Degenerative Diseases

New Dimensions In The Wholistic Management Of Degenerative Diseases

What I want to discuss today, is the medicine of the future and the new dimensions in degenerative diseases. Sixty per cent of our caseload in our main hospital is still cancer and all of its phases. We have treated 12,000 cases of cancer in the last ten years. Recently, we have seen an enormous number of cases of the “no-name” disease.

We could call it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, mixed allergy syndrome, or universal reactor syndrome. The symptoms are allergies, persistent general malaise, reactivated Epstein Barr virus and various mysterious unnamed viruses, and sleep disturbances. The American Medical Association uses the term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS. About 20% of our patients are now CFS patients.

We are seeing multiple sclerosis, lupus, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and among children, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, extreme hyperactivity, rheumatoid arthritis, and all forms of auto-immune disease in increasing numbers. And every single one of these conditions is amenable to management and control. Almost all of our patients fall into three categories. In the first group, we can slow down the progress of disease.

In an ever-growing group, we actually stop the progress of disease completely, which is not to say they are cured. It means the disease progresses no further. And in an ever more exciting group of patients, we’re seeing the reversal of symptoms. A number of people who were previously in very advanced stages of multiple sclerosis are now walking unassisted.

We are able to use many forms of therapy in Mexico, from DMSO, hypothermia, live cell therapy, megavitamins, detoxification, special diet, free form amino acids, a very wide range of things. We call our general approach ‘eclectic’.

There are also some treatments in orthodox medicine which we find useful. In 5 or 6% of cases that we see, in cancer for example, we use chemotherapy, radiation or even surgery.* But we would never use these treatments without the major component of our treatment which is to build up the body to promote its defence, balance the immune system, balance the hormones, the endocrine system and detoxify the body. We have been able to combine the best of all worlds.

(* note: Consumer Health Organization does not necessarily endorse these treatments. Some alternative cancer clinics in Mexico do use chemotherapy in addition to more natural methods; however, many clinics use only non-toxic, non-invasive methods.)

Most of the time we do not find that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are life-saving. Most of the time they are immune-depressing and not to be used. To the extent that they can save lives, we blend those treatments with those we tend to agree with, that is holistic medicine, or in European terms, biological medicine.

The Influence Of The Mind In Healing

In all these diseases we are treating, we believe that healing begins with the mind. If the mental aspect of healing is not addressed, it is like putting together a new car without a motor. It doesn’t quite work. In this very city, in November of 1988, the University of Rochester and the University of Illinois presented back-to-back studies, which enunciated what many doctors have known for many many years. And that is the effect of mind on health, the capacity of the mind to both strengthen and weaken the immune system.

Everyone in holistic medicine has always known this was true but these two university studies proved it. They introduced the exciting concept of psychoneuroimmunology, and described how the brain communicates with the immune system, and how the immune system communicates with the brain. We have two systems interacting, and the language they use is neither French nor English, but hormones and hormone-like messenger substances, neuropeptides and neurotransmitters.

The communications go on in the endocrine system and the immune organs of the body, the bone marrow, the thymus, the spleen and the brain. We know there are more than 30,000 secretions occurring in the brain, and we understand maybe 300 of them.

We have known for many years that if you tell someone they should be feeling better and they believe it, the mind, functioning through the brain, creates its own class of opiate-mimicking substances called endorphins. And sure enough, people do feel better. This is called the ‘placebo effect’ and it actually helps heal people.

Now that psychoneuroimmunology is a legitimate science within the parameters of standard medicine, it has opened up tremendous new vistas. It means that visualization techniques, Silva Mind Control, biofeedback, prayer and simple belief systems have a direct, provable, quantifiable, scientific impact on healing. It is not a theory any more. It is a fact.

This is the important element of medicine in the future because ultimately, we will find you can think yourself into a disease, and you can think yourself out of it. This theory has been studied in cancer patients. We know that at least 20% of cancer patients subconsciously have a suppressed desire to commit suicide. So in many cancer cases, we don’t just try to heal the patient physically, but must deal with some problem in his life. It could be part of the cure.

That’s why clinical psychology should be an adjunct to cancer treatment, and the treatment of other diseases as well. In Mexico, we have group sessions with our outpatients. They all have different belief systems. Some are Baptists, Buddhists, Zen practitioners, Jews or agnostics. It’s not our job to tell them what to believe in, but to tell them to be a good believer. Anything which can unlock the energy of the mind is a great help, and incredible things can occur.

