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How Magnetism Can Restore Energy and Health

Some time ago, I was running a Research and Development lab in electronics and was called in to consult on a study being done by a doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta on the effects of magnetism on patients with asthma.

Their study was based on Japanese literature which suggested that there is a magnetic deficiency syndrome because the earth is no longer putting out sufficient magnetic field. So they were trying to supplement the earth’s magnetic field by using magnetic beds, and they obtained very good results for about two months, but then had a reversal of the benefits.

When I measured the fields given by the magnetic beds, I discovered they had reversing magnetic fields, and I thought maybe that was the problem. So I recommended to the university that they rerun the study with beds using a unidirectional field like the earth’s. A unidirectional field is natural to the body, whereas reversing fields produce a stimulatory response which will fall off in time.

Cyclic Decline of Our Geomagnetic Field

At first I questioned whether their thesis that the earth has lost 90% of its magnetic field over the last 4,000 years was correct. I then did an exhaustive study on previous research and discovered three facts which prove there has been a decrease in the earth’s magnetic field. First, the U.S. Geological Survey has kept records of the earth’s magnetic field for the last 160 years, and it shows a steady decline of 5% per 100 years.

Interestingly enough, when the planets were aligned January 23, 1997, we got a little increase; it went up 20% from .4 gauss to .5 gauss. When they go out of alignment, the magnetic field goes back down. But overall there has been a steady decline. Secondly, scientists have determined that there has been an actual 90% loss by taking samples of lava flows from volcanos at different times in the earth’s history and studying the alignment of the little magnetite crystals in the lava.

The more they are aligned, the greater the magnetic field was. This is called hysteresis and is a well known procedure used by geologists to determine the age of rocks. The third method is deep sea core samplings of the alluvial fans of rivers which bring up a cross section of the layers of sediment. These show that we have 500,000 year cycles in the magnetic field of the earth.

We start out below zero, increase to a maximum, and decrease again. They found only 4.5 million years of cycles, and every 500,000 years, there was a layer of fossils, which appears when there was a reversal of the magnetic field. These 500,000 year cycles are coincidental with the geological ages of the earth.

Organisms cannot live without their supportive magnetic field. Dr. Robert O. Becker was part of the scientific group that evaluated this data. In his book Cross Currents, he goes into it in quite a lot of detail. When you put this information together with the physiological effects suffered by cosmonauts when they were outside the earth’s magnetic field for extended periods, we begin to realize the effects.

Early cosmonauts lost 80% of their bone density. Spacecraft now have magnetic generators to eliminate these problems.

Effects of Zero Magnetic Field

Valerie Hunt, Ph.D., who did research on energy fields at the University of California, Los Angeles, investigated this further. She had a “mu” cage built that she could put subjects in for observation. Mu metal will cancel out magnetic fields of the magnitude of the earth’s magnetic field and the electromagnetic pollution which surrounds us.

Two individuals were placed in the room and connected with EEG, EMG and ECG devices to measure effects on the body in the absence of environmental magnetic fields. To her amazement, in just a few minutes they began to sob and said they felt like they were falling apart emotionally.

In a few more minutes, they were beginning to lose coordination and muscle control, and she had to pull them out to avoid affecting the heart muscle. All this in just a matter of minutes! So we are going to have a problem coming with the reduction of our environmental magnetism. In September, 1996, NASA announced that within the next 800 years, we will have no more magnetic field.

Why Are We Losing Our Magnetic Field?

We need to understand why we are losing the magnetic field of the earth. As the earth spins, there is a net flow of lava underneath the earth in the opposite direction to the spin because of the gravitational pull of the core which is solid.

This creates the magnetic field of the earth because the lava is super heated, and it is ionic – it is like a bunch of electrons flowing in a loop in a wire. When there are electrons flowing in a loop, there is always a magnetic field. Lava is congealing on the underside of the earth’s crust as it is cooling. It is a well-documented scientific fact that the earth’s crust is cooling.

The more the crust of the earth cools, the greater the diversion of magnetic field beneath the crust. You have seen the domed cities in “Star Wars” movies. We will have to have artificial magnetic fields and total environments to maintain life on this planet when we lose our magnetic field in the future.

