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Mycoplasma: Pathogen For Neurosystemic Disease

The Mycoplasma

The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation is devoted to the study of the neurosystemic degenerative diseases, which include Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s colitis, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, a whole range of diseases that are characterized by the fact that a foreign entity accesses the human cell and destroys it from the inside out. It used to be thought that one disease agent caused Alzheimer’s and another caused Crohn’s colitis, but they are caused by the same disease agent, called the mycoplasma. The evidence is very clear that cancer is also caused by this mycoplasma.

The United States government patented this pathogenic mycoplasma and we have a copy of that patent. We have been researching this mycoplasma, and people all over North America and some parts of Europe have contributed scientific evidence and government documents that we hadn’t been able to access. Every day in the mail I get a piece of valuable literature, and sometimes it is absolutely dramatic.

Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report No. 9

This document was written and printed by American scientists back in l972. In 1974, just two years after this document was printed, Richard Helms of the CIA, after consultation with his boss Henry Kissinger, the National Security Advisor, and Nixon (who was about to depart from his powerful office) issued an order to the CIA to go to the universities, hospitals and libraries where copies of this document were distributed, retrieve the document, verify its authenticity, then shred it and burn it. George Bush Sr., Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and others were involved with this whole program. Why would they order a document they had just written in l972 shredded and burned in l974?

In Texas last year, a young man found this “Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report No. 9” on his local library shelf. They must have missed this one. So, he made a photocopy of it and delivered it to the president of the Candidiasis Association in Texas. She did not know why they had been destroyed, but she knew they had been, so she photocopied it and sent it to Shirley Bentley who is president of the United States chapter of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, and Shirley photocopied it and sent it to me. The first official case of AIDS was 1981.This document has a direct application to AIDS but it has an indirect application to the other neurosystemic degenerative diseases. Chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, sarcoidosis are variants of the pathogen involved in AIDS.

Page 39 of the “Special Virus Cancer Program: Progress Report No. 9” states: “We have for the first time demonstrated that RNA-directed DNA polymerase can be activated by alterations of the physiological endocrine balance “. Let me put it in lay language for those who would like to have it translated: Every living organism that reproduces itself has to give its successor characteristics of itself, and in every cell there is a complete blueprint for your body in the DNA. The blueprint contains the colour of your eyes and all your characteristics. Certain types of insects and bacteria dont have DNA; they have a single strand called RNA. That RNA is the blueprint for the disease bacteria or the disease virus.

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) has a single strand of RNA and cannot reproduce itself. It has to get into another cell that has DNA, and it uses that cell’s DNA and takes that cell over. When the document says RNA-directed, it means that some microscopic organism from some bacteria accesses the cell of the victim and then takes over the DNA of that victim and then tells that DNA to make more of the original RNA/HIV. We are pretty sure that it starts off with brucellosis as the bacteria, and they have a method of putting that into a crystalline form. The particle of the bacterial DNA and RNA is called a mycoplasma. It is just a particle of the bacterial DNA, andthey learned how to remove the particular RNA element from the bacteria in crystalline form and put it into people, and that had to beby fluid transfer. So, vaccine, blood or semen could carry a sufficient concentration of mycoplasma that it would activate RNA-directed DNA. In other words, it would allow the foreign particle to take over the living organism cell and make more of the foreign particle.

Compromising The Endocrine System To Activate Aids

Now, how would they compromise the endocrine system? They go on to say, “We have learned for the first time that RNA-directed DNA polymerase (that is the way HIV works) can be activated by alteration of the physiological endocrine balance”. The endocrine system produces hormones and the hormones generate a certain physiological response. If that endocrine balance is altered, it will open the door for the foreign particle RNA to take over the DNA of the whole cell. In this document they reveal that as far back as l972 they had achieved the ability to take foreign RNA and put it into a vaccine. They were able to put it in with a mycoplasma, a particle of bacterial DNA, to disrupt the endocrine balance and allow HIV, Karposis sarcoma, and other opportunistic diseases to have their way because there was nothing to stop them. Literally speaking, the immune system had been depressed by the compromising of the endocrine balance.

Creation Of HIV In A Lab

The HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) had to be made in a laboratory and it was made from the virus in sheep’s brains. The disease in sheep is called visna virus which occurs naturally in sheep. But it has never, until l970 had the ability to infect the brains of human beings until it was altered by research to become a human virus called Human T-cell Leukemia or Lymphoma Virus 3. And that is essentially sheep’s visna virus. And HTLV3 is essentially Human Immunodeficiency Virus. So they developed these two things: (i) to put down the immune system and (ii) to open the door for the HIV. So HIV does not cause AIDS. HIV follows because the AIDS is there, and the AIDS is there because the mycoplasma is there.

The first case of AIDS was l981. Here’s a document dated Nov/Dec l971 in the Federation of Science Proceedings, at their annual meeting in the United States in l971. The title of this paper delivered in l971, which is 10 years before there was any AIDS is called “Viral Infections in Man Associated with Acquired Immunological Deficiency States (AIDS)”. It is written by Dr. Thomas Merigan of Stanford University and a Dr. Stevens, and Dr. Stevens was working for the special virus cancer program that revealed how to get RNA-directed DNA polymerase under way ten years before. He wrote a paper about AIDS called “Acquired Immune Deficiency States”. They were working on it ever since l956 actually and we have all kinds of documentation. This 1971 document is very hard to get.

