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Scalar Wave Technology: The Metamatrix Healing Chamber

The Healing Chamber

Sandra Michael developed the MetaMatrix technology. She is a world renowned Hawaiian Kahuna who has worked in Hawaii for 20 years. She does energy healing. She touches you very lightly but it has a dramatic effect. She hits the areas which have negative blockages, and the blockages are released while she is doing her work.

She wanted to emulate the type of energy increase and energy release that she produced in her healing sessions without having to be physically present. Over the past 10 years, she has been doing research with a computer programmer with a system of computers, and this resulted in the MetaMatrix healing chamber which has four computers running programs that create scalar waves.

Scalar Wave Technology

The MetaMatrix healing chamber is based on scalar wave technology. Electromagnetic waves are linear – the more energy you put in, the more waves you produce, and the more impact it will make in a biological model. A scalar wave is non-linear, not electromagnetic, and exists in five-dimensional space/time, a dimension where there is no time or space.

That means they do not decay with time or distance from their source. The scalar waves are associated with electro-magnetism but since they are non-linear, they cannot be measured with a linear device. They must be measure indirectly.

Scalar waves were documented by Nicola Tesla many years ago (later research demonstrated that scalar waves from Teslar watches increase the production of lymphocytes). Albert Einstein discovered the practical application of the scalar wave. Einstein proposed the theory and proved mathematically that time and space are relative.

They are absolute only in this dimension we are living in, paying taxes, working from nine to five, all that is limited reality. But he also knew that there is another reality which has no time and no space and that it is real. We know that the clocks in rocket ships run at a different rate than those on planet earth because the speed changes time.

Einstein said that if we travelled at the speed of light for 30 years, when we returned we would be the same age as when we left. This has been proven mathematically, although we still have no technology that can actually stop time and space. If we have a technology that can produce a timeless reality, we can reverse disease and prevent aging.

The computer programs run the formulas that Einstein developed, but remember the chamber is not 100% scalar. We are still not at the optimum level by any means, because otherwise everybody would be totally healed when they go into the chamber and this is not the case yet.

Scalar waves have a potential for increasing energy and reversing aging. They increase the connection between that universal energy (or God) which is limitless, without time and space, and your awareness of it, to use it in order to manifest whatever you want to manifest, whether it’s health, wealth, happiness or whatever.

Neutralization Of Harmful Electromagnetic Fields Around Us

I checked with an electrician because I wanted to make sure this chamber was safe. Four computers pointing to the center where someone is sitting could bombard one with radiation which we know is present in computers, emissions like 200 to 500 Hertz, or any higher frequency than 60 Hertz. We know that it is harmful to your health.

He measured the wires, but could not find any electricity along the wires, which is very unusual. So he measured the wires outside the treatment room and again found zero in all the wires. He found the usual 60 Hertz only in front of the TV and in front of the computers running the programs; otherwise he couldn’t find it anywhere in the office.

The next week I measured the office wires again. I measured zero, then 20, then 10 minutes later it would be 15. Right now it is fluctuating between 0 and 30 Hertz. It was a very unstable field but it was less than normal. Somehow the program was neutralizing what we know as detrimental electromagnetic waves around these electrical fields.


Your intent is very important in anything that you do. We ask everyone to make an intent when they are in the chamber. We see that the answers to prayers are manifesting very rapidly and very consciously. Many of us pray or ask God for assistance or ask the Energy of the Universe to send you something, but not many are listening to that energy talking back to us.

The most limiting factor in the healing process has been the lack of listening and getting the message of exactly what we need to do at all times. The universe is always telling us exactly what we need to do, but we are not always listening because we are so distracted by all the stuff around us. In the instructions all I say is Close your eyes, go as deep as you can and listen.

Psychological And Spiritual Results Of The Treatment

This is only a preliminary report. I saw 105 patients in my clinic. We put each of them into the chamber for a half-hour. We didn’t include supplements or dietary advice in the study. They didn’t do the ozone chamber or chelation or anything else. My patients reported that they had stress reduction, easier meditation, increased learning capacity, better sleep and increased intelligence.

