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Ten Cancer Cures That Worked: Where Are They Now?

Politics in Healing

My book is about political intrusion into medicine. It contains ten stories about wonderful therapies, most of them for cancer, and most of them breakthroughs of Nobel Prize quality. Most of them are no longer available to us, not because they didn’t work, but for political reasons, because of interference by government and prestigious private institutions.

They have deliberately misrepresented, ignored and suppressed these non-toxic advances in medicine. In many stories the patterns are the same. The American Medical Association (AMA) tried to obtain the rights for the treatment. When their offer was refused, they denounced it as quackery and suppressed the therapies.

The FDA was created in 1906 by Congress to make sure that foods are pure and drugs are safe, but it has drifted way off course, frequently being more interested in approving harmful drugs than harmless ones, especially those capable of competing with prescription drugs.

If you’re Not Getting Anywhere, Stop Digging the Hole you’re in

The fourth leading cause of death is from the effects of FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs used as directed. That doesn’t even include the mistakes, which make it even worse. Research compiled over a 30-year period was recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Results of the study of hospitalized patients showed that an average of 106,000 people per year were dying from the effects of drugs used as directed. Subsequently, the Harvard School of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control claimed that the number of deaths published in the study was too low, and 175,000 per year was more accurate. Meanwhile, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is supposed to look for a cure for cancer, increases its budget every year. Confucius said, if you find you’re in a hole, the very first thing to do is to stop digging.

Effective and non-toxic products (many for cancer) have been shoved aside during most of the 20th century in favour of “approved” therapies, usually extremely toxic, which did not win their approval in the open competition of a free market. Instead their approval was dictated by “Official Medicine” which consists of the FDA, AMA, National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Cancer Institute, as well as American Cancer Society, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, Mayo Clinic and others.

The NCI has investigated and knows about every cancer treatment I describe in my book. They have all the files. At the moment in the US you cannot make health claims unless you pay about $800 million or so to go through the FDA approval process.

A Free Market

Cancer would not be the great problem it is now, because it could be treated early with a number of non-toxic therapies. People might finally get the point that chemotherapy is poison and only works about 2% of the time according to peer reviewed studies in prestigious journals. We want a healthcare system based on the good old basic principles of “do no harm”. If a therapy does no harm, leave it alone. Let it into the market and see what it can do. Prices would absolutely collapse because competition drives down prices.

Control of the Market by the Medical Associations

We need very tough legislation in both Canada and the U.S. There are two principal impediments to non-toxic health breakthroughs: 1. The FDA simply prevents effective new alternative treatments from coming on the market, or tries to drive them off the market. 2. The American Medical Association controls doctor’s licenses so that if they do not abide by the pharmaceutical protocol (if they start using 714-X for instance) they may lose their license.

This goes on in Canada too. In the U.S. the American Medical Association controls State Medical Societies, which in turn control State Medical Boards, which have the authority under the law to grant a physician’s license or take it away. When FDA employees retire after they’ve got their pension, two-thirds to three-quarters of them take plush jobs with the pharmaceutical companies.

They may have a pension of $75,000 as well as another $100,000 from a drug company job. This is something they can all take for granted in the FDA culture if they don’t rock the boat. Needless to say, their objectivity during their career with the FDA is somewhat biased. In the case of the American Medical Association (AMA) it’s a little bit different. The AMA puts out a number of journals including the JAMA. But the major source of income for the AMA is advertisements paid for by pharmaceutical companies in their journals.

Dr. Abram Hoffer pointed out that 70% of the pages of the Journal are drug ads. You’ll never find any ad for amino acids or vitamins or mineral supplements. Naturally, their objectivity is somewhat warped and if doctors begin using non-pharmaceutical drug therapies, they end up in trouble. Drug companies own the medical schools, the medical profession and the FDA.

Ten Suppressed Cancer Treatments

1. Hoxsey Herbs – Harry Hoxsey

The Hoxsey treatment is a non-toxic enormously effective herbal tonic and salve. It has been 80% effective for over 80 years. The Hoxsey treatment was discovered by “horse sense”. In 1840, John Hoxsey had a horse that developed cancer in its hind leg. He noticed that the horse always browsed in a certain area of the pasture.

After about two weeks the running sore from the cancer had congealed and hardened, and after another two weeks it became very hard and finally fell off. That was the end of the cancer. Hoxsey went out and gathered up the herbs that the horse instinctively had been browsing. He studied the herbs during the winter and created a tonic and salves that you can apply topically to sores.

