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Rheumatism and Arthritis

In our clinic, we have a great many rheumatism and arthritis patients, and it is not really surprising. It is one of the problems we can expect as a result of our eating patterns, our civilized food, and the stress we live under.

All arthritic conditions are different, but ninety per cent of the causative factors are chronic resentment, career problems, frustrations, worry, fear, unhappy marriage, imbalanced metabolism, inherited abnormal chemistry of the metabolism, self-limiting diseases (like measles, mumps and chicken pox), traumas and diet. Of these, the main cause is dietary. Diet is where it all starts. You cannot argue with that because it’s basic. You cannot build good health on a bad diet.

I have travelled around the world to find out why primitive societies, the so-called uncivilized people, do not suffer from certain illnesses. And there was one particular group that interested me very much. They had no arthritis, rheumatism, kidney problems or any of the degenerative diseases, and they lived in a perpetually humid climate. They had no salt intake and they ate daily a vegetable like the potato, called “Devil’s Claw”, which has in it every mineral salt necessary for good health.

So really, our eating habits have to change. Many problems, like rheumatism, arthritis, duodenal ulcers, psoriasis and eczema, are born in an overly acidic system. Now, the whole mystery of arthritis and rheumatism is as follows: calcium enters into a solution in an acid medium, and the agent which helps this is potassium. Most arthritic cases are very, very low in potassium. So you can see why diet is so important to keep the potassium at the right level. Your richest sources of potassium are: potatoes, bananas, dates, figs, molasses, cider vinegar, apricots, raisins, and the best source is just the normal potato. I have a very simple cure which I recommend highly. Every morning, get a big potato, wash it well, and then grate it, and with a spoon, push the juice out of it. You just get a little, that’s all, but you’re wide awake for the whole day. And you drink that the very first thing in the morning, and you have your finest source of potassium, and it filters the acids out of your system beautifully. It’s a wonderful thing – only with diet and the juice of a raw potato, you can see results coming after six to eight weeks; you can see the fingers straightening out.


ALCOHOL. It’s one of the biggest enemies I can tell you. It is the greatest depleter of potassium, the greatest, and the terrible one.

COFFEE. I’m a great advocate for Bambu coffee and coffee substitutes made from natural grains.

Now, I come to another enemy, and that is KITCHEN SALT, and it is a tremendous anti-source of potassium. If you take salt, please take sea salt, or take Herbamare salt, or any of these salt substitutes. Just cut your salt intake right down. It also has a terrible influence on the kidneys.

SUGAR is another one. There are plenty of natural sweeteners. You can have honey. In the uncivilized countries, they eat sugar cane, sometimes even more than we eat sugar, and they use their teeth like pliers. In Britain, not even two per cent of the people have good teeth with all the refined sugar intake.

So you cut out white sugar and you cut out WHITE FLOUR. Nobody can tell me there is anything in white flour. Flour is fantastic as it was given to us by God originally but we have bleached it and processed it and spoiled it. And then people are surprised when they develop wheat allergies. I put people with allergies and skin problems on a wheat free diet for three or four weeks, and get marvellous results.

Now carbohydrates burn up well in the system, like wood in the fire. They just leave dust, and dust can leave the body; you don’t get all the bowel problems from it. But ANIMAL PROTEINS burn up like coal in the fire – they leave the stones and the crystals. You can hear them in the joints, all this creaking and groaning. And especially cut out meat of the PIG. That’s pork, sausages, bacon, ham, etc. Cut these out immediately. They have not only the highest percentage of animal fat; they have the highest percentage in animal acid as well. And this is one of the biggest enemies in rheumatism and arthritis.

I don’t like to say this, but you must keep the ACID down. I mostly advise patients to cut out grapefruit and oranges. Cut these out.

And to help even more, cut your DAIRY PRODUCTS down.

The people say to me, “Oh, doctor, what can I eat? What’s there left over?” And I say, “I’m going to tell you, because there’s plenty left over.”

Another big enemy in our work is CORTISONE. You can see how things go wrong in orthodox medicine when you see how often cortisone is prescribed when it’s not necessary. It’s a great anti-source of potassium.

And DIURETICS. I had an 18-year-old patient who was absolutely crippled with arthritis, and the only cause was the use of diuretics.


What medication do we use? As I’ve told you the most important medication is DIET. You’ll also naturally sometimes use HOMEOPATHY, and this does a wonderful job to get these stiff limbs working again. The after effects of measles and mumps and chicken pox can produce arthritis, and we can clear that with homeopathy. There are people who are constantly in contact with petrol, or who do a lot of car driving and attract rheumatism and arthritis. We simply give them a similum in homeopathy called Plumbum 30 which clears the system beautifully, if there is any lead poisoning involved, and there very often is. Taxi drivers in Glasgow have a very high percentage of arthritis and rheumatism.

