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The Hippocrates Health Institute: Healing Disease Through Living Foods

Living Foods Contain Oxygen And Enzymes

Over the last 35 years, many thousands of people have recovered from catastrophic diseases at the Hippocrates Health Institute. Recoveries occur because of the life in the nutritional foods that we give people. It was quite a strange idea 40 years ago when it all began, to tell people not only should they not eat meat and dairy foods, but beyond that they should eat all or most food raw. Beyond that, we recommend eating green sprouts, germinated wheat, sunflower and buckwheat seeds which are grown on trays. What these foods provide is the very essence of what gives us life: oxygen and enzymes.

Unfortunately, we have all been lead down a rosy trail by commercial interests and even the health food industry has told us that we need vitamin, protein and mineral supplements. Yes, we do need these things, but they are minor in importance compared to oxygen and enzymes. Without oxygen and enzymes, vitamins, minerals and proteins cannot be digested into the human cell. Inside the enzyme is an electrical life force which is a catalyst of all life. The electrical charge opens up the red blood cells to allow the nutrients to enter.

If you know anything about the human body, the very first system you should concern yourselves with is the electrical system. It is really more important, as oriental doctors know, than your circulatory system and your structural system. That electrical system can only be fed and continue to flourish if you continually put in electrical charges. These electrical charges are enzymes. There is no magic in it. There are only enzymes. Some people may say “I live in a cold climate and I cannot eat raw foods”. The facts are that every single food that you ingest must be at body temperature, between 98 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit before the red blood cell will capture the nutrients from that food. This means that a hot food has to be cooled and a cold food has to be warmed, robbing the body of essential energy.

Accompanying the enzyme, right at its side like a married couple, is the oxygen molecule. There are only two ways that we take oxygen into our body naturally. The first way, obviously, is respiration, breathing. In fact, most of us do not breathe well enough. Even if we inhale deeply with every breath, we have only 50% of the oxygen today that was present on this planet 100 years ago. So even good breathers are being short changed.

The second way that you take oxygen into the body naturally is through food, and the only foods which contain oxygen are raw vegetarian foods, period. No other food has oxygen in it. Even if you take a good food like spinach or kale or a sprout and cook it, you cook out the oxygen first, and essentially all you have left is carbon monoxide and nitrogen, two very slow but sure subtle killers of the human cell. Therefore you must start to eat foods that have oxygen and enzymes in them. This may seem revolutionary to some of you, but it is the way our ancestors ate during most of man’s history on earth.

Now, I know this is difficult for a lot of you because we eat from emotions; we do not eat from instinct. Today, we have an overwhelming negativity that stretches from the smallest baby to the oldest member of our society because we feel that we are lost and we feel hopelessness. And I don’t know how this has happened. Because of our affluence we have forgotten our direction.

We have lost our instinct. And it’s about time that we recapture that. But instinct is at the bottom of everything. It is what we have lost. We are trying to regain it. We are making very poor attempts to regain our instinct however, because we keep doing what is easy, not what is right. And what is right sometimes appears to be difficult at the beginning, just like when you first learned to swim. Then maybe a week or month later you are enjoying it. All processes throughout life are the same. You are going to be faced with the challenge of something new when you want to change your diet.


We must also consider super foods and power foods today. Your immunological system depends upon the nutrients that you eat including enzymes and oxygen. When I began my work counselling people twenty years ago, there wasn’t the need at that point for people to have power foods constantly. Now I tell 100% of the people I see that they should eat lots of sprouts and a minimum of 75% raw food That’s if you are healthy. If you are not healthy you should eat more raw foods. The less healthy you are, the more raw foods you will need until the immunological system builds up. We have to understand that today we need other foods like algae.

The Hippocrates program for almost a decade now, has placed every single participant on algae. There are two forms of algae that we suggest: fresh water algae and salt water algae. Fresh water and salt water algae have trace minerals and trace elements that are not available from land based foods, including sprouts. Salt water algae have been part of the Hippocrates program for about 30 of our 36 year history. They are commonly kelp and dulce and arame and hijiki and nori. All of these salt water algae are the highest nutritional foods in the ocean. These are the only real seafoods – not the fish. The fresh water algae brand we have chosen to use is Chlorella.

Here in Canada there are two kinds which you can buy. Sun Chlorella from Japan was the pioneer in breaking the cell structure of the algae so the interior will be absorbable. The second is called China Chlorella, the exact same thing but less expensive. The other brand which you can get in Canada is called Celltech. Celltech makes Omega Chlorella which uniquely activates endorphins in the human brain and Alpha Chlorella which works on the body.


Don’t eat food today unless it is organically grown. There is no excuse, and if you say you can’t buy organic food because you live in the boonies, then you can grow your own sprouts and you will have total control over it. You don’t understand how devastating these pesticides are to your immunological system. When people come to us, we can see it in their blood tests. I can show it to you, and after one viewing you will stay away from pesticides, I promise you.

Protein And Calcium

There are many of you who are squirming a little because you have always been convinced that you can only get protein and calcium from animals. However, the protein is not complete in meat. There is only one way that you can get a complete protein out of an animal. That is if you slaughter the animal and immediately drink the blood. Then you get a complete protein. The average meat today, after the processing and the steroids they put in it and it sits for six months in a freezer before we cook the life out of it, the little protein that it has left is not a complete protein.

Secondly, the calcium from dairy food is not absorbable into the human cell and creates every disease from cancer and heart disease to arthritic conditions. Until you become vegetarian and eat mostly raw foods you don’t even have the potential to be completely well. This is not a theory. This is not a philosophy. This is our history. Our whole genetic make-up was built upon eating vegetarian and raw foods. When these things are not supplied to us, it is surprising that we can actually live under the bizarre conditions that we create today.


It is very important to have a regular vigorous exercise program. This includes resistant exercise and aerobic exercise. Resistant exercise develops muscle and can be everything from the obvious which could be lifting giant weights to the subliminal which could be stretching rubber bands. But guess what, if you do them right they will all work the same. Aerobic exercise develops circulation which builds red blood cells and also detoxifies the body. The body has by-products which must be eliminated and they can be eliminated correctly through perspiration.

Special Programs

At our clinic, we have a program once a year for patients who have HIV and AIDS. I have seen people recover from AIDS and from cancer, even brain cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer and pancreatic cancer. It takes instinct and it takes biochemistry. Biochemistry includes everything I have mentioned, not only diet, but movement of the body, building the structure of the body, the muscular system along with the bones, skin and tissue.

Dr. Brian Clement

Brian Clement is the director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is also a health consultant to international organizations in Sweden, Switzerland, Israel and the far east and is a founding director of the Coalition of Holistic Health. The Hippocrates Health Institute was founded 35 years ago by Dr. Anne Wigmore.

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