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by Charlotte Gerson.

Charlotte Gerson is daughter of the late Dr. Max Gerson, M.D. who was well known for his revolutionary nutritional healing therapy for cancer and degenerative diseases. His method is described in his classic book, A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases. Dr. Albert Schweitzer called Dr. Gerson "a medical genius who walked among us". Charlotte Gerson is founder of the Gerson Institute and a consultant for the Gerson therapy.

THE GERSON THERAPY We have seen constantly over the years that the Gerson Therapy works, that we have dramatic results even with the most serious and damaged patients. The Gerson Therapy has been and is still the most basic, the best recognized, the most complete, and the longest existing effective treatment. We also know that we have to stick very very exactly to the treatment. Everything you must or must not do has a very important reason. The whole Gerson Therapy is directed to detoxifying the body and putting lots of fresh nutrients into it. With the Gerson Therapy, we have seen heart disease, high blood pressure, lupus, thyroid problems, colitis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, herniated disks and many other problems disappear. We have seen Alzheimer's disease improve if it's not too advanced.

PANCREATIC ENZYMES Before the body can deteriorate into cancer all the body's defense systems have to be depressed and out of balance. If your pancreas is working properly and if you have adequate pancreatic enzymes, you cannot develop cancer. Pancreatic enzymes depress, destroy and digest malignant tissue.

FRESH JUICES AND VEGETARIAN MEALS Dr. Gerson gave seriously ill patients fresh juice every hour, freshly pressed, organic, free of poisons, rich in the best nutrients, minerals and enzymes. It is all described in Dr. Gerson's book. We give a fresh glass of juice every hour: five glasses of apple-carrot juice, three glasses of plain carrot juice and we give liver capsules with it, four glasses of juice from leafy type greens rich in chlorophyll, iron, nutrients, enzymes, everything the body has been lacking over the years. We also give three full vegetarian meals and a fruit plate every day. By drinking the juice, you get an enormous flooding of nutrients, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins which start to flush out the kidneys. The nutrients go into the tissues, into the cells and force out the poisons, and all those poisons are released into the blood stream. The liver filters them out. You have to help the liver get rid of them, and there is only one way - by opening the bile ducts, and Dr. Gerson did this with the famous and much joked about coffee enemas which is the key to successful treatment.

HIGH PROTEIN DIET IS CARCINOGENIC Excess protein causes cancer. Doctors and nutritionists advise you that animal protein is needed for strength and tissue repair, but that is absolutely the worst advice you can get. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that when any kind of flesh including red meat, poultry, pork and lamb was heated to 212 degrees, whether it was boiled, broiled, fried or baked, the protein in the meat changed into toxic amides that do nothing in your body except provide you with carcinogens. Meat is strictly a carcinogen. Now if you like meat for the taste, that is a different story, I won't argue about tastes. The latest research done at the University of California at Irvine, showed that children who eat as few as three hotdogs a week had 10 to 12 times higher incidence of leukemia and brain tumours. Sausages are perhaps the worst food. They are chemically treated, dyed and preserved. They have nitrites, nitrates and nitrosamines. Cheese is also a dangerous food - high in fat, sodium and protein, the very things you need to grow tumours. Cheese is just as bad as meat.

POTASSIUM VERSUS SALT SODIUM Sodium stimulates tumour growth. It interferes with body function. You need high potassium and low sodium, the same ratio it has in fresh live foods. We have to supplement the body with potassium. Everyone eats salt. All processed foods contain reduced potassium and raised sodium. Salt is necessary for tumour growth.

CARROT JUICE FOR PROTEIN If you don't drink milk or eat meat where will you get your protein? I don't say don't eat protein, I say don't eat animal protein. Carrot juice happens to have 1.4% protein. Mother's milk is 1.8% protein. Babies who are totally allergic to everything you can think of, have been raised exclusively on carrot juice. There is enough protein in carrot juice to raise a healthy baby, which means enough protein to maintain a healthy body. I assure you that you don't need meat.

LIVER REGENERATION AND AFTER CARE The liver is the most important organ in the body. It is the filter system for detoxification. I have heard doctors say that if your liver functions up to 35%, you are all right, but when it drops below that, disease develops, whether it is diabetes, cancer, arthritis, lupus or anything else. By the time cancer or chronic disease develops, liver function is below 35%. So when the tumour, the cancer, arthritis or other disease symptoms are gone, that doesn't mean the body is cured. The body isn't really restored until the liver goes back to its full activity of somewhere between 90 and 100%. We never really know how long it takes to get there, but we can guarantee it takes at least a year and a half or two. If you go back to eating average food right away, the food you used to eat, candies, ice cream, meat and cheese, the cancer will come back rather quickly because the liver is not able to deal with these things.

FLAXSEED OIL Dr. Gerson found, after observing for a long time, that patients, especially with cancer and also with heart disease, atherosclerosis and so on cannot handle oils and fats, and that is why his book says no oils. Yet he was very much aware that the body needs a certain amount of essential fatty acids and that after deprivation for a year or year and a half, until the tumours disappear, there is a lack of essential fatty acids in the Gerson diet. He searched and searched and tried every kind of oil he could think of, everything from olive oil, sesame oil, safflower oil to sunflower oil. None of them were usable because in each case the tumours would regrow. Fats stimulate tumour growth. But after the book came out, he came across the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig in Germany who showed that one may use flaxseed oil and it is well tolerated by cancer patients. It helps to stimulate the immune system, and kill the tumour tissue. He used two tablespoons of flaxseed oil per day - one at lunch and one at dinner, and after a month on the therapy, he cut it down to one tablespoon a day. You are going to cook without oils. You can't cook with flaxseed oil either because if it is heated, it deteriorates and causes problems. So the flaxseed oil must only be used raw and cold.

DOING THE GERSON THERAPY AT HOME There are a number of patients who don't have the means or the time to come to the hospital in Mexico, and they have done the therapy at home and they have recovered. We are interested in helping people to do this therapy at home. We have a whole set of videotapes which gives you a four hour workshop. There is one videotape which tells you about the special food preparation for the Gerson Therapy, salt free food, no fat, no eggs, no cheese, the things you use to make foods tasty. You have to learn how to cook differently. Dr. Gerson's book A Cancer Therapy with all the basic information is available, and there are also some very interesting books written by recovered patients.

Charlotte Gerson will appear in person at OISE Auditorium on Saturday November 11, 2000.

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