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The Different Levels of Consciousness and Higher Dimensions

Almine endeavours to enhance our understanding of Self, Spirit and the Universe by addressing our relationship with God and the Universal Spirit. She teaches ascension, Mystery School healing techniques and the advanced teachings of the Toltec Way.

During her workshops, Almine performs spiritual and physical healings and guides students in interdimensional meditations. She teaches indigenous wisdom on the Path of the Warrior and receives knowledge from our Brothers and Sisters of Light from the higher dimensions. Her basic message is universal and it applies to any seeker of spiritual truth.

In Almine’s presence, people experience unconditional love and healing, as she lives in and teaches from Christ Consciousness. Almine reminds us that the goal of life is to be a clear channel for the light of God, otherwise known as the path to Ascension, which is the path of a master healer. View her website at

Almine’s Prayer

In the language of the ancients, the mother of all languages, I speak to you this day and say to you that upon the backs of a few, the future will pivot. It is you, the seekers of light who will lead us on the way home to the Heart of God. The ancient geometries have come forth.

The ancient methods of releasing past trauma on this planet have been revealed through many of the light beings on the planet at this time. You are, indeed, in a specifically important time and place during this breathing cycle of God.

This time, this room, becomes a portal that great and mighty beings of Light might walk among you at this time and reveal through those that speak with you this day, that which is about to come forth, the empowerment of all beings. In the Name of God, So it is. Amen.

The language that I speak is the ancient Mu language and the language of the Orion Star System as well as the Nagual language. The languages are important simply because they are assisting our DNA to reconnect, and in reconnecting our DNA, incredible things occur.

My brothers and sisters, two Novembers ago, in an instant, I disconnected from ego identification and from identification with this body, and disconnecting from ego, incidentally, is something that helps you lose all self-identities. Ultimately we are all things.

For several months afterwards, I sat in a complete state of shock. The shock of coming into contact with the infinite is quite an experience. At that time I started to make contact with what the Toltecs classify as The Unknowable.
The Toltecs divide information into three sections – awareness of the Known, the Unknown and the Unknowable.

Most shamanistic practices actually focus on accessing the Unknown. The Shamanism which I teach is the Toltec Way which comes from the ancient motherland of Mu and in fact, has a star heritage. This Shamanism does not focus on the Unknown because it sees it as a position where we can get trapped.

So its focus is to get to the Unknowable (which is beyond the Unknown). The Unknowable can only be accessed through God Consciousness, through becoming aware of our true identity as a being as vast as the cosmos having a human experience.

I witnessed how Creation stirred itself with the first intent, how the ripple of that intent defines space, how space which is awareness sat and dreamt for eons of all that it had learned before and then it imploded, and in the next instant it exploded into what we know as the Big Bang. What happened next is what the Toltecs call clustering.

But when you see clustering actually happening, the Word comes alive. The Toltecs said that matter formed by clustering energy. It is like energy dispersing in the form of a spider web. It is vibration that ultimately starts the clustering process. We learn to work with the web because the universe is constructed much the same way. There are webs of light extending from each individual in all directions.


As yet, consciousness is superimposed over all that is. As we start to differentiate and are able to communicate with each other, we realize that there are parts of our being, the I AM’s being, that we ourselves do not yet understand.

Therefore, we design a game plan. And the game plan’s name is called inclusiveness – to include within the Known the Unknown. And so we decide to create creation and it is a little bit like this. Just imagine that on the table right here in front of me, I have a box and there is a light source inside the box and the light source is projected through the glass on top of the box onto the ceiling.

As we form the four meshes of reality, they are like doilies. The light bulb, which is the I AM that has awakened, is shining through the box. The first doily that gets laid over that box is Intent, Universal Intent, or Universal Time. Time is the first creation.

Then we put another doily on top of that box and there are already very nice patterns appearing on the ceiling. The second doily that goes on that box, is Space. No wonder the Maya took such care with time.

