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Hunza Water: The Microhydrin Story


The story of Microhydrin began when I was very young. From an early age, I had a recurring nightmare that has formed the basis of my entire life and led to the discovery of Microhydrin and a lot of the other wonderful things. In the dream, a flying saucer landed, people got out, and they put an instrument on my head.

They had a kind of a laptop computer to measure my knowledge and intelligence and they said, “If you don’t match our minimum standards we are going to destroy you and all people on earth.” The dream ended, but it kept coming back every night and it was a ‘lucid’ dream with brilliant colours. The thing that made the dream go away was reading, and so by the time I was eight and a half, I was a prolific reader.

By the time I was 14 years old I could read about 10 or 12 books a day and remember everything in them because I have a photographic memory. I was becoming kind of a walking encyclo-paedia. I learned a lot about a lot of subjects and could put them together in new ways, and that has led to a lot of successes as an inventor; I have over 300 inventions.

Not too long after the age of eight I developed a sleep machine. The Russians developed this technology for the astronaut program in Russia. You get about the equivalent of eight hours sleep in half an hour. I read about it and made one myself and used it so that I could stay up all night reading and working in my laboratory.

I was invited to Washington once for an inventors fair and the patent office named me “Inventor of the Year”, but when I applied for a second patent on the device (a digital electronic knowledge transmitter we call a neurophone), they sent me a letter saying, “Your invention has been taken by the military intelligence.

We believe it may have uses in defending the country, and therefore it is placed under secrecy, and you must tell us everyone you have told about this invention, especially if you have told anyone in a foreign country, and if you don’t give us all this information, or if you talk to anyone without our permission, you will be charged with treason. And the penalty for treason is death by firing squad.” So I started learning a lot early!

When I was about 11, I entered a science fair and my subject for the science fair was a missile detector. I had a list of all the atomic tests the U.S. and the Soviet Union were running, even the secret ones, and I won the whole fair. The judges were impressed because my little missile detector cost only $5 to make.

Articles appeared in the newspapers and they went clear across the country by Associated Press and a few days later the Pentagon was on the telephone. They sent a group down from Wright-Patterson Airforce Base and I began my first communications with the government because they wanted what I had, and they really didn’t want to pay for it, so I kind of gave it to them. After that I became a consultant for the Pentagon and by the time I was 17 I was doing in-depth work with a Pentagon think tank, consulting on what they call “non-destructive weapons”.

I worked on the Gemini space shots for NASA, then worked at Tuft’s University communicating with dolphins for the U.S. Navy. We developed a man-dolphin translator that translates human speech into dolphin whistles and dolphin whistles back into human speech. We had our own two dolphins off a small island in Hawaii and I got to fly to Hawaii regularly just to talk to dolphins.

Isolated Cultures

During the period of time when I was consulting for the Pentagon I worked with Dr. Henri Cuanda, who was known as the father of fluid dynamics. He had over 300 patents and was an expert on water and fluids. He was about 80 years old at the time and his girlfriend was Gloria Swanson.

One day, he invited me into his office and told me that he had searched for the fountain of youth for 60 years. He said that it really did exist, that all legends have a basis. There are isolated places on earth where people are very healthy and live for very long periods of time. They don’t have dental caries or cancer, or the diseases of civilization.

There are five of these isolated cultures in the world, and he had been to every one of them, trying to figure out what enabled these people to live long, healthy, productive lives, even into very old age, men fathering children after the age of 100.


He told me, “You are what you drink. Water is the most important thing you put in your body, but not all water is equal. Everywhere on earth, water has different physical characteristics, no matter where you travel, and many waters have what they call anomalous properties“.

We are taught that at sea level water freezes at 0° C and boils at 100° C, that it has a certain viscosity and a certain surface tension and so forth. But if you really examine water, it has 34 atomic isotopes. Additionally, the particles in water affect its molecular structure and its physical properties.

