be traced back to our solar existence that can be traced back to a pre-solar existence. We are a living walking star. In a spiritual way, however, we have a higher image.


This higher image, the higher consciousness blueprint that is incarnated into the flesh is something that is now being challenged by the so-called enterprise of human cloning. In recent times I had a chance to debate Robert Lanza from Advanced Cell Technology who is responsible for the first cloned experiment of the human embryo.

I would like to speak about the historic problems that we have had with the process of cloning. If you look very carefully at Egyptian documents, Chinese oracles, reports amongst the indigenous peoples of Central and South America, you will see pictures or information showing that cloning was prohibited. Where it was done by the lesser forces resulted in grotesque products.

Ultimately the image of a cloned being may have the semblance of beauty on the surface, but may, in essence, usher in a different level of speciehood, So which way should we go with this? The high road is to recognize that we are an image in the stars, or are we to go down with the non-biodegradable flotsam and jetsam of the scientific community and experiments?

The whole process of connecting the past with the future is to recognize there is an alternative process and that is the creation of thelight body that has the omnidirectionality that can work across distances, cultures, philosophies, etc. and to that end we have made this wonderful film called The Merkabah: Image of a Star Seed and I want to use this to illustrate the principle of the five bodies, the five Buddha-like bodies.

This process of Buddhahood, or higher Christhood, I believe, is what we are moving into as we enter into the quantum change, that can go either through the lower use of science, recreating man without higher consciousness, or higher consciousness with the capacity to think, to work, to create, or we can go with the higher nature of the these higher musical harmonics putting our mind in sync and linkage with peoples and cultures throughout the world.

So how does this tabulate with scientific skepticism? There is a whole new direction amongst the younger scientists in the post-Einsteinian field in which experience is reshaping the scientific model. We are recognizing that a higher evolutionary intelligence is in our midst. These are what we call whole light beings, or beings of quantum mechanical corpuscles of light who can materialize and dematerialize.

Film Commentary

Our role is the infinite species, the infinite seed, in the House of Many Mansions. Oh praise, and glory and love, we are one:

Relax, go into the power of your mind’s eye, put together now the energies that you are emerging from, the axiotonal body of yourselves, the bio-helix, the inner body of consciousness awakening into your higher consciousness mind, being able to project across space and time and see the integration of the spheres built upon this planet as well as surrounding this planet.

Behold, the various Names of God, in Sanskrit, in Chinese, and the other sacred languages, in Arabic, and in Hebrew. Behold, the helical patterns, as a series, interlocking helixes and then feel the interpenetration of light from the cosmic mind into the Holy of Holies within your mind, allowing your mind to work with new geometries, new spirals of energy.

And as you see your life as a biological building block, a carbon atom, which is in the shape of a pyramid, as you build upon this, you see the interlocking geometries and the higher eye of initiation is opened, told by the Egyptians, and the New Testament, the opening of the eye that sees and knows, the Heavenly Jerusalem.

As you see the coming of the Higher City and here we use the Coptic symbolism of the eternal eye, you pass the portals and you see the descending stellar creation. As this descending stellar creation becomes the Capstone coordinating all geometries to the tri-fold nature of body, mind and spirit, you see the interconnection with the sacred chalice within you. And through this, the outer pictographs come alive.

Through the petroglyphs and symbols from Australia and the high deserts of South America, to the sacred geometries of the Near East and through the opening of the sacred language of the Eye within the eye we begin to see universal language that is embodied within us. And through our vehicle of ascent, the Merkabah, that combines the language of body, mind and spirit. And we realize the higher body through which the physical body came, and that the physical body is but the localized blueprint of higher consciousness, which has no limits.

You see the dancing of the light forms in the oceans of other worlds. And we see also unique combinations, the Star of David, the Star of Life. We see the dancing of the spheres, the Yin and the Yang of the Cosmic Eye through which we open the Keys of Knowledge, the portals of other planet spheres that have been sent through the portholes of other worlds. We realize the corresponding life forms are our Guardian Angels.

We take in our experiences of human lifetime, as new Adams and Eves. We see structures of other cities, of other life systems that we can connect with in pioneering new worlds, large pinwheel-like spheres, large cathedrals of majesty through which the new seed and the new embodiment of the Tree of Life will continue.

Thus is the recognition that a whole new Book of Genesis is being created, as we push out into space. And now we open the energy points of our body, that not only will connect with the sacred spheres of the universe, but also will help us connect the mystical knowledge of all the sacred texts, temples, and places of worship on our planet, be they Stonehenge, Woodhenge, the great temples of Mexico, Guatemala, Japan and China.

All will be connected through the process of the Light body extending itself into the other spheres of creation and the other spheres connecting with the human race.

As we scan the oceans of our planet the higher forms of ecology and environment, new structures will be created like the ancients in the Far East and Indonesia and Thailand, the land/ocean systems of ancient civilizations of the Americas and the Near East, we will be able to harness whole new pathways of balance between science, spirituality and medicine.

A new Adam and Eve will be born, not through cloning, but through the power of the mind, through a higher Genesis. A higher pathway will be found, not to destroy the structures along the Nile, but to recognize that they are points of initiation for the seven levels of knowledge. And now as we quickly pass along the pathways of the Nile, each of the seven temple areas, which relate to the Seven Seals or the seven chakras, each seal or opening is opened with a musical key.

We immerse ourselves and begin to work with multi-dimensional science and spirituality that combine. We feel the presence of the higher spheres of knowledge, the coming of the Heavenly City, the architecture of the ultra-terrestrial enters into our presence once we balance the world.

According to The Keys of Enoch, when we complete the cycle of evolution positively, we shall know the mystery of why these three pyramids are there, the seventh wonder of the natural world and they represent the spiritual, the mathematical and the paraphysical unity which we bring to our consciousness.

And thus we become the Capstone connecting the East and West. We experience the sacred music of this and other sacred areas of the world, and we will have the opportunity to go underneath the sacred libraries of the ancients as in Egypt and open the tomb that represents the Adamic creation that seeds the image of the Tree of Life. We will see the library of records which is not at one place, but a coordination of many places.

Dr. James J Hurtak

Professor J.J. Hurtak (Social Scientist and Futurist) is founder and president of the International Academy for Future Science, a worldwide educational and scientific association. He is a noted archeologist, philosopher, researcher, author, and world-renowned authority on space research and ecology. He is an international lecturer on the ethical question of cloning. He was formerly a professor at California State University, at Northridge and LA. Dr. Hurtak has been invited to speak on numerous occasions to a special committee at the United Nations in New York on archeological evidences and philosophy of the ancients, and was an invited participant at the United Nations Global Summit of Religious Leaders in 2000. Dr. Hurtak was a speaker in 2000 at the Future Conference, connected with the State of the World Forum, in New York, which hosted such celebrities as the former Russian President, Mikael Gorbachov, the U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, anthropologist Jane Goodall and Chistopher Reeves. In January 2001 he was a speaker at the plenary session, Dialogue of the Civilizations at the United Nations. In May 2001 he spoke with Robert Lanza from Advanced Cell Technology (the first U.S. company to clone a human embryo) on the subject of cloning at the conference sponsored by the Science and Medical Network of the United Kingdom. He has published numerous technical papers and books and has presented his scientific research before the Academy of Science in Moscow and the Academy of Science in Beijing. In his capacity as an international consultant, he has been featured in numerous film documentaries and appeared on television programs throughout the world. He was technical consultant for Sydney Sheldon's best seller book, The Doomsday Conspiracy, published in 1992. He is the author of four books including his most famous book, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch (translated into seven languages).

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