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Light And Energy

Matter is condensed light, and all matter in the physical universe operates on the various harmonics of condensed light, from simple concepts of colour right down to the biochemistry of the body. The body itself is a radio frequency harmonic oscillator, a large ensemble of electromagnetic energy. Energy demodulates into different frequencies which operate the entire human organism, beginning with infra-red, the microwave range, and the radio range all the way down to the levels of extra low frequency waves (ELF). As light successively demodulates in the body, it creates your heart beat, your respiration, and your brain waves. When your energy is coordinated, it follows the energy of the seasons, the sun, the moon, the planets and you live in health. When those demodulating currents become disruptive, you have disassociation, dissonance, lack of harmonic resonance and the end result is tissue distortions, reduced glandular secretions and disease.

Diagnosis And Treatment

Radio frequencies can be used both to treat and diagnose the body. A healthy body operates within the entire spectral range of the harmonics of light, whereas an unhealthy organism is lacking certain colours and frequencies. By understanding the lack of certain colours in the organism, you can stimulate certain enzyme systems and certain functions in the body. You can see these colours through the use of a central prism which is a crystal oscillator which demodulates and slows the colours down to a level the retina can perceive. Diseases like candida and cancer have yellow rays. Salt, sugar, and coffee also have an aura colour of yellow. A kernel of whole grain rice has an aura colour of lime green, whereas white rice has a colour of yellow. Its energy is modified. So through colour diagnosis we can determine what colours the body needs to balance itself.

Invisible Light

We have lost sight of the fact that there are invisible forms of light, but they have been known down through history with different names: Chi, Prana, vital force, many things. Invisible light is concerned with the potential of tremendous quantities of energy that can be released at one time by the atom. The atomic bomb is an example of that. When an atom is split, tremendous quantities of light and heat are released. This is indicative of the power that certain molecules have to release photon material.

Regression Therapy

At our clinic we are able to do a number of phenomenal things. One of the most important aspects in cancer therapy is regression work. I have an instrument which pulses monochromatic light with a gem stone with which I can virtually assure I could regress anybody within 20 minutes with total recall. This is not hypnosis. It is an interface between the conscious mind and subconscious mind. You can go back and actually remember the day you were born and remember it vividly, and remember the conversations around you, particularly traumatic ones which have embedded themselves in your psyche and have started a train of reactions, or conditioned reflexes as they are called in conventional psychology, which are responsible for bad habits, fixed attitudes, and harmful emotions that we carry with us for the rest of our lives.

These have tremendous seizing effects on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and glandular responses. It would seem inconceivable that these could be cleared within a two hour session to the point that you are almost not talking to the same person because they are so calm and happy. It is all done with light. Cancer is a disease of hate. If someone has cancer you find hate and anger. They are mad at themselves, they are mad at somebody else, or mad at the world. If you break that cycle of tension and hate, the whole body starts flowing. Endocrine responses improve, parasympathetic-sympathetic reactions change and the person looks different, feels better and they are at one with themselves.

Obesity And Lymphatic Therapy

We also give lymphatic therapy. We have a treatment using light which opens up lymph channels so quickly that we can take a person who is overweight and strip up to 30 inches off the body in two hours. It is that fast and it is permanent. It sets a healing train in motion that allows the body’s lymph fluids to move very quickly. What causes lymphatic stasis? People eat too much salt and way too much protein. When the lymphatic system backs up with protein and old fats, it moves more and more slowly and has more time to solidify and gel. That hardens tissue and gives you sore spots below your skin and the bottoms of your feet develop calcium urate crystals.

Today every conceivable form of diet is used for the treatment of obesity, but everyone has lost sight of the three most valuable nutrients to the human organism, and they have absolutely no calories at all: air, light and water. If you want to lose weight, you need to go back to the light, and the simplest thing you can do is to learn how to breathe, and learn how to get more quantities of light in your system. The areas in the human body where we store the most fat are those areas not exposed to light. By not getting enough light, there is a loss of movement of the body’s fluids and lipids to the point where there is an accumulation of fat. My technique of lymphatic drainage can start the fat mobilization process within two hours of treatment. It is all done by light and radio frequency. It is completely harmless and nothing is felt except vitality.


Water has the capacity to store a tremendous quantity of photons. Simple things like setting a glass of water out on the windowsill for 20 or 30 minutes exposes it to very high quantities of photons. Your system will become more sensitive to this form of energy than to secondary forms like carbohydrates and fats which are very far down the scale as far as energy goes. All the water in your house should be clean or filtered whatever the expense may be, so you can drink and bathe in pure water. You can magnetize it and solarize it because it is your most valuable nutrient.