Freezing Point

Dr. Cuanda told me that in areas like Hunza land, water freezes at a lower temperature than it does in other areas and has different flow characteristics. In his research, he found that the lower the freezing point of the water in an area, the longer the life of the people who live there. Minerals and salts affect the freezing point. That is a very simple test, so one of the tests that we used for measuring anomalous water is that we worked with freezing points.

Hunza Water

Dr. Cuanda said that the water in Hunza land contained the secret of health and longevity. He said that we should all live to be at least 120 to 125 years old in excellent health. We should not die in a decrepit state with loss of mind, memory and bodily functions. So he gave me his research on water, and he said, “Patrick, some day you will create the equivalent water of Hunza water and give it to the world.

He turned 60 years of research over to me, and I began my quest for the Fountain of Youth. Dr. Cuanda later became the head of the Academy of Sciences for the country of Romania, and he died at 105.

Glacial Water

In about 1983, I finally realized that the secret of Hunza water was a certain kind of mineral in the water. In Hunza land and the other four places on earth, they all have one thing in common – they are surrounded by natural glaciers called ‘ice blue glaciers’ on some of the tallest mountains in the world.

The people live in high mountain valleys about 2,000 meters above sea level. Glaciers on these mountains are millions of years old, and put thousands of tons of pressure on the side of the mountain. The glacier is liquid at the mountain interface and it grinds the rock of the mountain into a mineral jelly; those minerals rush out, go through the valleys, and the water comes down from the glaciers and the people drink the glacial water containing all those minerals.

Cultures who live near the ice blue glaciers are the Hunzas in the Hindu Kush which is north of Pakistan, the county of Georgia in Russia, and certain places in Equador, Mongolia and Peru. Those are the five cultures that Dr. Cuanda studied. Their diets were all different but their water all had these specific anomalous properties.


After studying all the minerals in glacial water, I found that that there was a certain kind of mineral that cannot be seen by the eye. It is a tiny spherical form of silica. Silica is a natural mineral that is essential for the human body; sand is silica, quartz crystals are silica. Silica makes our bones and arteries strong.

It is found in the places of our body where we need the most strength like the aorta. The silica that I found in Hunza water were little tiny spheres about 50 Angstroms in diameter, and they are only found in certain kinds of glacial water in only those five places in the world that I know of, and water in the world has been pretty well investigated.

Crystal Energy

I finally succeeded in duplicating the glacial minerals and developed a product called Crystal Energy. When you take pure water like pure distilled water or pure reverse osmosis water, and add drops of Crystal Energy, it provides the silica minerals found in Hunza water and it is identical to the Hunza water. When we mix these minerals with vitamin C or virtually any other supplement, it increases the absorption to virtually 100 percent.

The Negative Hydrogen Ion

I thought I had discovered the secret to Hunza water. I was going on to new research and new inventions and was reading the works of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who discovered vitamin C and got the Nobel Prize in metabolic chemistry. Gyorgyi said, “Discovery is seeing what everyone else sees and has seen, but thinking what no one else has thought.” He said, “Hydrogen is the fuel of life.”

All the food we eat does one thing for us. It releases hydrogen which is burned by oxygen in the final chemical reaction releasing the energy that makes ATP, the fuel that actually runs our bodies. Carbohydrates are one-third carbon, one-third hydrogen and one-third oxygen. We have enzymes in the body called dehydrogenases and their purpose is to loosen hydrogen on the food we eat so that the hydrogen (hydrogen is the fuel) can be burned by oxygen, releasing energy, and the carbon and oxygen left on the carbohydrate turns into carbon dioxide gas which we breathe out and the plants breathe that in.

That is called the Krebs cycle. Hydrogen is the energy source that runs our bodies; it is the energy source that fuels the universe; it is the energy source that runs the sun. Hydrogen makes up 90 percent of the mass of the universe. Secondly, Gyorgyi said that hydrogen is the carrier of electrons in the living system, and he said no electrons are carried anywhere in the living system unless it is attached to hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the carrier of all electrons in all chemical reactions. Cells, proteins and tissues in our bodies store hydrogen in huge quantities in such a way that you don’t need enzymes to use that hydrogen. And Szent-Gyorgyi said that he believed that it had something to do with cellular division itself and it is the secret of cellular division.