Most terminal cancer patients are surrounded by a sea of negativity, as are all AIDS patients, and so many people with advanced auto-immune diseases. If they have an authority figure telling them they have x months to live, the awful reality is, if they believe it, probably they will have x months to live. If their reaction is, as it should be, that of a 14-year-old child rather than an adult with a Ph.D. (Ph.D. adults are characteristically unintelligent). It’s the 14-year-old children who are intelligent.

They see through these things. You really have to be the active participant in your own healing. The doctor is only a health counsellor. You are the one in charge. You must not sit there passively in a chair and let the doctor give you some synthetic drug to cure you. You have to decide whether you will be healed or not and the doctor will help you do that.

The Nutritional Approach

You do not get into a systemic, chronic metabolic dysfunction overnight. It takes years of abuse of this amazing structure, the human organism, to break it down at its most vulnerable point. For some it may be an auto-immune disease, for some it may be cancer. It may be weakened organs of any kind, like the spleen or pancreas. But it takes years of abuse, primarily because of inappropriate nutrition, bad water and bad air. So it takes a long time to get out. That’s why we don’t say we cure at American Biologics. We begin the healing process.

The nutritional approach to medicine is a giant part of the medicine of the future. A lot of this approach comes from folk medicine, which we have used for hundreds of years and part of it is being discovered today. The metabolically sound eating program is a very general thing, but you must individualize it.

No two people eat alike. An Eskimo, a Japanese wrestler, a pigmy from Zululand and a banker from Toronto do not all eat alike. They do not have the same metabolic requirements. It does not make a lot of sense saying they should all be macrobiotic or vegetarian. That is just food fadism, even though a lot of it does make sense. It is necessary to take the individual metabolism into account. There is no such thing as a normal person.

Does anyone know Colonel Onoda? Probably not. He was found in the rain forest in Guam in 1975, unaware that the war was over between the U.S.A. and Japan. He had been running around in the forest for thirty years. Finally he was found, and the Americans wanted to know how he stayed alive in the rain forest of Guam for thirty years.

He said, “Well, it’s easy. We were trained in the Imperial army, that if we ever should run out of rations, we should find the nearest animal similar to humans and follow it around and eat what it eats. ” So he found the nearest animal similar to humans – it was the ring-tailed baboon. He discovered that the ring-tailed baboon ate the scrapings of bark of certain trees, certain nuts and cherries, plants, stocks, roots and tubers, occasional insects and small rodents.

And the amazing thing about Colonel Onoda was that he did not have any dental cavities, no periodontal problems, no heart fibrillations, no precancerous conditions, no cataracts, not much of anything. When he flew back to Tokyo, he gasped as he stepped out of the plane at the extreme pollution, and removed himself forthwith to a plantation in Brazil. The point is that he learned to do what animals do. He learned to listen to his body. He nibbled all day. He ate the right things.

That’s the Onoda story and we can learn an awful lot from that Eighty per cent of what we hear about nutrition is speculation. About 20% is hard core science. Adelle Davis, who died of cancer, said, “You are what you eat”. That’s not really so, but you are what you can assimilate and what you have genetically inherited.

Bioelectrical Fields

We also use bioelectrical fields in our hospital in the treatment of tumours. In some cases, not all, we have been able to destroy accessible tumours by running a radio wave through them with a double probe. We have been able to reverse benign tumours. We used to use herbal poultices to destroy tumours without surgery.

We normally don’t have to do that now, but herbals are part of the adjunctive prophylactic program. Bioelectricity will ultimately lead us to the realization that by combining bioelectricity with the mind, we are going to be in the next phase of our human evolution. Surely, the answer to disease and healing, in terms of energy, is the intellectual control of molecular motion.

The organ which can do that is the brain. The methodology of doing it is the alteration of electromagnetic fields. Knowledge about this issue has been distorted and covered up since the time of Tesla. It has to do with pure energies and the manipulation of energy, but it is still very speculative.

Dr. Michael Culbert

Michael Culbert is an international journalist, columnist and public speaker. He is chairman of the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine, Inc. in Chula Vista, California, which advocates the use of alternative treatments for cancer and degenerative diseases. He is vice-president for the international promotion of American Biologics, a clinic for degenerative diseases in Tijuana, Mexico, and chief technical writer for the Bradford Research Institute and the Bradford Foundation.

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