There are some very powerful endocrine responses to breathing which are known to the yogis and monasteries around the world. It is part of their spiritual exercises to learn how to breathe, because breathing is the direct link between the conscious mind and the soul. There are certain electron factors which are in the air and oxygen which are very powerful, and confer a lot of energy to the body. When breathing is inhibited, there is a cascade of neurological reactions which result in neurasthenia, neuroses and epidemic chronic anxiety states, and most of it is because people do not know how to breathe properly.


There are some recent European publications which prove that the skin itself is an endocrine gland. The skin is the only organ in the human body which can detoxify without processing any chemicals. Your liver and kidneys have to use enzymes to get rid of chemicals. Your skin does not. It does that through sweating. So sweating, bathing, Epsom salt baths and hydrotherapy are all very important. People are using very powerful toxic chemicals on their skin in cleansing agents and makeup.

Do you realize they make bar soap out of old animal bones and flesh from the slaughter houses and boil that with lye to make soap? You go into the shower and swab your skin down with this dead flesh, stripping acids off your skin and clogging up your pores with these rancid fats and you start to lose your ability to detoxify. The skin is an optical filter. It can either receive photons or it can block photons and I am afraid that it is more of a blocking agent for the bulk of humanity today.


The eyes have energy. If you look at someone with kindness and love, they will feel relaxed. If you look with animosity and anger, they will feel nervous. Your eyes project energy just as they receive energy, and we have lost sight of this. Just the look from someone’s eyes can heal or set up negative cycles in a patient.


We use magnet therapy extensively because it clears energy fields and it is very important in the treatment of chronic diseases and cancer. Magnets are ether traps, they make energy move, and can clear the body, clear the water, clear the food. When you bring your vegetables home put them over a magnet. Use both polarities, both north and south poles, just wipe them clean, make a few passes each way. I am speaking of permanent magnets which do not generate any particular frequency. They are pure magnetic fields. There are also electromagnets which have harmful electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields come off of fluorescent lamps, televisions, stereos, VDT’s, microwaves, electric blankets, hair driers, etc. at 60 cycles per second which is a derogatory frequency for the body. This again suggests that we should not be watching television.


The body has lost its ability to absorb light and this is related to epidemic diseases, cancer, obesity, and chronic fatigue. We bring fossil fuels that are black, that are millions of years old out of the body of the earth, and expect to confer life. The petrochemical industry is causing a major destruction within the world’s ecosystems today, and particularly to the human frame. These chemicals are electron robbers in your body. They chelate the enzymes, they harm metabolic pathways, bind up your energy functions, and cause the body to lose its ability to absorb and transform light. Every single cell in your body is a tremendous radiator of light.

Harmful chemicals initiate a whole cascade of degenerative pathological reactions, particularly an inability to lose weight, and an inability to move lymph fluid through the system, and in time can even develop into malignancy. When we do electro-diagnosis on the body, we see what types of chemicals are in the system. Solvents, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and a history of drug use are all very big problems today.

Hydrogenated Fats

Petrochemicals in hydrogenated fats also affect the human system. Fats carry the photons received through your skin to the deep parts of your body. Hydrogenated fats are very lifeless – they literally have had the life boiled out of them. Their molecular structures have changed and they do not transmit photons to the same degree. In fact they block photons. Dr. Johanna Budwig has treated thousands of cancer patients by putting them on flax seed oil. So it is very important that you get back to olive oil, natural oils that are cold pressed and stay away from hydrogenated fats which are found everywhere you look, in the salad dressing, in the bread, it is in everything.

Fertilizers And Pesticides

Today, we are also seeing destruction of the world’s soils from the use of nitrogenous based fertilizers and, of course, pesticides, which alter the microflora of the earth’s environment, which results in altering the microflora of the human intestine. We now have runaway mutations occurring throughout the entire biological ecosystem. And the human system reflects that in the development of diseases like cancer, chronic fatigue, immune deficiencies and obesity.

In disease states, we move from a liquid state to a gelatinous state. As we go from a soluble to a gelatinous format, our tissues become hardened, our muscles get taut, toxins begin to accumulate and a whole cascade of degenerative and aging factors start to set in. So it is very important to keep the body mobile and fluid with that factor of light. I hope some of these things have brought some light to your consciousness and I think you can see we are talking about a whole new medicine. It is time to get away from chemicals and start thinking about energy. Energy is where the future is, the future of diagnostics and the future of therapeutics. In time we will leave physical chemistry behind and advance more and more into the electromagnetic domain.

Dr. Charles McWilliams

Dr. Charles McWilliams has a medical practice in Nevis, the West Indies, and has conducted research in the field of vibrational medical technology for the last 12 years. He has developed many medical technological devises including a photonic homeopathic potency simulator, ozone generator, colour/sound/gem frequency generator, electro-acupuncture device (Acutron), and electro-acupuncture measurement and treatment device with Rife frequencies (Biotron II), etc. He is director of the American School of Oriental and Homeopathic Medicine, president of Science Research Inc., and president of Universal Technology Ltd.

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