Negative Hydride Ions In Hunza Water

I had several samples of Hunza water which I had sealed in a glass ampoule 40 years ago so that no oxygen could get in. I opened one of those glass ampoules, took a look with the laser and detected huge quantities of negative hydrogen ions in the Hunza water. I also detected the same ions in the water from Lourdes, France.

No one in history has ever figured out what gives the water at Lourdes its healing properties. It is a very holy place. Miracles occur there that have nothing to do with science. But in the physical universe, there must always be a measurable source. The miracle of Lourdes may be the fact that the water is loaded with negative hydrogen ions. The water at Baden Baden, Germany, and at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, both have a large quantity of negative hydrogen ions as well.


After seeing the negative hydrogen ions in Hunza water, I knew that I had missed something in Hunza water. It wasn’t just the minerals that made it special; it was the minerals which were carrying negative ionized hydrogen. Mono-atomic neutral hydrogen has one proton and one electron. Microhydrin has the regular electron and it has got another electron that is in the 1s prime orbital, and this is the electron that gives life. This electron is used in every chemical reaction in the living system.

So we developed a technique to use the minerals in our Crystal Energy to store hydrogen in quantities that are so great that when using the Nernst equation to measure the amount of electrons, one capsule of Microhydrin contains the same number of electrons as you would find in 10,000 glasses of fresh, organic orange juice. It is loaded with negative ionized hydrogen. By the grace of God, I was able to discover how to trap the hydrogen ions in the silica spheres so that they can be time-released when added to water. And that is basically the discovery of Microhydrin. Our bodies desperately need it.

Most of us are very deficient in it. The only people who aren’t deficient in hydrogen are those who eat pure raw food, organic diets with no cooked food or processed food, and they live way out in the countryside where there is no pollution. If we ate pure raw organic food, and drank lots of fresh organic juices, we wouldn’t need a hydrogen supplement.

Stability Of Microhydrin

When you add Microhydrin to water, the water will stay at maximum potency for about 12 hours and then it starts decreasing over time. Water tends to like a five-sided structure, pentagonal structure, or hexagonal structure that look like soccer balls. These little tiny bucky ball type spheres hold the hydrogen ions internally and that is how these negative hydrogen ions exist for even years in water as long as it is in a dark place.

Light causes that structure to disassemble and causes the release of the ion. If you put the water in a sealed bottle in a dark cover it will last six months to a year without decreasing potency. But when Microhydrin is in powder form, the hydrogen ions are trapped in the centre of the silica cages. Silica has the same type of structure as water, a tetrahedron.

The silica forms ‘bucky balls’ which can be many different shapes; it is a perfect vacuum and the Microhydrin is perfectly stable in there and it lasts indefinitely until it is hydrated, until you add it to water, whether that water is in your body or in a glass of water. When you take it, the hydrogen ions are released slowly into the body and then used by the body.

The Nutrient Hydrogen

Microhydrin is not a drug; it is a nutrient. Hydrogen is found naturally in all living things and so it is at most called a nutraceutical which means a nutritional product that provides elements that affect the function of the body in different ways. We need lots of electrons to neutralize free radicals and every enzyme reaction in the human body uses negative ionized hydrogen which has a free electron.

If you eat only processed and cooked foods, the only way you can get hydrogen is from carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, which only give enough energy to run the body at a minimal level, but it is not enough to take care of free radical damage. When people take Microhydrin, even within 20 minutes of first taking it, they feel an increase in energy. Their vision gets sharper and colours get brighter.

They have an increase in NADH. NADH, by the way, is a co-factor enzyme that is found in the body that releases negative ionized hydrogen and it is NADH that goes into the mitochondria releasing the hydrogen to make ATP which is the fuel that actually runs our bodies. NADH is one of the most important materials in our body for energy.


We had to run toxicity studies on Microhydrin for the government. In our research, mice were given the equivalent of 5,000 mg per kg body weight of Microhydrin, which is equal to a human taking 180 bottles a day. One hundred percent of the mice lived. They were partying. So it is not toxic. It is good for the cells. We have over a dozen different studies at major universities and independent laboratories showing its beneficial effects upon the body.