Eventually, the sun’s radiation will strike the earth’s crust with such force, it will warm it up again. When it gets hot enough to melt the inside of the crust, a magnetic field will rebuild, and life can begin to form again.

Magnetic Fields Affect Living Tissues

Magnetic fields affect every atom in your body. The electrons in the atom orbit around the nucleus. By increasing the magnetic field, the charge on the atom will increase momentarily, the velocity of the orbiting electrons increases, and the valence electrons begin to jump energy orbits.

The atom begins to vibrate at a higher intensity, and in Physics that is called precession. Precession means wobble and is simply increased molecular action caused by increased magnetic field. This creates a conical orbit on some of the electrons and bipolarization of some atoms due to dimagnetism. The net result of this increased molecular activity is enhanced electron transfer, which of course is the basis of every chemical reaction in your body.

This is why a decreased magnetic field leads to less molecular activity and decrease in the enzymes in the body. To summarize: Enhanced magnetic field brings increased speed of electrons and protons, which increases molecular activity, resulting in more efficient chemical reactions, providing a basic energy catalyst for improving body function.

Body Electricity

There are really two electrical systems in the body. The motor and sensory nervous system is the one which we are all familiar with. The one that is not so familiar is the vitality or direct current system.

Dr. Becker made this discovery and learned that the electricity in this vitality system travels from the brain down the myelin sheath on the outside of the nerve rather than down the axon in the middle of the nerve. He also discovered that the electricity returns by way of the fascia (connective tissue) back to the dura mater of the spinal cord and from there back to the brain.

These return currents are called meridians in eastern cultures. Scar tissue or misalignment of the vertebrae can cause interruption of this current flow because of the pressure they exert on this tissue which is semiconducting and very sensitive to pressure. Exercise is very good because it allows more electricity to flow to the periphery.

Magnetic Resonance

The vitality system which has a pulsed DC field causes a magnetic resonance process to happen in the body which restores energy. Every atom in your body has its own resonance frequency. That is how, by using a spectroscope, we determine what kind of an atom it is. If you pulse at the same frequency as a harmonic of the atom’s frequency, you will get the same effect as pushing a child in a swing.

When you push a swing at just the right point, you can get it to go higher and higher with very little effort. That is basically what magnetic resonance is doing in your body. This happens primarily during sleep, which is what the sleep cycle is all about. The brain’s pulsed frequency starts out about 7.5 hertz and goes down to 1.2 to 2 hertz and back up again. This happens every 90 to 110 minutes.

The purpose of it is to resonate all the different organs in the body. Every organ in your body has a different but specific resonance frequency which is a harmonic of all the frequencies of all the elements (atoms) that make that organ. The organ resonance frequency will vary at times according to what you have eaten and how fatigued or depleted you are.

Power Lines And Microwave Transmission

You have undoubtedly heard that (AC) alternating current fields are harmful to your health. The electromagnetic fields from power lines are putting out 60 Hz AC…that means 120 pulses per second (cps). The body only operates at between 2 and 12 cps. In an emergency it has been known to go as high as 30, but never to 120.

If the electromagnetic field coming from a power line is stronger than the electromagnetic field from the brain, then it will interfere with the proper magnetic resonance process of sleep. Electric blankets are problematic because they are so close to the body during the important restorative sleep time.

Studies show increased rates of cancer and other chronic conditions for people who live underneath, or very close to big power lines. High usage of cellular telephones is another cause for concern. Even if you do not use or own one, you are being bombarded by the microwave transmission towers that carry their signals.

Microwave is a very high frequency that interferes with magnetic resonance. Technology has created amazing wonders, but the price may be too high in the end.

Effect of a Reversed Magnetic Field

In my research, I have built varying types of magnetic devices, and one of the most interesting was a big electromagnet which created a unidirectional field which could be reversed. Using this principle, we designed a bed to give a pure field of 4 gauss like we had on earth 4,000 years ago.

Two people were trying it out, and I checked on them after half an hour and asked them how they felt. They both immediately said “This is wonderful”. Then I reversed the magnetic field. In twenty minutes they could hardly even get out of bed. They ached from head to toe. Then I reversed the magnetic field again, back to normal, and half an hour later, they said “Oh, boy, this feels good again”. Direction is everything when we are talking about magnetic field and the human body.


