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The Cure For All Diseases

All illness comes from two causes, pollution and parasites, no matter how long your list of symptoms, from chronic fatigue, to infertility, to mental problems. So the solution is simple: i) electronic treatment for parasites, and ii) avoidance of pollution.

Electronic Diagnosis And Treatment Of Disease

All living beings emit a frequency, a type of radio broadcasting which I call bioradiation. Perhaps it is the same energy as the Chi, the life force, the elan vitale. Each species emits its own unique frequency and it is in the radio frequency range. In general, the more primitive the organism, the lower its bandwidth. Advanced animals have higher frequencies and the range is wider. The human body broadcasts electrically just like a radio station, but over a wide band of frequencies and very low voltages (1520 to 9460 KHz). Insects broadcast between 1000 and 1500 KHz. Pathogens (molds, viruses, bacteria, worms, mites) range from 77 KHz to 900 KHz.

Treatment of disease means jamming the frequency of the pathogens for a few minutes with an electronic technique. An audio oscillator quite easy to build or buy which sets up a resonance with your viruses and parasites and attacks and kills them in your body can check for viruses, bacteria, parasites, solvents and toxins. The method is based upon radio electronic principles. I abandoned the herbal parasite program I had used for years to kill the human intestinal fluke for my clients because using the electronic method, in 20 minutes I could get rid of a whole family of parasites. It took only five volts for three minutes at the specific frequency to get rid of Salmonella bacteria, Giardia parasites and Herpes virus. Viruses and bacteria disappear in three minutes, tapeworm stages, flukes, roundworms in five and mites in seven minutes. One need not go beyond this time.

The first seven minute zapping is followed by an intermission for 20 to 30 minutes. During this time bacteria and viruses are released from the dying parasites and start to invade you. The second seven minute session is intended to kill these newly released viruses and bacteria. If you omit it, you could catch a cold or sore throat. Again viruses are released from the dying bacteria. The third session kills the last viruses released.

Cancer cases showed us that in a few hours the universal cancer marker, ortho-phospho-tyrosine could be eliminated from the body. Incurable HIV cases lost their virus in a few hours too. Laboratory retesting for HIV came back negative. Most cases of pain got immediate relief if I could identify the correct bacteria or parasite. However, the zapping current does not reach deep into the eyeball or testicle or bowel contents. It does not reach into your gallstones or living cells where Herpes virus lies latent or Candida fungus extends. But by zapping 3 times a day for a week you can often deplete these populations too to zero. No harm is done to humans with this treatment because the frequencies we use to kill parasites do not overlap with the characteristic frequencies of a human.

WARNINGDo not zap if you are pregnant or wearing a pacemaker. The zapper has not been tested and should not be used during pregnancy. For children, benefits must be weighed against the unknown risks. These situations have not been explored yet; don’t experiment with these yourself. However, the electronic way of killing parasites is safe if you use a frequency generator (different from a zapper). The frequencies of parasites and bacteria are far away from human frequencies. Also, do not remove dental amalgam while pregnant or before becoming pregnant.

Build Your Own Synchrometer And Zapper

My book A Cure for All Diseases contains complete directions for assembling your own electronic devices for diagnosis and treatment. You can build your own zapper for treatment and syncrometer for diagnosis. Parts cost less than $25 and the plans are in my book. The treatment is done with a hand held, battery operated frequency generator which zaps at various frequencies at 5 to 10 volts for seven minutes and frequency from 10 Hz to 500,000 Hz). The positive offset frequency (alternates between positive and zero voltage) kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously. It takes three treatments to kill everything. Diagnosis is done with a syncrometer, a more accurate and versatile method than the best existing testing methods.


Parasitic and environmental invaders can weaken your immune system. Invaders have been increasing exponentially due to lowered immunity in recent decades. The pollution of the entire biosphere has been increasing. Killing parasitic invaders is the first step; next comes the task of finding their sources in your diet and lifestyle. Pollution is making us sick too and we must correct the environmental factor also.

Solvent Pollution

The solvent that does the most harm is benzene. It goes to the thymus, ruins our immune system and causes AIDS. The next worst solvent is propyl alcohol. It goes to the liver and causes cancer in a distant organ. Other major culprits of disease are xylene, toluene, wood alcohol (methyl alcohol or methanol), methylene chloride and trichlorethane (TCE), methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), and methyl butyl ketone (MBK). Solvents end up in your internal organs like the liver, thymus, uterus, prostate, and this attracts parasitic organisms like flukes and bacteria. Stop eating solvent-polluted foods. There are solvents in all cold cereals. Make cooked cereal. There are solvents in bottled drinking water. There are solvents in grocery store bread, baked goods and cholesterol-reduced foods. Buy baked goods and bread at your local bakery. Stay away from “low cholesterol” foods. There are solvents in decaffeinated coffee and tea and powdered mixes for beverages, and bottled beverages, even those sold in health food stores.