It is the sacred emotion of love. So when it is placed, and when it ripples through the I AM that is yet sleeping awareness, it forms a parameter and this is space. So space is the second doily that goes on this overhead projector’s glass. Remember, awareness is space.

Space is electrical; it is perception. So it sits and dreams for eons of all that the in-breaths and out-breaths of God have accumulated in previous knowledge until it gets so pregnant with information that it can no longer contain it and then it implodes. And the next minute it explodes.

And now we have a third doily, which is Energy. And then of course, Mother, with her intent, the Goddess, Energy and Love, again, plays a vibration and this clusters. And now we have Matter. So we have four of these doilies on the overhead projector and now the I AM, all that which is real is lying there in this box looking at its own pattern against the ceiling.

All of Creation is the reflection of the I AM’s face up on the ceiling. And it sees that there are dark spots and light spots, that the light spots are the portions of its own Being that is Known. But there are yet portions of its own Beingness that are Unknown.

And now that we have clustered into individual consciousnesses superimposed over all that is, we are able to speak to one another and we design this plan that I said is called Inclusiveness. It is to include the Unknown within the Known, so now, the game begins.

My brothers and sisters, prior to going into this disconnecting from ego, or God consciousness, I have described a pathway of Ascension – How to Live Heaven on Earth in a Physical Body which teaches the steps that get you to that point of disconnection from the ego. But Ascension itself only takes you to a higher place that is also within the dream.

I became aware that we are actually like the out-breath of God. There is a moment where there is a gap between the out-breath and the in-breath of God. We have been in that gap. A lot of beings in this universe are waiting to go home. Because all the other universes are behind us, we are the solution. We are the door of everything.

Through each of us a doorway can form to release that which is within back into that which it came from, which is the I AM. Therefore, you and I are the door of everything and of all the insights that I received at that time when I touched the face of the Infinite, this was the most profound. And this is your relationship to the Infinite.

In conclusion, my brothers and sisters, the symbols of the Rose Window and the Dove have esoteric meaning in the creation of all things. The microcosmos and the macrocosmos are completely connected, and therefore our value lies not in outside work that we do; it lies in our own inner overcomings. And that is the greatest service we can render.

For in our own overcomings within, through accessing the Unknown within the Known, the perception which that gives us ripples throughout the cosmos and it is our gift to all.

Professor James J. Hurtak
Los Gatos, California

Professor Hurtak (Social Scientist and Futurist) is founder and president of the International Academy for Future Science, a worldwide educational and scientific association. He is a noted archeologist, philosopher, researcher, author, and world-renowned authority on space research and ecology. He is an international lecturer on the ethical question of cloning.

He was formerly a professor at California State University, at Northridge and LA. He was invited to speak to a special committee at the UN on four occasions on archeological evidences and philosophy of the ancients, and was an invited participant at the United Nations Global Summit of Religious Leaders in 2000. In his capacity as an international consultant, he has been featured in numerous film documentaries and appeared on television programs throughout the world.

He has presented his scientific research before the Academy of Science in Moscow and Beijing, and has published numerous technical papers. He is the author of four books including his most famous book, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch (translated into seven languages). The Keys of Enoch tells us that human life was engineered by the highest Divine levels of Life, and describes the physical and spiritual transformations presently occurring in our galaxy.

It indicates that the human mind and body can be electrified to higher energy states under certain circumstances due to Light radiations described as Hasmal energy forces and Alhim particles (Hebrew). The brain not only is able to process the light of our known electromagnetic spectrum, but is also able to reach beyond the constrictions of local magnetic fields and receive light from other electromagnetic spectrums – from the Light that comes from above.

I thank all of you for this electrifying moment and I share with the previous speaker, the importance of the symbols of Mu, and the finding of ancient language that connects the missing pieces. Truly if we are to heal the planet through love, we must realize we are working with all cultures, all peoples, particularly those regions that have been overlooked. Academy for Future Science website:

Several years ago when I was invited to China, my purpose was not simply to appear before the Academy of Science, but to go to the mountains of Tibet to pray with the Tibetan monks for the preservation of the Tibetan people, to work with the lost cultures of the Gobi Desert; to go beneath the sands of the Takla Makan basin, all of these missing pieces of the planetary mandala.

