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How did you get here? Why did you choose the parents you have? Why do things happen to you? A lot of people think that they are victims of others’ bad actions, or that God did it to them, or their mother hurt them (which is not always false), but the reason certain things happen to you is because you have invited it. You went to the Lords of Karma, the guys upstairs who run the Akashic records data bank, and you said, “I want a body.” And so they gave you a computer printout of all the families to choose from and told you that you have a choice. So you took a little ride down to see the parents and you found the one which would fit your life, and the rest is history.

Your parents are not responsible for the choice you made. Your soul wrote your flight plan for you before you came here and it sat with you and said, “This is what you want to do; this is how you are going to do it. But you forgot the flight plan on the entry and you lost the directions. This situation is called the reincarnation process, or recycling yourself. Although you may not believe in it, you will come back anyway.

It is universal law. You don’t have any choice. So you just keep travelling on this cycle until you wake up to who you are. Once you wake up and empower yourself to take control of your life, you will realize that nobody does things to you. It may be hard to believe, but you created it all. You went into a downward spiral. Pull yourself out of it by the bootstraps. Empower yourself. Take control of your life and get going.


Three out of five children are rejected before they are born. Mom does not want the child. That happens, unfortunately, and you chose that lesson. You knew you were going to get rejected before you even walked in. But you figured, “Well, I can handle that. Here is my flight plan; I have written it all out. I am going to do it.” But the day you entered the first cell in that body, you started picking up your mother’s thoughts, her feelings, her attitudes, things that were said to her. Or it could be the other way around. You have chosen to come into a family and then realized you made a mistake and go back and make a new choice. So it would have been a stillborn, because the soul wasn’t ready to go into the body.


You may wonder why bad things happen to you when you have done all the right things. It happens because of programming. You are a biodynamic electromagnetic computer, whether you want to believe it or not. Everything that has happened to you is created by you and you yourself decided how it is going to happen. Why would you want to do this to yourself? Why would you want to have cancer or MS? The programming will tell you exactly what you have arranged for yourself. So you have to find out why the program was created in the first place and why you accepted it.


How do we change the program and the things that happen to you? You can find somebody who can read the file and tell you what is going on. My job is to find the directions for you and realign your flight plan. That is the beginning. I have been doing this for twenty years, and I have documented 66 case histories about the people I have worked with. It gives you some insight into why you make your choices. My work basically is to help you recover your lost self and to reclaim your personal power. All we have to do is find the programming, clear the programming, clear the base cause and it will go away.

Cellular Memory

The brain controls everything that happens in the body because the brain is basically a switching network. It doesn’t know how to think. It can only switch. Your body thinks. Every cell in your body thinks. It is a network computer and it thinks through neuropeptides, serotonins, and other brain chemicals. They talk back and forth and it is bi-directional talk back. When you have a positive thought, it supports your system.

When you have a negative thought, your system goes into regression. And if you have enough negative thoughts your endocrine system crashes and that is what depression is all about. My work is about creating positive mindset, creating a positive attitude in your life so you can have positive thoughts. The cellular memory exists in the cells. The cellular memory sits in the body. The anger is on the right side. All the fear is on the left side. Abandonment and rejection are along the spine.

The Computer Metaphor

The subconscious mind is your data bank or your mainframe computer, and your body is talking all the time through your cellular structure. Your whole body is run by a set of chemicals. The chemicals control the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you do things. They talk back and forth through a network of cellular structures, and the cellular network hooks into the main frame computer.

The conscious mind inputs the information, but most of the time it is not the conscious mind, but the sub-personalities that control the situation and run your life for you because you don’t know how to take responsibility. When you learn how to take responsibility, and learn how to take control of your life, then we can eliminate those sub-personalities that are running your life. The conscious mind won’t tell you the truth because it wants to be right, and it will do this through controlling sub-personalities.

We are afraid of changing things. Your middle self, which is the file or program manager in your body, will take control. It transfers the files from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind and gives it the ego. And when the middle self takes control, it doesn’t like to give it up, because you have let it run things all your life. You have to take responsibility, and take control out of the hands of that middle self.

Power Of The Mind

The power of your mind is awesome. If you stared at that carpet hard enough, you could turn it on fire. That is how powerful it is. How do you think people can walk across 1800° coals? If you can do that with your mind, why can’t you heal your body with your mind? Why do you allow your body to kill you instead of restructuring you? If the mind is talking to you and telling you something, why don’t you listen to it?