Metal Pollution

Copper from meat and vegetables you eat is essential. Inorganic copper which you would get from a copper bottomed kettle is carcinogenic. Unfortunately, inorganic metals pervade our environment. We put metal jewellery on our skin, eat bread baked in metal pans and drink water from metal plumbing. But the worst metallic threat is mercury amalgam tooth fillings. Sometimes the mercury is polluted with thallium, which is even more toxic than mercury. Thallium is also found in cotton swabs, cotton balls, bandages, toothpicks, floss, gauze, sanitary napkins, tampons and disposable diapers, evidently because they are being sterilized with mercuric chloride which in turn has thallium pollution. Use cheese cloth in place of gauze and monofilament fish line (2 or 4 lb. test) for floss. Gold and silver seem to have fewer harmful effects, but no one should have any pure metal in or on their body. Other prevalent toxic metals include lead (pipe solder and men’s hair colour), cadmium (old metal pipes), nickel (tooth fillings and retainers), chromium (softened water) and aluminum (table salt, pop cans, deodorant, lotions).


Moulds produce some of the most toxic substances known which are called mycotoxins. Although moulds are alive and can be killed by zapping, mycotoxins are not and must be detoxified by your liver. A tiny amount can incapacitate a part of the liver for days. Aflatoxin is the most common mycotoxin. It is produced by moulds that grow on quite a variety of plants. One small mouldy fruit or vegetable can pollute a huge batch of juice or jam. For that reason eat only perfect citrus fruit and never drink commercial fruit juice. A heavy dose of vitamin C helps the liver recover quickly. It also helps get rid of aflatoxin before it is consumed if you mix it right in the food. So keep a plastic shaker of vitamin C powder handy and use it like salt on all your food. Everything that’s animal or vegetable can get mouldy. Every grain, fruit, vegetable, nut, tea and coffee plant have their moulds. Tea is mouldy if purchased in bags.

Physical Toxins

Would we ever knowingly breathe in broken glass? We are unaware that it fills our homes when fiberglass insulation is left imperfectly sealed. Any hole made through the ceiling or wall lets swarms of broken glass bits into the house air. So all holes leading to insulated spaces must be sealed airtight. Of course fiberglass should never be used in home construction or air filters. Asbestos is another tiny airborne toxin. Although it has been outlawed in building material, its most prevalent source is the clothes dryer belt and hand hair dryers.

Chemical Toxins

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or freon is the refrigerant in your air conditioner and refrigerator coils. You need an in-home test to detect CFC’s leaking in your home. All cancer sufferers test positive for CFC’s in their cancerous organ. Arsenic is used in pesticides. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) were originally used in transformers until they were banned from use. I still find them in most commercial detergents and soap. Formaldehyde is used to cure foam. As a result, foam furniture, pillows and mattresses give off formaldehyde for about two years after manufacturing. Every cleanser in your house probably has a toxic warning on its label. Every fluid your automobile uses is toxic. Every pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer you put on your lawn is probably toxic. Every paint, varnish, wax, lubricant, bleach and detergent is toxic if ingested. Use safe old-fashioned alternatives. If you are ill even after zapping, toxins are still at work. Getting rid of them is a major step toward being well.

Use only glass or reused polyethylene jugs (polyethylene is opaque not clear). It has already lost its plasticizer into the water that stood in it initially. Purchased water has traces of solvents from machinery and sterilizing equipment used in its bottling. Traces of solvents are worse than traces of other toxins. Water filters are not the solution. They trap the pollutants and then allow a tiny amount to enter the water on a daily basis. Another reason not to drink water from bottles is that it is stagnant and is soon contaminated with our own bacteria from contact with mouth or hands.

The solution is not to add still more chemical disinfectants but to drink from a flowing source. Charcoal filters are safe if changed monthly to prevent trapping pollutants. Drink a total of four pints of water a day, including single herbal loose tea made from a single herb, not combination herbs which may contain solvents.. Another source of contamination is dairy food (Salmonella and Shigella bacteria). Sterilize it all by boiling. Only butter and heavy whipping cream do not need boiling.

Dr. Hulda Clark

Hulda Clark holds degrees in biology and biophysics and cell physiology (Ph.D.). She has done research in this area for twenty years and now does private consultations on a full time basis. Her books include The Cure for All Cancers and The Cure for HIV and Aids. The following material is excerpted from Hulda Clark's new book: The Cure for All Diseases (1995). For more complete information on each topic and treatment for individual diseases please refer to this book.

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