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What Is Living Love Anyway?

Living Love provides one with the opportunity to see life as a gift.

Living Love is a path of spiritual awakening and awareness that can help you to create a joyful experience of life no matter what life challenges you may experience. The key to Living Love is reprogramming old beliefs that lead us to behaviors that do not serve us.

Using the Twelve Pathways to Higher Consciousness written by Ken Keyes, Jr., author of the Handbook to Higher Consciousness, we learn a language of Love to replace the language of fear, which keeps us from loving ourselves and others.

Learn to Experience

  • Joy Experience the thrill of living moment-to-moment, not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.
  • Peace Learn to quiet the mind and know the peace of experiencing your own innocence.
  • Oneness Experience the power of oneness with yourself and others.
  • Prosperity Understand that heartfelt communication creates prosperity.
  • Power Learn to use the renowned Pathways To Higher Consciousness, as written by Ken Keyes, Jr., you’ll enable yourself to powerfully alter the course of your life and realize that happiness is your birthright.

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