A third of the people had visions. Some people reported a complete healing of chronic conditions after being in the chamber only half an hour. About 85 to 90% of people experience a deep sense of love, relaxation and out-of-body experiences, expanded awareness experiences, tingling sensations, increased libido, removal of negative blocks, clarity of thought and improvement of energy.

My patients were coming out of the chamber feeling very happy. Some were crying because they were so happy. Fifteen percent of patients cancelled follow-up treatments because they said they didn’t need any more; they were healed.

Improved Health Conditions

A number of conditions have responded very quickly to the healing chamber:

Diabetes: Every diabetic will have a drop in their blood sugar immediately, so they have to be tested and start tapering down their insulin or oral medicine immediately after one session in the chamber.

Vision: I noticed that the healing chamber would improve vision and it started improving my vision so much that my contact lens prescription has gone down. A doctor friend of mine had bilateral retinal detachments and he went blind. He had cataracts in both eyes and he had the regular look of someone who is blind, one eye one way, and the other one in the opposite direction – white.

When I shined a light in the eye, there was no papillary reflex, which meant that no light was reaching the optic nerve. No connection between the eye and the brain, really a bad case and permanent. He went into the chamber and immediately after two hours, he could see light and then after a few more sessions he could see shapes. Then I started giving him an eye-drop preparation with herbs and aromatherapy, and he started recovering. Three months later he saw my face for the first time, and to make a long story short, he’s driving a car right now.

Kidney Stones: People who went in with kidney stones passed the stones painlessly right after being in the chamber. So it helps pass the stones.

Chronic Permanent Injuries: People with chronic permanent injuries, nerve damage, muscle damage, bone damage, cartilage damage in different parts of the body due to accidents, were able to start moving normally. And that is very unusual because I haven’t seen this improvement with any alternative medicine or conventional medicine procedures.

Three of my patients expelled stitches from old scars from surgeries 20 to 40 years ago. This is very unusual. But the chamber creates a beneficial electromagnetic frequency and that gives the cells more electricity and more energy to expel anything they want to get rid of.

Chronic Disorders: I noticed that people who had chronic disorders like osteoporosis benefited more than acute problems like colds or flu.

Pain Control: The more chronic the pain, the better the chance of improvement. All my patients who were in pain experienced control of their pain right after the treatment. Pain control has a 100% result so far. It is useful for pain control of all kinds including pain that requires narcotic medication.

Parkinson’s And Tremors: One of my patients with Parkinson’s went into the chamber and has stopped shaking. This heals very quickly.

Strokes: I’ve seen people with strokes being healed in one session.

Anxiety And Depression: We have 100% results for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. I think depression is due to anxiety, it’s all related.

Sinus Problems, Fibromyalgia, Fatigue have improved.

Arthritis: We’re finding out that many of these conditions are caused by infections: arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, stomach ulcers – who would have thought that that was caused by bacteria. Because of imbalance in the body, we are allowing bacteria and viruses to overgrow in the body, resulting in chronic disease. So arthritis is very easy to heal.

One of the quickest ways to decrease arthritic pain is with enzymes. Enzymes decrease the pain, and then you start working with the infection with ozone or other things like that. My patients have told me that their arthritis has been relieved very quickly in the chamber.

Cancer: I have put some cancer patients in the chamber but I have not seen any healing of cancer in the chamber yet. However, half of the patients experienced a temporary complete absence of pain for a few days. Perhaps this means that a cancer patient needs to be in the chamber 24 hours a day, or eight hours a day, not just two hours. I always wanted to try that, but because of logistics problems was not able to. But I would recommend that someone with cancer stay in 24 hours a day for seven days and see what happens.

Relaxation And Healing And The Power Of Love

There is one common denominator that I have found. The level of tranquillity and peace and love that you feel during the session is the main factor that correlates with these healings. If you can go into a state of deep relaxation for a long enough period, there is nothing that the body cannot heal.

