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The Higher Self And The Light Body

You have what is referred to as a higher self. Everyone does, but nobody is telling you about it. It is a presence that is never separate from you in any situation and you are never disconnected from that source at any time. You think you might be, but you never are and you never have been. Current research being done at U.C.L.A. by Valerie Hunt proves that you have something called a light body, an energy which is more powerful and more knowing than your physical body. They were using an electromyograph to measure electromagnetic energy within muscle and they discovered quite by accident, prior to attaching probes to the body and the muscle, that they were picking up electrical energy outside the body. They discovered that the whole body has energy surrounding it and that this energy is more powerful than the body itself.

Your biological body is electromagnetic in nature. Brain wave activity in the average person measures from 0 to 100 cycles per second (cps). Your muscles generally measure 225 cps. Your heart would generally be 250 cps. The energy field or the aura outside the body shows a range of different frequencies depending on the person and what you are thinking about.

The average frequency of a person who is focused on material things and thinking about normal everyday things in their lives, measured 250 cps., which is the same frequency as the heart. Then they tested psychics and people who could do psychic or physical healing, and their rate jumped to 400 to 800 cps. Then they tested people who were connected to the higher self and found they functioned in the 800 to 900 cps. frequency range. They then measured mystics, people who function from that higher source for a good part of their time and create their own reality consciously by choosing their thoughts. They found that mystics measured above the top range of the equipment they used which was over 20,000 cps.

The manufacturer adapted equipment to measure higher frequencies and they found that the average mystic measured 200,000 cps. of vibrational electromagnetic energy in their electric body that surrounds the physical body. This is also known as the etheric body. Compare this to the average person who measures at 250 cps.

When your energy body, your real eternal body, functions in the range of 200,000 cps, you are beyond illness. Illness has to function in the lower vibrations to exist. This is how miracles can occur. There is no such thing as a miracle outside of you, even if you say you pray to God and a miracle happens to you. There is a verse in the Bible which says you have to believe when you pray. That is the key, and this is what occurs when you pray believing, or when you live from this higher connectedness. You automatically function in these higher vibrations which are the real you.

A neurosurgeon at Stanford University has been doing brain research for the past ten years and he has discovered that your thoughts are not in your head. I used to wonder: “Are they in the front? Are they in the back?” You can’t feel where they are. But they showed through their research that all thought is outside the brain. That is how you can tell when your spouse is going to say something just before he says it. That is how you can have this thing called intuition.

Illness And Healing

Thought can affect your health and your wellness. Whatever you think goes directly to its goal. There is a verse in A Course in Miracles which says that there is no such thing as an idle thought. How can any thought which has the power to cause health or illness, success or failure be an idle thought? Every thought you have remains with you forever, and I don’t mean just for this life, I mean forever.

Energy, as you know, changes, but it only changes when you change it. When you have a belief about something, you hold that belief until you change your mind. Illness is not so much something you have as it is something you create. What is it that brings the illness into being? Illnesses are stuck energy, attitudes, and beliefs that are manifested in the body. When people start to get caught up in stressful situations, it brings illness to them. When you connect to this higher consciousness, you end all of the stress, and when you end all of the stress, the energy starts to flow the way it was meant to. This connectedness with the higher self is so powerful, that when you begin to make this connectedness, it automatically brings healing with it. You don’t have to do a thing.

When you begin to function and change your mind, you change your life and you change the vibration which you function at from that 250 cps. up into the 500 to 800 cps. range where illness cannot function. If you function in the higher connectedness long enough, and it doesn’t take a long time, the body begins to heal itself immediately, because whatever illness you have, you are never stuck in it. There is nothing higher or wiser than your higher self. Some people don’t like to use the word God, but whatever it is, your higher self is part of that God or universal being. Health and wellness is a journey. It’s not a destination.

If you want health, loving relationships, and success, make a journey out of it. That doesn’t mean it takes a long time to get there. You can get there now. You can enjoy every step of the way. Life is a journey, not a destination. You’re not going anywhere. This is it. In or out of body, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Positive Thinking

Science is now discovering that thoughts do have effects. Thoughts are things; every thought you have is energy. It has a particular vibration to it. For example, if you generally think negatively about things, it is amazing how you will find so many negative people around you. You will wonder where they have all come from. If you are usually positive, and somebody says to you, “Isn’t the world negative?”, you would wonder what they are talking about because you would not have those kind of people in your life and you won’t even recognize them.


You are connected to the higher self every time you compliment someone, every time you think well of someone, every time you choose to let someone be what they are without thinking they should change for you. Every time you think someone else should change and improve themselves, you are disconnected from the higher self. There is nothing grander than to allow someone to be who they are. What is love? Love is not trying to change someone into the way you think he should be.

The Now

Most people are living in the past. If I asked you if you are happy, you would think back for the reasons why you may or may not be happy. However, these things happened in the past, five seconds ago, five years ago, or 50 years ago. The way most people live is by projecting their past into their future, and think that they’re stuck, and their lives aren’t going to change. Let me explain something about the now. If I ask you if you want to do something now, you would think, that I mean in the next 10 minutes, or maybe in the next hour. Now is not a half an hour, a minute, or a second. Now is totally outside time.

Science has demonstrated that time is something we only experience in the physical body. You really live in the only place you have ever lived which is in the now. And each moment that you live, like this second, is different than the moment before. This absolute moment is referred to as “the holy instant” in A Course in Miracles, because it has nothing whatsoever to do with the instant before it unless you make it so. You can give whatever meaning you want to anything you do because you do it in the holy instant, and that is the only time whenever you do anything.


Goals are usually future events. Five years from now you want to do something. If you are a futurist goal setter, you will never get there. The only goals that are ever accomplished are the ones which are brought right here and now into the instant when you do something about it. Otherwise it is a future goal which you may never catch up with. The whole idea of illness is relevant to living in the moment.

When you learn to function in the moment, because you know you have a higher self to call on, you start laying aside all stressful issues because you recognize they are of no value to you. You recognize that you can give whatever meaning you wish to them and this enables you to start living more powerfully than ever before. You begin to get lucky. People start bringing opportunities to you. If you don’t have miracles happening in your life all day long, something is not working. A miracle is a correction in your life. It is not something that happens outside of you. It is part of you.

The Higher Self

You are not your body. You might think you are, and it certainly feels like it because you can touch it, and you know it’s there. But have you ever noticed that when you get close to strangers, you can feel their energy? You are standing in each other’s energy fields. You can walk into someone’s home and you can sense if there is negativity or love. You can get to the point where you can connect to this higher self. You do it every day and you don’t even know that you do. If you don’t think that you have a higher self, it is simply that maybe you haven’t been using it to quite the degree that you could. It is that still small voice that talks to you whenever you are willing to hear. You can get in touch with that higher self, but we are so used to looking outside ourselves for everything that we are not aware that we have a higher self.

Dr. Paul Cestnick

Paul Cestnick has founded a number of study groups in Toronto based upon A Course in Miracles, a self-help psychotherapy book which teaches that life experiences are created by the way in which we think. He regularly conducts workshops and seminars on A Course in Miracles and higher consciousness. He is the author of a monthly tape series on the same subject called The Boss Tapes.

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