They are still in use today. The salves help tumours on the skin to just dry up and fall off. The treatment was passed down through generations to Harry Hoxsey who wrote a book called You Don’t Have to Die in 1956. Harry Hoxsey had a clinic in downtown Dallas for about 30 years, where he was assisted by his head nurse Mildred Nelson. Hoxsey wasn’t a doctor, but he knew how to mix the formulas for the doctors on his staff.

He was hauled off to jail at least five times for practicing medicine without a license. Finally in 1960, he closed down the clinic in Texas and moved it to Mexico. They called the new clinic Centro Bio-Medico. The clinic is in a magnificent building on a hill overlooking the bay of San Diego and is one of the best and loveliest in Tijuana and it is still going strong. The Hoxsey treatment also works on brain tumours.

This treatment is still the best one I know of for external cancers or anything on the surface. The clinic in Tijuana Mexico is presently run by Mildred Nelson’s sister. In Canada, the Essiac treatment is very similar to the Hoxsey. The Hoxsey Clinic, Centro Biomedico, Tijuana, Mexico 011-52-66-84-9011

2. Glyoxylide – Dr. William F. Koch, Md (1885-1967)

Dr. William Frederick Koch received his PhD in biochemistry in 1916 from the University of Michigan where he was instructor of histology and embryology. Koch hypothesized that cancer and other diseases result from a breakdown in the body’s oxidation system and that where there is healthy oxidation there is no disease.

Observing that the heart and brain tissues are extremely resistant to starvation, he deduced that they must be rich in certain substances that produce energy. He discovered these substances to be carbonyl compounds fundamental to the body’s oxidation process. He set about to create a synthetic carbonyl catalyst which he called Glyoxylide.

Glyoxylide is an oxidation catalyst; it could supply missing carbonyls and restart the impaired oxidation process, which would then destroy toxins in the body. Koch taught that disease occurs when a toxin weakens the carbonyls, diminishing oxidation efficiency. An astounding aspect of the Koch therapy was its ability to cause regrowth to normalcy of tissues and organs badly damaged by cancer.

From the 1920s to the 1950s, Dr. Koch was curing cancer with one shot of Glyoxylide, a substance he discovered. Dr. Koch is now virtually forgotten and the cancer epidemic rages on. He was persecuted relentlessly by the FDA in two trials in the 1940s and repeatedly denounced as a quack by the editor of the JAMA after he refused to sell his discovery to the AMA. Yet there are still people alive today whose lives were saved by one shot of the Koch remedy. He wrote a book called Natural Immunity.

3. Rife Microscope and Frequency Machine – Royal Rife (1889-1971)

Royal Rife created a microscope that could reveal live virus-size microbes. He could clearly see bacteria changing forms (pleomorphism). Even the best electron microscopes today cannot see viruses in their live state. His microscope had a maximum magnification of 17,000 times.

Many articles were written about his microscope (Popular Science, July, 1931; Science, December 1 1931 and Science News Letter, Dec 12, 1931; Proceedings of the Staff Minutes of the Mayo Clinic, July 23, 1932; and Science August 26, 1932 entitled “Observations with the Rife Microscope of Filter-Passing Forms of Micro-Organisms”). These articles brought Rife to the attention of some of the most prominent researchers of the time including Dr. Arthur Kendall and Dr. Milbank Johnson.

After almost a decade of research in the 1920s, Rife discovered the virus that could cause cancer. Under his microscope, he was able to observe the cancer microbe changing from a bacteria to a virus-size microbe. He discovered that the virus can readily change into different forms of its life cycle by the media upon which it is grown (in other words unhealthy changes in the blood can change it into a virulent form). Therefore a simple blood test would indicate the presence of an organism capable of causing cancer if the blood’s environment changes.

The contemporary Gaston Naessens of Quebec has discovered another version of this test (see story #7). Rife then created a frequency-emitting ray tube capable of killing the microbe that caused human cancer. He found the mortal oscillatory rates for many organisms so that the Beam Ray can be tuned to a germ’s recorded frequency and kill that organism. This frequency instrument was actually successfully curing cancer in the 30s and 40s.

