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Congressional Hearings on Vaccine Safety

During this past year, a series of Congressional hearings in the U.S. has focused on vaccine safety, hepatitis B vaccine, vaccines linked to autism, anthrax vaccine and conflicts of interest in vaccine development.

The hearings have disclosed the depth of corruption at the CDC, FDA and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, where a large percentage of officials who approve new vaccines have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Congressional scrutiny has sent shock waves through the entrenched vaccine establishment, exposing the inadequate testing of many vaccines, and the fast rack licensing of rotavirus vaccine, despite prelicensing information indicating that high rates of adverse reactions causing severe bowel obstruction in infants would likely occur.

U.S. Congressman Dan Burton, himself the grandfather of two autistic children, has headed up several of the hearings, including this most recent one on June 15th lifting the veil that has shrouded the vaccine policy-making process that until now has not been subjected to public scrutiny.

Says Dan Burton, “We’ve looked very carefully at conflicts of interest. We’ve taken a good hard look at whether the pharmaceutical industry has too much influence over these committees. From the evidence we found, I think they do”.

In his opening statement at the hearings, Senator Burton said, “I was appalled to learn that at least six of the ten individuals who participated in the working group for the rotavirus vaccine had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies developing rotavirus vaccines”.

How confident would we be in the safety of specific vaccines if we knew that the Chair and other members of the FDA and CDC advisory committees own stock in drug companies that make vaccines, and own patents for vaccines under consideration?

These are just a few of the problems that the Hearings uncovered. The financial details of stock ownership in pharmaceutical companies by many of the officials is also now part of the public record and can be viewed at the Committee on Government Reform website at:

Senator Burton concluded that “No individual who stands to gain financially from the decisions regarding vaccines that may be mandated for use should be participating in the discussion or policy making for vaccines….I intend to find out if the individuals who have made recommendations on the rotavirus vaccines that affect every child in this country and around the world stood to gain financially and professionally from the decisions of the committees they served on”.

At an earlier Congressional Hearing on April 6 which delved into the recent unexplained enormous increase in autism, Dr. John O’Leary from Coome Women’s Hospital in Dublin conclusively upheld Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s findings of the presence of measles virus in gut biopsies of children with autistic enterocolitis.

His team found “24 of 25 (96%) autistic children were positive for measles virus”. Of the control children, one of 15 (6.6%) was positive for measles virus. Dr. Andrew Wakefield initially discovered measles virus in the intestinal abstracts of children who developed severe bowel disorders and autism after MMR vaccine.

Michael Belkin, a bereaved father whose five-week-old baby daughter died following a hepatitis B vaccination, initiated congressional hearings to investigate the hepatitis B vaccine. He said, “The whole medical profession is deluded about vaccinations. Investigate for yourself the scientific risk of vaccine-induced encephalopathy and subsequent death or permanent brain damage before allowing the medical profession to use your children as guinea pigs in the war on germs. Protect your children!”

Dr. Edda West

Dr. Edda West is founder of Vaccine Risk Awareness Association.

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