I will enlarge upon the symbol Almine gave us of the doilies or the spider web and use a grid. We connect the grids where the energy points of the planet (like the acupuncture points in the human body) come alive. And when we take this to a much higher level of love, forgiveness and understanding, that grid begins to radiate and becomes what is known in Eastern science as the Mandala, the Wheel of Divine Experience.

This relates also to the pattern of the Rosette window, the sacred geometries of the West, the North and the South. And so as we fill in the missing pieces, it is important for us to understand the quantum change that is upon the planet at this time, to go beyond the scenarios of war, death and strife, the old dialectic, which keeps the consciousness boxed into the body, and reverse that scenario to open up the chakras, the Seven Seals, to go to a much higher level of vibration and to reach out with the wings of the dove in all directions in unity and oneness for consciousness is One and the Divine.

We have actual evidence now of ancient civilizations being found that used consciousness and musical vibrations to operate on a much higher level of understanding. And when that was lost, there was a split in the psyche. We have found beneath the waters of Japan, in the last few years, something that was illustrated in one of the plates or maps of The Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch, published in 1973.

The map shows 12 gridlines of ancient cultures throughout the world that are very important for what is called Proto-communication, or higher communication. One is exactly off the area of Taiwan and the small island of Yanaguni, where vast underwater structures have been found. I have been there. A film has been made with the Japanese authorities (now being released) showing that history is much older.

But more than that, on the top of one of these temples is the shape of a turtle – a unique turtle symbol there on the bottom of the ocean – which is very important for the symbolism of the indigenous people, not only of the Pacific, but the Indian nations of North and South America.

Another area where we have worked is in the Middle East in Egypt where we were able to use ancient mantrams, the names of God, to vibrate the whole inner structure of the Great Pyramids. When this took place, pure physical light momentarily filled the interior chambers.

We have actual pictures of this light. What is the importance of this? The Great Pyramid not only produces energy but it produces music and vibrations.

And if this is used as the touchstone for healing, as one of our musical mandalas, it can reach out to all the countries of the Middle East. If we can tap into the ancient mandala of the temples of Mu off of Japan, Yanaguni, we can fuel that region of China, Tibet and North Korea, with the energy of love, transformation, and understanding that is needed.

Dr. Hurtak’s Prayer

I am going to play now an excerpt of music that we have developed on the theme of forgiveness, for what the world needs to do is forgive, to overcome the old thought forms that play into dualism and destruction. And so as you hear with me now the music and the special lyrical text, understand that this prayer is one of many going out world-wide in many languages and it can be used effectively for healing on each and every individual who wishes unconditional love and forgiveness to work on all seven levels.

Let us close our eyes, let us feel the energies first through our body temple and then we are going to expand upon this as we connect with the key temples that are now being discovered in archeology and geology in music experience.

In the name of the Divine Lover, who calls us into the marriage banquets of the upper chamber, may we begin with our selection. Now, as we take a deep breath and hold the energy, now that we have activated our body as a musical vessel, a vehicle of light, we revisit the Near East.

We see the Great Pyramid and we realize the capstone is missing, for that capstone is each of us. We are the higher architecture that completes that ancient symbol. And as we position ourselves upon the Great Pyramid with the power of the mind’s eye and scan over all the countries of the Near East, we become the beacon of light and we vibrate the intensity of the energy that is there.

And as we send light and forgiveness we visualize the children of the Near East holding hands on all sides and we pray for the peace that passes all understanding to overcome and to quicken the forces of light. And we project ourselves to the mountains at the north of the Golan Heights, Mount Herman and as we stand upon this mount (some scholars feel is the true Mount of Transfiguration), we create in our power of our mind’s eye a shrine to the Holy Angels, for all three great religions of the Middle East share the same angels.

