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Food, Water and Air

There are three forms of energy that man lives by, namely food, water and air. Our survival depends on these three forms of energy, and not on coal, petrol, electricity or nuclear power, and we must ensure that we keep our food, water and air as pure as possible.

Much can be learned from so called uncivilized societies who live without electricity, oil or nuclear energy. Let it be a lesson to us that those people have a much better chance of living a healthy existence.

Our environment must be cleaned up, and mankind must acknowledge the extent of the pollution caused by nuclear stations, satellites, missiles, colour televisions, supersonic airplanes, thousands and thousands of miles of pavement, the plastic industry and so on.

Our thinking must be redirected along more natural routes, and this is not impossible. The sun, our greatest source of energy is still the same. We could make much more use of natural sources of power such as the, wind and air than we do at present. What is wrong with reintroducing the windmill?

Air Pollution

Air pollution is a problem which affects every one of us and it affects us not only physically, but mentally as well. The rate of asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis is shockingly rising. An article in the British journal Lancet (Nov’86) stated that environmental waste material, pesticide use, and air pollution can affect one’s health to the extent that you may get Parkinson’s Disease.

Pesticides and herbicides sprayed over the fields can also cause post viral fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis. Air is the most problematic. We can make a conscious decision to eat only natural organically grown food and to drink mineral water.

It has been shown that fruits and vegetables grown organically absorbed less radioactive fallout after the Chernoble nuclear accident than produce grown with the aid of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. The Germans tested the vegetables with a Geiger counter, and it registered nearly three times the level of contamination on produce grown with artificial aids as compared to organically grown food.

What does this simple test mean? The organically grown food proved to have much more immunity to adverse influences and it could cope with the fallout. These results show that food has much greater immunity when grown under natural conditions.

This also applies to humans – the more natural we keep our environment, our supply of food, water and air, the stronger our immune systems will be. You may try to protect yourself from the air pollution by cleansing your system and strengthening your immune system.

Help your immune system with some Echinaforce from Bioforce, milk thistle complex or even Devil’s Claw extract. Make sure you take an absorbable calcium. Use antioxidants which help your liver to cope with all the negative energy from the air: a combination supplement of kelp, zinc, calcium, vitamin C and molasses will boost your immune system.

Fresh Air

Get out and exercise and clear your lungs. After a thunderstorm there is a release of oxygen that is very helpful to your lungs. That’s an old fashioned remedy. Use your legs and inhale oxygen. It is so beneficial to go to the seaside or a country park for a picnic, where fresh air can be easily enjoyed.

Fresh air is essential for your body cells. Fortunately, they can withstand a tremendous amount of toxic influences. Although we constantly breathe in invaders, causing toxicity, the cells will continually cleanse the body if our immune system is maintained in good order.

Exercise in the fresh air flushes the cells with oxygen which releases the energy within the cell. Fresh air also benefits the lymphatic system which cleanses the body of any toxicity and waste material which has been inhaled or ingested during the day. Because it does most of its work during our sleep, a window should be left open so that there is plenty of fresh air.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning or recycled air is not one of the best things. An air-conditioned environment can be contributory to problems such as pneumonia, allergies and Legionnaire’s disease.

We must be careful to detoxify air conditioning systems at frequent intervals to make sure that bacteria, toxins and other invaders are removed. It is helpful to use an air purifier, especially in places where there are high levels of interference, dust and impure materials.

The best air purifier I have come across is the Clean Air Machine made by a man called Art Tibbits in Canada. I have happily recommended it to a number of people who have been diagnosed with environmental hypersensitivity, chronic respiratory diseases and acute allergy problems.

The Tibbits Clean Air Machine uses a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter blanket similar to those used in computer rooms, operating theaters, burn centers and major allergy clinics. Air that has been filtered by HEPA is free of up to 99.97% of all contaminating particulates, pollen, yeast, moulds, fungi, most bacteria and viruses and airborne chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde.

Air Fresheners

Unknown to many, commercial air fresheners can do much damage to the nasal passages. Just think about the many ways to freshen the air in your home in a more responsible way which must be better than using a spray.

A mixture of dried herbs or flowers in a stone container or certain aromatic plants which will spread a natural fragrance through the house will purify the air.

Hara Breathing Exercise

Many years ago, I learned a wonderful method to restore the Life Force when our minds and bodies have become imbalanced. When you relax and breathe correctly it gives you a supply of energy to draw on whenever you need it, and distributes the air in your body to help your immune system.

The breathing technique is based on Hara. I practice this exercise nearly every day – I lie down on the floor and tell myself to relax completely. Close your eyes, and tell every part of your body from top to toe to relax until you feel as if you are sinking deeper and deeper into the floor.

Place your left hand about half an inch below your navel and put your other hand over the top of it. At that point a magnetic ring on the vital center of man, Hara, has been formed. Breathe in slowly through the nose, filling your stomach with air, then round your lips and slowly breathe out through your mouth, pulling the stomach flat.

This can be done as often as desired. Normally the sensation after this exercise is either one of complete relaxation or of refreshment. I have recommended this method to many patients who have consulted me for stress. The art of relaxation is closely connected with breathing, and once this has been mastered or brought under control it will be of great benefit.

Pineal Gland

The pineal gland, one of the seven endocrine glands, is definitely linked with the atmosphere; it is really the aerial to the atmosphere, and breathing exercises will immediately increase its energy outflow.

It plays a key role in maintaining our mental and physical well-being. In the far east, the pineal gland is often referred to as the third eye and although this little gland is not much bigger than a pinhead, it rules a big part of our life.

The pineal gland is impaired by anything artificial, and regular outdoor exercise and good clean air is needed to optimize its efficiency as one of the main conductors in the endocrine system.

Thymus Gland

If glasses or sunglasses with any form of tinted glass are worn for any length of time, the thymus gland will be weakened. Wrist watches may reduce the life energy if they are electronic, pulsar or quartz crystal.

Hats, clothing, shoes or blankets made of synthetic fibre like polyester, nylon, acrylic or a mixed blend could easily weaken the thymus gland, whereas articles made of cotton or silk will most likely have the opposite effect. Most disposable paper products such as facial and toilet tissues weaken the thymus.

Smoking, exposure to car exhaust fumes, even sound waves from loud music all have a detrimental influence on the thymus. The body functions on the basis of electromagnetic fields which can easily be disturbed.

Dr. Jan De Vries

Dr. de Vries is the director of seven health clinics in Britain, including the Mokoiya Health Centre in Troon, Scotland, one of Britain's best known alternative medicine clinics. He uses a wide range of therapies to treat degenerative diseases including proper nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, special mineral baths and herbal medicine. He pioneered alternative medicine in Holland, and together with Dr. Alfred Vogel, established the very first alternative health clinic in that country. He is the author of a popular series of books which focuses on alternative treatments using herbs and diet for degenerative diseases. The accomplishments of Jan de Vries have won him international acclaim and he has been presented with the prestigious Dag Hammarskjold Award for outstanding contribution to humanitarian causes. He is a scientific member of the Cancer Research Board in Britain and is presently doing research in Arcen, Holland for the European Commission, investigating the effectiveness of herbal medicine.

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