Well, where did they get the mycoplasma from? We have a great deal of documented research on that too. (see Consumer Health Newsletter June, 2000)


How does the mycoplasma alter the endocrine system? How does your hypothalamus and your pituitary and your adrenal glands and all the rest of them get out of whack? Here’s how it happens. Hormones are manufactured in your body by your glands. The glands take in a physical molecule called a sterol, alter it slightly and release it into the blood as a hormone. An article, also from l971 in the Journal of Bacteriology, a peer-reviewed journal, called “Sterol Requirements of T-strain Mycoplasmas” by Rodham, Fend & Hayflick describes the how mycoplasma, a particle of bacterial DNA, has no body of its own and ordinarily it does no harm. However, if you have some kind of trauma, then the mycoplasma comes to life, starts to take apart the cell it lives in sterol by sterol, and it kills the host cell. That’s called degeneration. One of the mycoplasma diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s or Parkinson’s or fibromyalgia will begin to present.

If the cells happen to be the lateral ventricles, you begin to present with a disease called multiple sclerosis. If it is in the frontal lobes of the brain, you begin to present with a disease called chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis. If it begins in the occipital lobe, you begin to present with Parkinson’s. The mycoplasma also causes all kinds of lung diseases, Wagner’s disease and sarcoidosis. Not everybody will become ill in the same way because the mycoplasma can’t get into most cells because of a genetic predisposition to keep it out.

Government Depopulation Agenda

I would not hesitate to say, from my own point of view, that this is probably the most important document in the world today. Why? There is not a shadow of a doubt, when you read the evidence in this document, that the government of the United States sponsored the research to develop the AIDS pathogen because certain people like Henry Kissinger and his crew were concerned with the growth of the world’s population. I have a great deal of evidence which supports this.

The AIDS epidemic was created in an American laboratory so that they could take it to Africa and the Third World countries, which they called the lesser-developed countries, and administer it in a shot of smallpox vaccine. Millions and millions of people lined up to take the vaccination against smallpox, and in that smallpox vaccine there was an element of the mycoplasma to alter the endocrine balance. Twenty-seven million people have been murdered by AIDS in Africa since the l980’s and earlier, and 6,000 people a day in Third World countries are dying from AIDS.

Blood Volume Test

Another problem that’s caused is in the generation of blood. The mycoplasma has a huge appetite for red blood cells because red blood cells are high in cholesterol, which gives them flexibility. This allows a red blood cell, which is 7 or 8 microns in diameter to go through a capillary thats only 4 microns. When the mycoplasma removes the cholesterol from the membrane of the red blood cells, they cant get through the capillaries and it cuts off blood to the brain.

If you have a mycoplasma infection and it’s interfering with the production of new red blood cells and if its consuming existing red blood cells and destroying them, you can measure how much blood you have in your body. When the blood volume is measured in people with these diseases they’re found to have anywhere from 10 to 25% less blood than their body weight requires. You can give that to the review tribunals of Canada Pension Plan to prove your case.


To treat these diseases, what you should do is go to the source and attack the mycoplasma. 100 mg. or so of doxycycline or minocycline each day will stabilize the mycoplasma. Use it until improvement is seen and then gradually reduce it to six days a week, then five days a week and so on (a few MDs are familiar with the use of doxycycline for the mycoplasma). Then use a program based upon good nutritional science to re-establish the balance of the endocrine system and the diseases to a great degree will be ameliorated. If you get them early enough it will be stopped dead.

In summary, there is a disease agent called the mycoplasma that most of your doctors have no knowledge of whatsoever and they don’t get that knowledge because when the military was developing this pathogen, they asked for the cooperation of the National Institutes for Health and the Centers for Disease Control, and both of those so-called public health agencies co-operated with the military to make a death dealing agent. And now they don’t dare admit it. The mycoplasma opens the door by immune deficiency and the HIV takes advantage of it to access the cell to reproduce itself.

The mycoplasma in sufficient concentration with the HIV can cause full blown AIDS which they spread throughout Africa in order to limit the growth of the population there. Those people are responsible without a doubt for the murder of 27,000,000 people. And it was done by Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Sr., Robert Gallo, Robert Huebener and Leonard Hayflick whose names we have followed through all of the literature. Robert Gallo, who is one of the guys who invented the HIV virus (they had to make up a good story) said, “Well, a green monkey with the simian immune deficiency bit a black woman and that black woman somehow or other had a sexual affair with a white Canadian airline steward and the disease came to North America.”

Dr. Donald Scott

Donald Scott has extensively researched neurosystemic degenerative diseases over the past seven years, and has written numerous articles on the relationship between degenerative diseases and a pathogenic mycoplasma. His research has attracted attention from points as far away as Australia (where it was published in Nexus. magazine) to Greece where it was translated and published. Don Scott is president of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation and adjunct professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine. Don Scott is author of The Brucellosis Triangle. . He has documented evidence that diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, Huntington's, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia all derive from a common infectious pathogen. The pathogen derives from the brucella disease toxin in crystalline form (known as new variant (nv) brucellosis) and is apparently a particle of the bacterial DNA now being referred to as one of the mycoplasma species or a bacterial 'L-form'.

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