We also strengthen the system with ACUPUNCTURE, and we have great successes. We had a young man there, he was six years old, and he was absolutely crippled with arthritis, and within two months he was over it. Injuries, falls, accidents and trauma can be a cause. We might do manipulation for it, and in the very bad cases, I use the combination of acupuncture and diet and one or two good homeopathic remedies.

I also want to mention VITAMIN C. There is nothing better to gear up the immune system than vitamin C, and especially for rheumatism-arthritis patients. Take at least two grams (2000 mg.) a day. It’s very important. You can take safely two to three 3 grams a day. If it’s very serious, I might step it up to much higher dosages, but two or three grams can be done safely. Do not use chewable vitamin C. Just the pure tablets. I have removed oranges and grapefruit from the diet which are rich sources of vitamin C, but black currant juice, and black currants and some of the berries are very rich in vitamin C.

The remedies I have had a great deal of success with recently are a combination of Seatone (which is the extract of the green lipped mussel) and a remedy of Dr. Vogel’s-Imperatritica. Imperatritica and Seatone. That’s a super combination. We did extensive trials in a few of the hospitals with Seatone, and that combination, and we’ve had some very positive results.

We know that the rheumatism and arthritis patient has to be very careful with his blood condition, and most of them, I would say 80% at least, are anemic. You can help that a great deal, because there are plenty of natural sources to get your blood up to standard. You don’t need iron injections for that. I’ll give you a fine recipe for the blood. You take it three times per week if you have a tendency to anemia. Take four dried pears which you get from the health store (unsulphured), and soak them overnight in red grape juice. You have a fantastic iron deliverer there. Plenty of greens are also very good. And if that doesn’t help, take a raw egg, and beat that in grape juice two or three times a week. That’s another good one. And at least get your bloodcount up to standard because it’s very important. Get plenty of sunshine and exercise.

Now, I’ve made some significant statements, and I think I’m justified in making them. I had a letter, before I left Scotland, just a few days before I left, from one of the top surgeons in Glasgow. He’s a most famous surgeon, and I highly respect him. When I saw him sitting in my waiting room, I thought, now what could be wrong with this man? Well, he came in and said, “At long last, I’m coming for your help”. He started with arthritis in his shoulder. He said: “Sometimes I feel like a fool. I’m standing there in the operating room, and I can’t even hold the scalpel. What am I going to do? I’ve been to my colleagues. I’ve had treatments, and I’ve been through the whole rigamarole. Nothing helps.” I said: “I’ll tell you quickly. You’re too fat and you eat all the wrong things and you’re far too fond of your whiskey. So we’re going to put you on a nice diet, and we’ll see what we can do.” Now, I’ll just read to you one or two sentences from his letter: “I am very pleased to be in the swim again, as I found the inactivity almost as bad as all the pain, at times. I wish to thank you most sincerely for all your services and attention, so effective and so prompt. And I will never hesitate to come back to you because you have a bit more to offer than we have.” Wasn’t that wonderful?

And so that’s the reason I say to you that we can safely say that alternative medicine is a bit closer to the answer. I will go so far as to say to you that alternative medicine is more advanced in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis than orthodox medicine. This is perhaps one of the reasons that I left orthodox medicine many years ago.

I had one morning, two letters in the post, that have concerned me ever since. One letter was from the British Medical Association, and they asked every doctor in the country to help with the great problem of the increasing occurrence of overweight, heart diseases, blood pressure and so on. Fifty-five percent of the British population suffered with these problems, 29% suffered from arthritis, and they asked the help of every doctor to decrease that percentage. And I asked myself, where has science failed? And we have. The second letter was from one of my old professors, in Germany. That poor man was put in prison. He had written a book about cancer, and how much cancer had to do with diet, and the book was forbidden. When he refused to take it off the market, he was put in prison. When I visited him, I only said, “Well, Professor, just think about Copernicus and the 16th and 17th Century establishment. They told him he was an idiot. And still today we believe what he said. Some day your theories, your diet and your thoughts will be known to be true.” And so it happened. Today he is the very top man in cancer research work in America.

Dr. Jan De Vries

Dr. de Vries is the director of seven health clinics in Britain, including the Mokoiya Health Centre in Troon, Scotland, one of Britain's best known alternative medicine clinics. He uses a wide range of therapies to treat degenerative diseases including proper nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, special mineral baths and herbal medicine. He pioneered alternative medicine in Holland, and together with Dr. Alfred Vogel, established the very first alternative health clinic in that country. He is the author of a popular series of books which focuses on alternative treatments using herbs and diet for degenerative diseases. The accomplishments of Jan de Vries have won him international acclaim and he has been presented with the prestigious Dag Hammarskjold Award for outstanding contribution to humanitarian causes. He is a scientific member of the Cancer Research Board in Britain and is presently doing research in Arcen, Holland for the European Commission, investigating the effectiveness of herbal medicine.

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