At the request of Dr. Milbank Johnson, Rife set up a cancer clinic in the summer of 1934, and their research produced 16 cures out of 16 terminal cancer cases of various types. Then the San Diego Medical Society informed all doctors using the Rife machine that if they continued to use it they would lose their medical licenses. For a while everybody backed off, but Rife began to manufacture them again in the 50s.

Dr. Hector Romero was responsible for resurrecting the lost Rife technology which is alive and well in Hermosillo in the state of Sonora, Mexico. There is also a machine in Toronto, the Quantum (QXI). Rife invented another machine that stimulates the flow of the lymph system and the venous circulation. The Rife technology is not permitted to be used openly in the United States. It’s around but you can’t really advertise it.

Dr. Romero told me that the blue Rife light has so far reversed five brain tumours and he described many miraculous cures. All this was accomplished by technologies we are not allowed to use. Hopefully, at some point that will change and we will be able to use them. The science of today still hasn’t caught up with Royal Rife. Something wonderful for humanity has been lost.

The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes; The Royal Rife Report by Borderland Sciences; The Rife Way by Mark Simpson. What Became of the Rife Microscope? by Christopher Bird (East-West Magazine) For information on the Rife microscope, see “The New Microscopes” by Dr. RE Seidel and Elizabeth Winter, Journal of the Franklin Institute and Smithsonian Annual Report. 1944.

4. Krebiozen – Dr. Andrew Ivy, MD

I think that Krebiozen (Greek, that which regulates growth) is the most shocking story of all. Dr. Stefan Durovic from Yugoslavia developed a very brilliant cancer cure. Dr. Durovic obtained Krebiozen by inoculating horses with a fungus and developing a process to extract a protective substance, which he regarded as growth regulating type of hormone.

Dr. Durovic’s theory was that the uncontrolled cell growth of cancer was caused by a deficiency in growth-regulating hormones. Krebiozen in effect would restore balance between growth producing and growth restraining activities in the patient’s cells, thus returning the cancerous cells to normal. In 1947, Dr. Durovic read an article published by Dr. Andrew Ivy in Science, proposing that there must be a substance in the human body which normally protects it against cancer and routinely destroys cancer cells (one such substance had already been discovered by Dr. Koch – carbonyls).

At the time, Dr. Ivy was vice-president of the University of Illinois and one of the most famous scientists in the world. Dr. Durovic came to the US and asked Dr. Ivy to test Krebiozen. Dr. Ivy agreed, tested it for toxicity, then gave it to a number of hopelessly terminal cancer patients. In most cases the cancer disappeared.

Dr. Ivy continued to do research on Krebiozen and had success in 70% of the cases. In April 1951, Dr. Durovic received offers from two large pharmaceutical companies, Abbott and Lilly, for the right to market Krebiozen. However, Dr. Durovic wanted more research done and refused both offers. He was later threatened that the AMA would make sure that Krebiozen was completely destroyed if Durovic did not allow distribution rights to two individuals they were connected with.

At that time Dr. Ivy was a world-renowned scientist. Despite cautions from the AMA, Dr. Ivy refused to disassociate himself from Krebiozen and was soon expelled from the Chicago Medical Society, and forced to resign from the vice-presidency of the University of Illinois.

In 1954, Legislative Committee Hearings supported Dr. Ivy’s research and thoroughly discredited the AMA’s Status Report on Krebiozen but the Report was never withdrawn and remains the AMA’s official position. Unfortunately, Krebiozen was eventually stamped out by the FDA, but prior to that it cured many people of cancer. In 1963, Krebiozen patients demonstrated in front of the White House, demanding their continuing access to Krebiozen. In 1964, the FDA indicted Dr. Durovic and Dr. Ivy, one of the most respected scientists in America, who had organized ongoing research on the drug.

Once again a remarkable medicine has been lost and forgotten. Unlike some of the others treatments that can be found underground, I could not find Krebiozen anywhere. Hopefully it can be reproduced some day. Chicago medical journalist Herbert Bailey wrote K-Krebiozen – Key to Cancer? (1953) and A Matter of Life and Death – The Incredible Story of Krebiozen (1958). Congressional Record of December 6, 1963 on Krebiozen. Observations on Krebiozen in the Management of Cancer by Andrew Ivy, MD.

5. DMSO – Dr. Stanley Jacob

The drug, DMSO, or dimethylsulfoxide, is cheap and abundant. It can be extracted from coal, oil, or most commonly lignin, the material nature uses to cement cells together in trees. It is a commercial solvent used in many industrial processes, therefore it cannot be stamped out. It can be easily bought in many hardware stores, but commercial grade DMSO contains impurities.

