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Living Love – The Seven Centers of Consciousness

The Security Center
This Center makes you preoccupied with food, shelter, or whatever you equate with your personal security. This programming forces your consciousness to be dominated by your continuous battle to get “enough” from the world in order to feel secure.

The Sensation Center
This Center is concerned with finding happiness in life by providing yourself with more and better pleasurable sensations and activities. For many people, sex is the most appealing of all sensations. Other addictive sensations may include the sound of music, the taste of food, etc.

The Power Center
When your consciousness is focused on this Center, you are concerned with dominating people and situations and increasing your prestige, wealth, and pride, in addition to thousands of more subtle forms of hierarchy, manipulation, and control.

The Love Center
At this Center you are transcending subject-object relationships and are learning to see the world with the feelings and harmonies of flowing acceptance, You see yourself in everyone, and everyone in yourself. You feel compassion for the suffering of those caught in the dramas of security, sensation and power. You are beginning to love and accept everyone unconditionally – even yourself.

The Cornucopia Center
When your consciousness is illuminated by this Center, you experience the friendliness of the world you are creating. You begin to realize that you’ve always lived in a perfect world. To the degree that you still have addictions, perfection lies in giving you the experience you need to get free of your emotion-backed demands.

As you reprogram your addictions, perfection will be experienced as a continuous enjoyment of the here and now in your life. As you become more loving and accepting, the world becomes a “horn of plenty” that gives you more than you need to be happy.

The Conscious-Awareness Center
It is liberating to have a Center from which your Conscious-awareness watches your body and mind perform on the lower five centers. This is a meta-center from which you non-judgmentally witness the drama of your body and mind. From this Center of Centers, you learn to impartially observe your social roles and life games from a place that is free from fear and vulnerability.

The Cosmic Consciousness Center
When you live fully in the Sixth Center of Consciousness, you are ready to transcend self-awareness and become pure awareness. At this ultimate level, you are one with everything — you are love, peace. energy, beauty, wisdom, clarity, effectiveness, and oneness.

Ken Keyes’ Living Love

  • The Law of Higher Consciousness: Love Everyone Unconditionally–Including Yourself
  • Be aware at all times of which Center of Consciousness you are using to perceive your world.
  • Become more consciously conscious of the cause-effect relationship between your actions and their results.
  • Expand your love, your consciousness, and your loving compassion by experiencing everything that everyone does or says as though you had done or said it.

Dr. Ken Keyes Jr.

Ken Keyes Jr. was an personal growth author and lecturer, and the creator of the Living Love method, a self-help system.

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