One hundred percent of the people who allowed themselves to reach the point of ultimate deep relaxation from which all healing can occur were seeing visions of many things, or light, or they were hearing things. They were not fidgeting, not looking at the clock, they were not getting up or down or opening the eyes or wondering how long this will take. They were just going with it. I personally have heard rainforests every time I go into the chamber environment. I was just listening to another dimension that I am still in the process of understanding.

Optimal Length Of Time In The Chamber

If you have not experienced this yet, I would encourage you to experience the chamber for two hours and also alone, preferably, because if you are with someone and you’re going deep and they fidget, then they wake you up and you have to get started again. It’s a very intimate experience and whatever happens is between you and your maker, God or the Universe, or whatever you want to call it.

I noticed that two hours gave the best effects, 100% effect; the effect will vary, but it will be something major. So far 100% of people have had a major life changing experience when they are in the environment for two hours, not a half-hour or an hour. Why is this? During the first half-hour, there is a struggle between the mind and the spirit to listen. Sometimes we dont want to listen. We want to be in charge. (“No I have to be out of here in one hour, I have to pick up the kids, I have to pay this bill, I have to call Mary because she asked me.) All that chattering inside the mind is keeping you from just listening.

The secret of this universe is just sitting down to listen. When we take the time to listen, the energy will come and it is almost like the energy of the universe or God. All that love coming forward can be very uncomfortable. When pure love comes it shakes whatever is inside of us that is not love because it is not compatible. But love is what we are asking for, so it’s a paradox and it is like a game until we learn to walk into it.

After an hour almost invariably the struggle is over. The next hour is pure healing and pure communication with other dimensions and other expanded levels of awareness. We only use about five to ten percent of our brains. We have seen that the chamber increases the brain capacity. We have done brain scans before and after someone goes into the chamber. Initially there are areas of the brain that are totally shut-off. There is no electricity going through and we can measure this. After being in the chamber those areas start lighting up.

Frequency Of The Treatment

It could be once a week, three times a week, every day, twice a day, once a month. It depends on the patient.

Kirlian Photography And Electroencephalograms (EEG)

Both Kirlian photography and EEGs demonstrate that the chamber increases the energetic blueprint of anything that is put in, whether a human being or a dietary supplement. It seems to be permanent, because when we measure it three months, six months or nine months later, the energy is still there. It’s amazing. If you are taking the supplements, you’re taking scalar wave reality in you. Kirlian photography measures the aura; it measures energy.

We can measure energy waves anywhere from heat waves to electromagnetic waves. We can measure the electrons that are emitted from every living being and every inanimate object, and those electrons can form a pathway that looks like a spark. The more energy we have, the healthier we are. The less energy we have, the more lifeless we are. An inanimate object will have less energy of course than a living organism.

Kirlian photography showed that this healing technology permanently increased the energy of the supplements and people that went into the chamber. In other words six months later, the energy was still at an increased level. The chamber makes the cells more energized. Kirlian photographic studies before and after treatment in the chamber show significant changes around the electromagnetic aura.

EEGs demonstrated that the chamber increased the brainwaves related to meditation, relaxation, peace and love; and it also increased the number of locations in the brain where those waves are being produced. I have actual brain wave measurements of patients before and after they go into the chamber which are very impressive. Electroencephalograms show that after the patient has been in the chamber a half-hour, there is more symmetry between the energy emissions on the right and left sides of the brain.


I measured the blood composition of my patients by red cell analysis before and after they went into the chamber. I found that every single person showed an increase in the toxins in the blood immediately after treatment, but the blood was more fluid. So somehow the healing chamber was stimulating the tissues to dump the toxins into the blood and the blood became more fluid in order to get the toxins out of the body.

The toxins disappeared after a few days. So the chamber was cleaning the system, because of course disease cannot flourish in a scalar wave environment which has no time and no space. The blood of people who got a headache right after they were in the chamber was full of toxicity: parasites, fungi and viruses which were not there before they went into the chamber.

Detoxification is something we want because it gets rid of the toxins that are in the body. In my case, it was a sore throat, headache and a stomach pain. I see similar detoxification symptoms in everyone: sore throat, headaches and abdominal distension in about 3/4 of my patients. I recommend moving the bowels and plenty of water after the treatment.