It can be easily administered by dabbing it on the skin. It is a safe and effective non-toxic drug. DMSO has been represented as a wonder or miracle drug by reputable physicians. It has the widest range of therapeutic applications of any single chemical. DMSO promotes better blood flow by dilating blood vessels, increasing flow of blood to the brain and spinal cord.

DMSO protects nerve cells following an injury. DMSO is a scavenger of highly toxic hydroxy radicals; therefore it reduces inflammation. If given soon after a stroke, will dissolve the clot that causes the stroke, thus restoring circulation and avoiding paralysis. It must be given within the first few hours and intravenously if possible.

Dr. Jacobs has given DSMO to paraplegics and little by little they regained use of limbs. DMSO has been shown to be anti-viral, causing an increase in the production of interferon. DMSO is a potent detoxifier. It rapidly penetrates the cells and cleans them of toxins. It is useful for treating headaches, cold sores, sinusitis, frostbite, radiation exposure, schizophrenia, lupus, arthritis, sprains, and veterinarian use. It can even be used in agriculture.

The FDA decided that DMSO was a dangerous drug and notified all the drug companies involved in DMSO research (Squibb, Syntex, Merck) to halt all clinical trials. Then they issued press releases that DMSO caused cataracts even though DMSO had never caused cataracts in any study, animal or human. On the contrary, research has shown that DMSO improves vision and is an effective treatment for retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.

The FDA used the bogus issue of eye damage for several decades to hold back DMSO. DMSO is seven times safer than aspirin yet has been persecuted for decades by the FDA. Pharma 21, 1363 Shinly, Suite 100, Escondido, Ca 92026 The Persecuted Drug – The Story of DMSO by Pat McGrady Sr.; DMSO, Nature’s Healer by Dr. Morton Walker contains the formula for a DMSO/hematoxylon combination used to treat cancer.

6. Colostrum

Herb Saunders developed a special media in which he was able to see live spirochetes in the blood, and determine what substance could kill them. This enabled him to conclude which antibiotic would work on a particular spirochete. Doctors working this way could be much more effective in treating their patients. Former Congressman Berkley Bedell of Iowa was cured of Lyme disease by the colostrum “targeted” against the spirochete that causes Lyme disease.

This was achieved by injecting a killed Lyme spirochete into the udder of a cow three weeks before her calf was born. The cow’s colostrum then contained antibodies against the Lyme spirochete. There is no known limit to what can be produced by the targeted colostrum method.

It presumably could provide a cure for TB even protection against anthrax or other bacteria. It has been used successfully against cancer in animals. Targeted colostrums have been successfully tested by independent researchers against pseudomonas, salmonella and cryptospiridium and have been shown to be helpful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

When a colostrum drink was shown to be effective against arthritis, the FDA squelched it. The NCI and the NIH showed no interest in testing it, discouraged the private sector from developing it, and put Herb Saunders, the farmer who developed it, on trial for practicing medicine without a license. So, his reward was that the Attorney General of Illinois sent a swat team in and closed him right down, seizing all his equipment.

I still can’t quite understand that because, frankly, he was making antibiotics more effective. This type of research might enable us to deal effectively with serious diseases like MS, Lou Gehrigs etc.

7. 714-X – Gaston Naessens

One of your great Canadian scientists, Gaston Naessens in Quebec, developed a therapy called 714-X which strengthens the immune system and increases the flow of lymph. Gaston Naessens has also created the best microscope since the time of Royal Rife. (described in Haley’s book p.247).

Naessens’ microscope has a magnification of 30,000 times, a resolution in the range of 150 angstroms and can reveal live particles in the blood, which he calls somatids (Greek for essential bodies). Naessens teaches that healthy blood contains three basic forms of somatids, which produce a particle responsible for cell division, a kind of growth hormone.

Without this particle, cell division does not occur. (this same growth hormone was called a “trephone” by Nobel Laureate Alexis Carrel). In a healthy person, inhibitors regulate the trephones – a strong ‘gate control’ keeps the somatid cycle from expanding beyond the normal three. Under conditions of stress, trauma or toxicity, the inhibitors diminish and excess growth hormones appear.