We give thanks to the Godhead, known as the Elohim. And we give thanks to the holy Shekinah as it is called by the prophets, the Divine Presence. To the power of the Eternal Christ and all teachers of Divine work and vibration we ask that this light descend and so be it in balance and unity. And we quickly pass, also now, across the Near East to the Great Pyramids that have been found off the coast of Taiwan and Japan.

In this critical area also, amongst the political thunder of North Korea and Taiwan, realize the importance of why these ancient pyramids are there to remind us of the ancient vibrations of Mu, the names of which were given to those who came from the higher worlds, in fact, the first Japanese teachers, Ki Mu and Ji Mu vibrate the name and the sound.

And the sound is the sound of our heartbeat in unity, and we pray standing upon the island of Yanaguni, that the light go forth to the children of North Korea and South Korea; the lights of Taiwan and China, the light of Japan and that this grid of the Pacific long overlooked, now bring forth the connections also with the peoples of Hawaii, Easter Island, all these stepping stones of the early history that preceded this history.

And again we ask the Divine (for even the Hawaiians also used the word Aloha which is also connected with Elohim) the vibration, the salutation to the sons and daughters of light of the Most High, to come forth and to bring light and balance. And so it is from the vibrations of the Elohim we see the unifying balance that must take place in the East as well as the Near East and the West.

As we draw all these grids together we realize the importance, so opening up the 12 meridians and hence, bringing together part of the Amazon and the mountain regions of Peru. We reach out to the tribal nations, and unity and the vibrations of the Great White Spirit and the vibrations of the spiritual teachers and masters of Godhead.

We ask that the sacred truths of the elder brother, the sacred truths of the Tree of Life and all of its glory be repositioned within the mind’s eye of the nations of the west. And balancing thus the East and the West, the North and the South we ask that the four doves come together and forming the Mandala of the Heavens bring forth the Kingdom of Light and the generation of the quantum change, the generation of the I AM, the generation of the Tree of Life. And so it is, and with thine Glory we are One as we say four times with the four directions the four Great Amens: Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.

We face a tremendous acceleration of all knowledge. We live in the time of an information revolution. But we also live in a time of a spiritual evolution which quickens us in so many ways. So it is very important for us to use this opportunity, collectively, to put our energies together and clearly focus on the sacred areas of the world that are being opened to us for the first time in thousands of years.

These precious areas are revealing truths that the human race has been around much longer than thought. The human race, in prior eras, has used the power of the mind’s eye, has used higher consciousness to literally, move mountains.

It is important as we seek unity amidst a world rapidly making choices towards dissolution of old nation states, or having an undercurrent of political disaster, to really be the Light that we came to be.

To understand why we have been incarnated here at this present moment of history, to bring forth the highest and the most glorious use of the gifts of the I AM into our I am presence. The Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is very much akin to the Indian chants of the East and the West and so in the activation of brothers and sisters throughout the world we are finding the common language of Light; we are finding the language of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father in unity and prayer and celebration.

So let us always choose to be the Light in the midst of despair and political darkness so the old programming doesn’t work. We are the hope to overcome the old programming. In that sense, the Book of Genesis continues.

Raymon Grace
Saltville, Virginia

Raymon Grace, a native of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, has been studying various forms of healing since 1973. Among his teachers and associates are Native Americans such as Rolling Thunder and Chief Two Trees. He teaches alternative healing methods, advanced dowsing and self-empowerment.

He is a frequent teacher at the Ozark Research Institute and has published two books: Techniques that Work for Me and The Future is Yours — Do Something about It. See

Everything is composed of energy, including future events. If we have the ability to change energy, we can change the future. It has been said that the future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized. We will create our future by our actions or by our inactions.