Second to direction in magnetism is frequency. Wrong frequency is bad, but you can solve that problem by using a DC magnetic field with no frequency. This will allow you to dramatically raise the resonance frequency without causing damage to the tissue.

If you apply a given frequency, then you block some of the natural magnetic resonances of the body. I also have a research bed that simulates all the frequencies that the brain puts out, giving a dramatic sleep in just an hour, but you will feel as restored as if you’ve had several hours.

Unidirectional Versus Reversing Magnetic Fields

Magnetism used properly can gain a lot of energy for the body; magnetism used wrongly can use up the body’s energy. In this context, I am referring to sleep pads containing permanently charged ceramic magnets of different sizes creating reversing magnetic fields of varying strengths and marketed for home use.

The Chinese first started using magnets to perform acupuncture. Much later the Japanese did a take-off on the concept and made a sleep pad using small magnets which create a whole-body acupuncture-type response. Most of the sleep pads on the market are of this type, having reversing magnetic fields.

They give good results initially, but will fade with time. A unidirectional field like the earth’s will speed up cellular reactions, but when it reverses, the opposite happens. That will slow down all the electrons and protons which will slow or stop electron transfer. Anoxia could occur in the tissues and result in cellular death if the body did not respond to this emergency.

The brain will start putting out a lot more electricity to make a counter-magnetic field and rushing more blood to the area wherever that magnet is to raise the oxygen levels to prevent anoxia. All this action draws down on the body’s reserves of energy to respond to this artificially created problem.

Fortunately these products use small magnets which have little penetration into the body. Whenever anyone uses a single magnet or any type of magnetic wrap or magnetic jewellery, they are always getting a reversing field which will create a smaller or larger version of this adverse body response.

Short-term usage of the smaller magnets as a treatment device can be very beneficial in pain and symptom relief; however they do not replace using a proper unidirectional magnetic sleep pad to enhance the earth’s magnetic field.

Unidirectional Field

You can build up body vitality by placing yourself in a unidirectional field with the same polarity as the earth. The only way to accomplish this is to have a magnet bigger than the body and strong enough to completely penetrate the body. These are not readily available. However, I designed a magnetic sleep pad that creates a unified field that will give the same effect as being on a magnet as big as your bed.

This pad is placed under your mattress and is strong enough to go up through the mattress, through your body and four feet into the air, with the return field occurring outside the edges of your bed. So essentially you are sleeping on a huge magnet. It restores a magnetic field like the earth had 4,000 years ago when it was ten times stronger than it is now. This pad will cause precession or increased molecular action throughout the body.

Effects of Magnetic Treatment on Athletes

We studied athletes to compare their performance before and after we put them in a magnetic field. In 13 weeks their strength increased by 20%, while their resting heart rates went down by 20%. They were able to do 40% more work with no increase in heart rate.

Most of the Canadian decathlon team were on these magnetic beds and they found up to four times increased speed of healing. This really is not surprising. Orthopedic surgeons have been using an FDA device called a PEMF device (pulsed electro magnetic frequency) for years on non-union fractures.

In 90% of cases, the fracture will knit together after the magnetic treatment. It also works with muscle and ligament tears.

Conditions Which Respond Well To Increased Magnetism

We did a survey of 100 people who had been using magnetic beds for over seven months. Any briefer study in magnetism is ineffective because it may indicate an initial good response which will not last.

We found a reduction in arthritic pain; 80% elimination of migraine headaches; 80% reversal of PMS symptoms; 80% to 95% relief of symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia; 46% had total relief of insomnia; 43% reported a significant increase in energy. This gives you some idea of how the energy crisis due to the earth’s declining magnetic field might affect us. We gain a lot of benefits when we have enough energy.

Dr. Dean Bonlie

Dr. Bonlie is an experienced researcher, inventor, consultant and lecturer in the field of biomagnetism. His scientific theory on the action of magnetism on living tissue has made him a widely accepted authority in this field. His research has resulted in the invention of a unique magnetic sleep pad which restores the earth's depleted environmental magnetism back to the body. He is currently chairman of the Scientific Research Committee of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy.

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