It is based on applying pressure on your raised arm. Behavioural kinesiology was developed by Dr. John Diamond who wrote the book Your Body Doesn’t Lie about 25 to 30 years ago. I studied with him for quite a while and I developed my own process out of his. I call it neurokinesiology because I am talking to the mind through the neurological system. I use this to determine the programming and the results of the reprogramming.

Reprogramming Affirmations

Your body never lies; it always tells the truth. Are you listening to it? Let’s listen to it and we will use these affirmations to straighten this out. Then we test with kinesiology to see it the affirmation was effective, and if not, why it wasn’t. You can say this anytime of the day, and sometimes you have to say it three or four times a day. “Today is ________. I am_________. I am in my conscious, rational decision-making mind.” You are telling yourself you want to be in the computer control room.

If you are not, somebody else is going to be there. It could be your subconscious mind, or your file manager, or one of those unnamed things that float around in the air that we don’t see. “I recognize now that I can access all the files in the conscious mind, middle self, subconscious mind, in the denial files, denial of denial files, the back-up files and the time line files and bring them to the surface and do it now.”

Let’s say this affirmation to see if you love yourself:

LOVE “I recognize now that love is my responsibility and I accept that now. And I know full well I can accept love in my life and I am doing that now. I am entitled to unconditional love and I accept that now. And I know full well, it is my responsibility to accept love in my life. I am doing that now. I am entitled to live in peace, happiness, harmony and joy. I accept that now and I know love is kindness with caring, acceptance without judgment or control, and acceptance without manipulation or authority. I accept that now. So, I recognize now, that I can remove all inner shadows that are blocking me off from my higher self.

I am doing that now. I know now, I can remove all outer shadows that are blocking me off from God. I am re-establishing the presence of God in my life. I am doing that now. I recognize now that I have to make peace with my middle self (the program manager) and I am committed to doing that now. I know in the past, I gave you all the power because you were the program manager and I accepted you could handle my life for me.

I know you did the best you could with the programs you had available. But I realize now that I have to reclaim my personal power, and it is my responsibility to be the computer programmer and the computer operator and I accept that now. And I know full well, we can work together because you are an important part of my team and I need your help.

I accept that now. I thank you for your help and I accept that now. And I know now that I have to make friends with my ego. I know in the past through conventional literature and misinterpretations I assumed you were the enemy and the villain and I know now that is totally false and erroneous. And I accept the fact you are the file manager and the secretary and librarian to my subconscious mind’s computer and I accept that now.

And I know now that I can give myself 100% full permission to forgive myself for any harm and trauma that I may have inflicted on you through my misconceptions and I accept that now. I thank you for your help and I am loving and forgiving myself. I am doing that now.”

The work I do clears the program permanently. It doesn’t ever come back because the computer is a repository for the files. How does your computer work? When you put the stuff in the recycling bin, clear the recycle bin and eliminate it, you can’t find the file again. That is the way it goes.

So the whole problem is that we have this computer that beats us up. But it is simply a computer, nothing more. I wrote a book on this subject back in 1995 using metaphysical and spiritual language. It didn’t sell for beans. I changed it over to a computer model, which it is now, and it sells like hotcakes. It is all over the world, because the fact is, people can understand it now. They didn’t understand the metaphysical principles. People understand, “Hey, we have got a computer here. All we have to do is reprogram it.”

Reality is this. You create everything, and you take care of everything. Nobody takes care of it for you. God does not punish you or kill you or anything like that. There is no revengeful God out there. You are the revengeful person yourself. And it is the resentment and the anger you hold that creates the dysfunctions in your body.

So we have to forgive and love every person in our life – every person. It is impossible to heal yourself when there is no love program. Love and forgiveness heal everything. You can create Nirvana for yourself but you have to get in contact with your own personal power.

Art Martin publishes a quarterly newsletter. His books including Your Body is Talking, Are you Listening? and The Mind/Body Connection are available at Consumer Health Organization.

Dr. Art Martin

Art Martin is a medical intuitive, healer and therapist. Art is trained in psychology and has extensively studied Chinese and Tibetan medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture. Based on his study of 20 alternative therapies, he developed the healing process NeuroCellular Repatterning, a powerful new technique for healing the mind/body/spirit connection to retrieve information from the mind's records. He is the author of seven books, including Your Body is Talking: Are you Listening? The Mind/Body Medicine Connection, and Psychoneuroimmunology in Practice.

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