We do have a choice of what kind of future we will create and we do it by learning how to think in a positive manner because our thoughts will determine our decisions; our decisions will determine our actions and our actions will determine our future. Thoughts are simply another form of energy. Since everything is composed of energy, you only have to learn to channel it in the right direction.

Beliefs and memories are also energy. We have found that we can neutralize many of the beliefs, thoughts and memories that form our belief system and our belief system is one of the most dominant things that affect our lives. If we can change our belief system we can change what happens to us.

Everything has a frequency, including the human body. What we have found is only one person in several thousand has a body that is on the appropriate frequency. Every disease has a frequency. We have found that when we are able to change the frequency of a disease, the disease disappears.

If I were talking to you one on one, I could pick out those of you who have nervous disorders and those who are utterly crazy. Why? Because your body’s frequency is so much higher. The higher the body frequency, the less stable the man. The ideal frequency of a human body, according to my dowsing is .5 (Raymon’s scale). Pain also has a frequency. If we can scramble the frequency of the pain and adjust it to the ideal body frequency, it will alleviate the pain.

I really try to get people to wake up and do something. That is the title of my book, The Future is Yours, Do Something About It. In the book I have done my best to teach people what they can do about it. You start by learning how to control your mind, your brain waves and to reach the most powerful state of brain frequency.

And if you can do that, scientifically, this is called the alpha level. If you can do this and have a vivid imagination, you can perform miracles, and we train a lot of other people to do it.

Eric Pearl
Los Angeles, California

Eric Pearl teaches a type of energy healing which is a reconnection that takes place between the spirit or higher consciousness of the person and God (or the Universe). Numerous researchers and doctors at hospitals and universities worldwide (including Jackson Memorial Hospital, UCLA, Cedars Sinai, V.A. Hospital University of Miami Medical School, and the University of Arizona where he addressed physicians at the request of Dr. Andrew Weil) have witnessed these healings and attended his seminars.

Research programs are currently underway at many of these hospitals and universities. Dr. Gary Schwartz at the University of Arizona is doing multiple studies, measuring and evaluating what it is that seems to be coming from his hands, using equipment such as gamma radiation detectors, random event generators etc. His patients have reported miraculous healings from cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy, AIDS-related diseases and other serious afflictions.

These healings have been documented in six books to date including Eric’s own best-selling book The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself. His book has been praised by Deepak Chopra, Christiane Northrup, Mona Lisa Schulz and Lee Carroll (Kryon series and Indigo Children). Recognized internationally, Eric Pearl has appeared on The Leeza Show, Sally Jessy Raphael, Art Bell, The Other Side, America’s Health Network, FOX TV with Drs. Andrew Weil and Dean Ornish, and numerous news programs. Dr. Pearl now acknowledges this as a gift that he can share and teach to others. See

Someone attending this conference wanted to know what is the source of this healing energy? It comes from God, Love, Universe, Source, Creator, the Source of Oneness in the universe that is where it is from. I was nervous when the healing started happening. I have been a chiropractor for twelve years. I went home in my twelfth year of practice on a Friday thinking I was a chiropractor.

I came back Monday thinking I was something else, Lord knows what. My palms blistered several times and bled and people started having bones untwist and vision return and getting up out of wheelchairs. Not all of them, but some of them. It is like, “This has got to be a dream. Where is this coming from?” Because no one left me a book of instructions. Is it coming through Jesus?

I certainly hope so, and I hope it is coming through all the other wonderful masters in the world, too, but if I know it is coming from God, who am I to tell God what wrapping paper I will be happy to accept his or her gift in. If God says, “Moses, or Mohammed, I want you to deliver this gift to Sarah Jane” and Sara Jane says, “I am so sorry, God, but what is this wrapped in, I expected it to be in Jesus paper.” There is a gift here. Take it.

Anything that I can do you can do as well through learning to listen with another sense. People would come to me and say, “Can you teach healing?” And I said, “Teach it? I don’t even know how this is happening. How am I going to teach it?” And I didn’t try to teach it until more and more people who had come for private sessions started calling my office and saying, “You know, and I got home and my lamp, my computer, my television started turning itself on and off and on and off and I felt sensations coming out of my hands and I helped my mother and my father, my sister, and my vision returned.