The normal somatid cycle of three begins to expand evolving from one stage to the next, changing forms (pleomorphism) to as many as 16. These new forms give a warning signal years before the appearance of cancer in the body. It is likely a person with the somatid macrocycle (of 16 forms) will develop a degenerative disease such as cancer within two years unless preventive steps are taken.

Gaston’s live blood test can predict the emergence of cancer five years before it manifests in the body. People go there regularly to have their blood tested. Other people in Canada also know this technology. The electron microscope does not see the live somatid cycle because it does not see live material and the somatids are assumed to be fibrin formations or artifacts.

Cancer cells draw nitrogen from normal cells and produce a carcinogenic factor that virtually paralyzes the immune system. At that point the somatid cycle goes into 16 stages and the growth hormones it produces stimulate cell division and proliferation of cancer cells. 714-X supplies a combined molecule of nitrogen and camphor to the cells, both of which has a greater affinity for cancer cells than normal cells, which arrests the carcinogenic factor.

714-X is given in small doses so as not to dump toxins out of the lymph too rapidly and overwhelm the liver and organs of elimination. 714-X is completely non-toxic and causes no negative side effects. It does not directly attack cancerous growths. All it does is reestablish the body’s natural immune system so that it can go back to its normal function of killing cancer cells.

The lymph is the body’s drainage and sewage system. In sick people, the lymph tends to clog up like jelly and its ability to drain off toxins ceases. But within the first hour of one injection of 714-X, the lymph is liquefied and flows better and the toxins can be eliminated. This is one of the reasons why the Naessens therapy is so successful.

Dr. William Robb, acting head of the NIH with other Washington officials visited Naessens, saw the microscope and saw the somatids and their cycles and learned about 714X. The NIH, however, did not investigate further. In 1974, scientists from Sloan Kettering visited Naessens and wrote, “this is a microscope that reveals with spectacular clarity the motion and multiplicity of pleomorphic organisms in the blood which are intimately associated with disease states. The implications are staggering.

It is imperative that its inventor be totally reviewed and given facilities to continue his research. I am convinced that is an authentic genius” Their recommendations were immediately rejected because Naessens’ name was on the American Cancer Society’s blacklist. In 1989, the Quebec Medical Association seized his files, and Naessens was arrested for “being an accessory to murder”. During Naessens’ ensuing trial, Dr. Michel Fabre from France testified that Naessens’ discovery of the somatid cycle was more important than any discoveries made by Pasteur in the past century.

Naessens was acquitted. After his trial, 714-X was accepted under Canada’s Emergency Drug Release Act, which permits unapproved drugs to be acquired by patients with life-threatening illnesses. Doctors began using 714-X. Naessens achieved fame, growing acceptance and most important, legalization.

Although there was only one Somatoscope, Naessens designed a condenser, which can be fitted onto any light microscope rendering it powerful enough to see the somatids and their cycle, priced around $1,800. By 1998, 2000 Canadian doctors were giving 714-X and its use has spread to 45 countries. In 1995, Naessens created the International Academy of Somatidian Orthobiology to teach his science to health professionals.

Royal Rife’s story is a tragedy, with his work and technology forgotten, but we have a second chance with the work of Gaston Naessens. Will we take advantage of his genius while he is still alive? The Trial and Persecution of Gaston Naessens and Gaston Naessens, Galileo of the Microscope by Christopher Bird.

8. Electromedicine – Dr. Robert Becker, MD, Dr. Daniel Kirsch, PhD

From 1958 to 1980, Dr. Becker was chief of orthopedc research at the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in Syracuse, NY. During those years, he published 150 papers in medical journals and was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. In 1980, his funds were cut off because of Department of Defense (DoD) irritation with Becker’s warnings of the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic (EM) fields.

During his 12 years of research, Dr. Becker discovered: how the salamander regenerates its limbs with a negative electric potential which facilitates the formation of undifferentiated cells at the stump; an electrical system in all animals travelling along the perineural cells along the nerves, controlling growth and healing; techniques for electrical stimulation of bone healing including non-union fractures.

Effects of low frequency electromagnetic (EM) fields on human cells; method of dedifferentiating frogs’ red blood cells (turning them back to primitive or undifferentiated cells) using electric currents, something known to be impossible; silver electrode technique to dedifferentiate human fibroblast cells, something known to be impossible; technique to dedifferentiate human cancer cells and revert them to normal cells, something known to be impossible.