For people who have toxic blood and headache I would recommend a glass of water and optimally move their bowels two or three times a day before they go in the chamber. Afterwards, just continue drinking water and moving their bowels and detoxifying. You can use a salt bath or eat less red meat, no coffee, more organic fruits and vegetables, etc.

The theory is that the chamber creates a higher state of molecular activity in the body, which changes the electrical charge of the cells so that they are repelling toxins that otherwise stay in the tissues. Detoxification invariably led to an increased rejuvenation. My patients were sleeping better, had better skin and felt more energized. They felt like life was wonderful and not only that, they began to make changes in their lives. They had better relations with the people around them and better health.

Of all the technologies that I have recently researched, this is one of the most powerful detoxifiers that I have encountered.

Victor’s Vision

When I went into the chamber I felt a very very deep relaxation. I felt energy and warmth. I went in about an hour a day, and my sleep decreased from eight hours a day to six hours, to four hours to three hours, and I began to wonder what was going on here. But I was becoming more clear and more joyful, and this has lasted to the present time. Since using the healing chamber, I have had better memory, better sleep, less need for sleep, more energy, more focus than before. My body is becoming stronger. My pockets are full of money all the time.

Back in February I went to Maui. Two weeks in a tent with just a beautiful view doing nothing. I was not a visionary at the time, though I will get visions every once in a while. I would see some things here while I was in the chamber. It wasn’t a regular thing. The last night I was in Maui, something very interesting happened.

I had an explosion of light in my head. I felt like I was traveling across the galaxy faster than I could even describe. All of a sudden I feel like I am part of everybody and everything is part of me, I am connected with all of you with everything that existed. I can pinpoint everyone and everything that I have ever encountered in my life. Two minutes later I forgot that I had ever lived in physical form. I didn’t leave my body.

I felt like I was more in my body than I have ever been but I did not feel physicality. To me the physical world had disappeared at that moment. I felt like we had all agreed to really see what is happening and at that moment all of a sudden, we were not physical any more. We had transcended that state. I felt like we were one with God. Everything was part of God, even though I saw that we were not there yet (yet we are).

We were trying to control all this energy with the mind, and I saw that we were destroying the planet. If we wanted we could destroy everything, and the mind was making everything go into oblivion, total destruction, total obliteration, not just the planet, but of everything, the whole universe. The mind is a limiting way of looking at things. This was seven minutes into this vision. So I just became very still and stopped trying to do something about things, and the oblivion just reversed. Our mission is to protect nature. If we dont take care of nature, we’re not going to make it.

Music In The Chamber

There’s a lot of music being infused into that chamber if we listen. If we listen, first we hear that fans of the computers, then we hear the circuits going on and off and then you start hearing behind those two sounds. You start hearing these waves going around the room. And then you keep going behind that.

The quieter and deeper we go and the more we become still and the more we listen, we start getting layers upon layers of more subtle, more powerful sound. That’s one of the reasons I don’t put on any music because I want people to listen to everything that is coming in for them.

Information For Therapists  –  Cost Of The Chamber

The cost of the chamber is $14,000 US for the whole program including maintenance. They have to come and align the programs every few months. They cannot just leave it as is. They upgrade it and provide new programs. It includes four computers, four pedestals, all the required electrical wiring. The cost includes complete set-up and maintenance.

What I recommend most to my patients is meditation and relaxation. Dr. Vega’s CD, Feeling Meditation, contains music which is very relaxing and directed meditation. Please inquire at Consumer Health for the CD.

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega

Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., at the Bradgate Arms, Toronto Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, recognized as being in the top one percent of medical doctors in the U.S., trained at Johns Hopkins University, and was formerly staff radiation oncologist at both the University of Miami and Washington University Schools of Medicine. Dr. Marcial-Vega has done research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). He has testified before US Congress and presented this technology to numerous medical and professional organizations nationally and internationally including the Radiation Oncology Committee meeting, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and neurological, nutritional and integrative medicine conferences. He has spearheaded clinical studies and research into the MetaMatrix technology.

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