Taking Microhydrin is really no different than eating a pure raw food diet, because you are adding the missing ingredients in your diet. It is not contraindicated for any drug or prescription. It even works along with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or immune suppressors.

Microhydrin And Oxygen Therapies

Oxygen is good for you, and you can take Microhydrin at the same time as stabilized oxygen or oxygen therapies. We have actually put Microhydrin in oxygenated water and they exist side by side. They do not react with each other unless the oxygen becomes a free radical that is damaging to the living system.

Water Purification

I put a small amount of negatively ionized hydrogen in my hot tub once a month and never put chemicals in it. I test the water regularly and the water is good enough to drink. It doesn’t take very much negative ionized hydrogen to purify water. By the way, Royal Body Care has an amazing bath salt. A couple of scoops gives your bath water or hot tub more negative hydrogen ions than Lourdes, France.

You have the best spa in the world right in your bathroom. We had a lady who took a bath in it, and when she got out of the bathtub, the area around her lungs was bright red where the hydrogen ions had been moving into her body, and it turned out she was getting pneumonia and her lungs were full of fluid. This happens generally to an area which needs a lot of negative ions.


When you first start taking Microhydrin, the body begins to clean up all the free radicals in the body. Silica in general chelates heavy metals out of the body. It helps to pull mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum out of the body in neutral form. In fact, we are running a study right now at one of the largest zinc plants in the world, where the employees get heavy metal toxicity.

We have had absolutely wonderful results showing that Microhydrin is pulling the heavy metals out of the tissues, neutralizing them and flushing them out of the body. Occasionally, when people take Microhydrin, they may have a cleansing reaction, because Microhydrin destroys free radicals and neutralizes toxins, and your body has to get rid of the neutralized toxins. A strong cleansing reaction rarely occurs. In those cases I recommend cutting down the dosage. Most people just experience a positive increase in energy.


Instructions on the bottle recommend two capsules a day and you get good results with two a day. If I am travelling a lot, or under a lot of stress from lack of sleep, I may take six a day. Two in the morning, two at noon, two at night. You actually get faster and better results when you take it out of the capsule, mix it with water and then drink the water.

When I am under a lot of stress, or in an area where everyone has the flu or pneumonia, I take nine a day, just for that period of time, and I never get a cold, never get the flu. If you do get a cold, you can get over it in two or three days rather than one to two weeks.


Hydrogenation is very bad. Negatively ionized hydrogen is very good and it will not hydrogenate oils. If you take an oil, a lipid, like flaxseed oil and hydrogenate it, there are little places on the molecule where hydrogen can attach itself, and it turns the oil into a more stable molecule because oxygen can also get into those places and oxidize and cause rancidity.

Basically in hydrogenation, under certain temperature conditions, in the presence of a platinum catalyst and hydrogen gas, the oil sucks up the hydrogen and the molecule becomes hydrogenated. Hydrogenated oils are solid fats; they are not natural and can actually clog up the arteries and be very harmful to the body.

Good And Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the major source of plaque in arteries, but cholesterol is also the source of all of the hormones in our bodies. Good cholesterol is cholesterol which has electrons and bad cholesterol is cholesterol which has lost its electrons and is oxidized. The plaque that forms in the arteries is oxidized cholesterol.

So if you provide enough electrons you can turn the cholesterol in your arteries back into good cholesterol, and the plaque back into good cholesterol. And so hydrogen, H- is very beneficial for every aspect of life.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan

At the age of 11, Dr. Patrick Flanagan gained the attention of the Pentagon by inventing a device which could detect the launch of a missile anywhere in the world. Life magazine found this so interesting that they wrote an article featuring him in 1962. Patrick was just warming up. He left school to work in government think tanks during the cold war and then progressed into a career of rich discovery in health research. Many of his earlier inventions have been classified by government agencies, but the crown jewel of his career, Microhydrin, has been used successfully throughout the world. Patrick comes to us from Sedona, Arizona.

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