And I realized that somehow this gift was being communicated to others. So I still understand quite clearly that I can’t teach healing. Healing is a gift and it can be shared, just like a flame can ignite a flame.

I learned that you have got to stop looking outward for answers and look within. We have to stop being in expectation and move into expectancy. Expectancy allows us to receive all that is wonderful because of the level at which we vibrate, which is light, and anything denser than light falls off.

You can’t throw mud up into a beam of light and make the light dirty because it is vibrating at too high a level. That is expectancy. Expectation is the form in which we expect something to come.

We listen with our ears and with our mind. We are the only animals on the planet who try to outthink our gut. Listening isn’t just with the ears. You can listen with your presence, with your being. I teach how to listen with your body, listening through the hands from the healing, from what comes through as I teach it and communicate this gift to others to be able to heal.

But we don’t always know how to recognize what we have not yet been exposed to. We don’t always see things we haven’t been shown that we can see, or hear things we haven’t been shown that we can hear. One basic example of that is the famous study with tiger cubs that were separated into two groups. One was raised in an environment with only horizontal lines and planes like bookshelves, ledges.

The other group was raised in an environment with only vertical lines, like table and chair legs. When they were both released out into the real world, the ones raised with only the vertical lines bumped into horizontal objects, and the ones raised with only horizontal lines bumped into table and chair legs. They didn’t see it; they had to be taught that that it exists.

That is what we do also when we share this gift. It is learning to find, to feel and to listen with another sense; listen with our bodies. When we want to know how to make a decision, sometimes it is best not to think it out. Close your eyes; tune into who you are, and usually the answer that makes you feel the best right here in your stomach or your heart is the correct answer.


For one moment let your hands relax wherever you want, on your lap, on your palms and just close your eyes for a moment and listen with your hands, with the feeling. You may feel a pushing or pulling, a coolness or warmth, hot, cold, wet dry all at once and you may notice as the sensation moves, it start to travel.

The room in here is very high energy already. It should be very easy to feel this on different levels. But just let yourself find what you find. It may float up to your forearms; you may start to feel it in your feet, or legs. The more you feel, the more you notice; the more you notice the more you feel.

You are the observer and the observed. Simply observe. Don’t try to do anything to make it more. Don’t go to any places where you try to create – just let go and notice. Step out, even step behind yourself and watch yourself doing this. Feel. It is listening with another sense.

The more you listen the more you hear. Pretty soon everything starts to tune out. And it takes over your system and your essence, and let yourself know that you are here in a state of expectancy wondering what might come about from this, instead of directing what you want to come from this. Because in that state of expectancy, the healing that is most appropriate will come from this but not necessarily the healing you plan on.

The healing that is most appropriate for us isn’t always directed outward. Sometimes it is directed out towards others and places and beings, but sometimes it is directed to just notice and be willing to accept, because in accepting the healing in whatever form, without judgment, comes for you. We become simply better. and in our betterment and our evolution, we have the opportunity to allow the universe to be a reflection of who we are.

One of the greatest gifts that has altered my life and brought me to where I am right now actually came through Dr. Hurtak’s work, the Axiotonal Lines. Axial meaning pattern angles. Tonal means sound. Sound doesn’t always mean audible. Yet it is always a connection, colour, light, sound. In summary, it is very important that we listen. It is time that we not only are heard but that we hear.

Dr. Hulda Clark

Hulda Clark holds degrees in biology and biophysics and cell physiology (Ph.D.). She has done research in this area for twenty years and now does private consultations on a full time basis. Her books include The Cure for All Cancers and The Cure for HIV and Aids. The following material is excerpted from Hulda Clark's new book: The Cure for All Diseases (1995). For more complete information on each topic and treatment for individual diseases please refer to this book.

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