Aspects of the electrical nature of the acupuncture system; the quantity of voltage which causes electrolysis in the body; how to cure osteomyelitis (infected bone) with silver and electric currents; non-toxic electromagnetic anesthesia; a clue to the cause and cure of osteoporosis. All these discoveries were published in medical journals and many were Nobel Prize material.

With sufficient funds, Becker believes he could achieve spinal chord regeneration. Dr. Becker published his research on producing stem cells in the late 1970s, but nobody paid any attention. When his lab was forced to close in 1980, it was the only one in the world doing research in regeneration. Had Dr. Becker’s funding continued, he probably would have shown how to regenerate limbs, shown how to revert cancer cells to normal and would have revolutionized medicine.

Dr. Daniel Kirsch had a PhD in neurobiology and served as the director of the Center for Pain and Stress-related Disorders at Columbia Medical Center in New York. He created a remarkable device called the Alpha-Stim 2000, which was loosely classified as TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) but it was quite unique.

While TENS units suppress pain by overriding body electricity with stronger currents, Kirsch’s device used microcurrents similar to the body’s own electricity. The Alpha-Stim was able to measure the body’s normal current, determine to what extent it was altered at the site of a problem and supply the appropriate microcurrrent wave form to restore the normal flow of bioelectricity, thus healing the underlying cause of the problem.

Kirsch’s unit usually restored pain permanently, whereas an ordinary TENS unit will relieve pain only while the unit is connected. We could call electromedicine future science, except that it already

Robert Becker wrote Body Electric (1985), a description of his discoveries, and Cross Currents (1990), the promise of electromedicine and the perils of EM pollution.

9. Hydrazine Sulfate – Dr. Joseph Gold

One of the worst and most ghastly suppressions was hydrazine sulfate. Hydrazine sulfate is a very cheap and legal chemical. It was used as rocket fuel. It is not for sale as medicine. A doctor in Syracuse, Dr. Joseph Gold, presented a paper theorizing that if you could stop the liver from reprocessing lactic acid (which is produced by cancer) into glucose (which feeds the cancer) if you could stop that vicious cycle, you could starve the cancer.

The following year he went to a conference and heard that hydrazine sulfate stopped the liver from reprocessing lactic acid into glucose. So he went home to his lab in Syracuse and tested hydrazine sulfate on mice with cancer. Then Sloan Kettering became interested in testing it, so he set up research with them. His protocol was very simple it was something like 60 mg. of hydrazine sulfate a day.

Shortly after the test began at Sloan Kettering, he discovered that the researcher was not giving the correct dosage. Dr. Gold told them that if they announced that hydrazine sulfate didn’t work under the Gold protocol he would sue them. Instead, they announced that they had tested it but they weren’t using it, which had the same effect of discrediting it. But there were a lot of doctors using it with great advantage and finally the NCI came and did a study of 600 patients.

I have to point out that Gold had long since emphasized that you cannot use barbiturates, alcohol or tranquilizers when you take hydrazine sulfate. They are incompatible. He gave tranquilizers and hydrazine sulfate to rabbits and the rabbits all went into a coma. So the NCI did the study and all 600 patients died, every last one. Congress then investigated the NCI study and the NCI was furious.

The investigation showed that the researchers had given tranquilizers to 94% of the patients, claiming that the “incompatible barbiturates” were a non-issue and they killed them. That’s what is going on in America. Thousands of tests on hydrazine sulfate were done in Leningrad and about 400 in the United States, when Gold’s recommendations were followed, about 50% of terminal cancer patients got well. Hydrazine sulfate is a legal drug in Canada and the treatment of choice for several types of cancer in Russia and Eastern Europea.

Daniel Haley

Dan Haley served for six years in the Albany Legislature and became chair of the Legislature's Joint Commission on Energy in 1975. He launched a campaign against nuclear power and wrote and passed legislation that created the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. Dan is author of Politics in Healing: Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine, a book which presents documented facts that clearly illustrate the suppression of new unconventional medical treatments. The book is introduced by Dr. Julian Whitaker who tells us, "The book is extensively documented and well researched. There is a common pattern in the book. Authority figures first recognize and acknowledge the value of the discovery, then try to separate the innovator from his discovery, usually with profit in mind, and finally pursue a course to destroy the discoverer. Valuable therapies have been buried and the lives of innovative scientists have been shattered! As incredible as these stories are, they are true!" This book can be a sourcebook of information as well as a call to action.

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