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The Healing Power of Love

The entire universe is powered by that pure energy we know as Love – and therefore real healing and transformation can come through Love. When there is a time of great fear, mistrust and uncertainty in the world, it is also an opportunity for powerful change and awakening.

We invite you to a celebration of that pure energy of Love. Come and begin the transformation in your lives which is possible through Love. And let us all work together to achieve that transformation.

This special newsletter will introduce you to the philosophies of our key workshop leaders: Kahuna Sandra Michael and Cinnamon Lofton of the Living Love Centers.

The Principles of the Path of Huna Kane

Huna Kane refers to the inner wisdom of the Higher Self.

For centuries, wise men, healers, and shamans have known that Love is the only true healer.

  1. Love is all there is. The three qualities of Love are Acceptance, Allowance and Appreciation.
  2. Love is the honest appreciation of perfection in everything within yourself and everyone. In every moment you are either celebrating the perfection or making it wrong. Every moment is an opportunity to Love another part of yourself and the universe.
  3. You will be tested; the universe will call you on your commitments to Love guaranteed!
  4. Thoughts create, every thought is creating something; there are no insignificant thoughts.
  5. The body is the condensation of consciousness.
  6. Fear and Love cannot share the same space. Fear is just forgetfulness; Love is remembrance.
  7. Breath is remembrance, breath is Life, breath is the affirmation “I Am!”
  8. As soon as you are present with Love everything totally clears. Check to see that all three qualities of Love are present.
  9. Love brings up everything unlike itself to transform.
  10. Everything in the way of your next level has to come up to transform.
  11. You’ve got to claim it to transform it.
  12. Nothing comes up that is not ready to totally clear, so get excited about it.
  13. As soon as you’re justifying something in your mind you know that you are out of Alignment with Higher Self.
  14. Things only clear to the extent to which there is no blame, judgement, excuses, or denial.
  15. As soon as there is tension anywhere, it means a judgement has been made. You can tell your whole body it can relax, release and let go. Every cell wants to function perfectly and ecstatically so breathe and give them all permission.
  16. It takes breath for everything to clear, breath brings you present, it’s all in the breath.
  17. What has been resisted has persisted.
  18. Pain is a symptom of resistance, which has come from the illusion that Love meant holding on.
  19. Pain is a communication from the Higher Self that you’ve moved out of Alignment with the Universe and Life.
  20. There is nothing to hold onto in the flow. Joy is in the flow!
  21. You are unlimited; there is nothing you cannot let go of, there is nothing you cannot Love.Love is letting go!
  22. It feels so good to just let go and trust and be in Love.
  23. Unconditional Love means letting go of every excuse you’ve ever had for not Loving yourself or anybody else, and being in Love more and more all the time now!
  24. You have access to unlimited power in every moment, once you choose to accept it, it’s only a breath away, ever!
  25. All Power is from the willingness to be present with everything in every moment with Love.
  26. Ask and you shall receive.
  27. What you focus on expands.
  28. If you’ve chosen all the ways you’ve ever played& now how do you want to play?& to feel? What do you want to create now? Ask yourself in every moment, “Is this what I would choose to create in my Life and my world now?”
  29. If it does not feel like ecstasy, breathe and let it go! If it feels like ecstasy, breathe and feel more!

Dr. Kahuna Sandra Michael

Dr. Kahuna Sandra Michael is the founder of Huna Kane, Body of Light, the Higher Self Alignment Process, Body Mapping, and High Altaring and the Alchemy of Ecstasy, all of which offer an integrative understanding of applied Spiritual Science.

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