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The Universal Technique of Energy Balancing

In the last few years, I have developed the universal technique of energy balancing, and I would like to share with you some of the events which led to this. Around 1974, I had my third or fourth serious attack of pneumonia. I had many respiratory problems and every cold and flu bug going.

I realized my medical doctors did not really have any answers for me, so I began to study and take courses on my own. When I changed my diet and started taking supplements, I no longer had any more colds. I have not had a single cold or any other infection since 1975.

Because I was able to help myself, I became interested in helping other people as well, and I built a very successful nutritional consulting practice based on discovering people’s food sensitivities and allergies and eliminating these things from their diets. I used to do nutritional counselling almost exclusively, however, in 1986, I met Dr. Jimmy Scott, and he showed me how to correct allergies by tapping on the energy meridian lines.

He gave a demonstration of this method called Health Kinesiology at Total Health 1988. Up until that time I thought that an allergy is an allergy. You’ve got it for life. All you can do is avoid those things you’re allergic to. So he opened my eyes to the fact that you can make some permanent changes.

I started using his energy balancing methods by holding points, but then I found there are ways to do the energy balancing methods without holding the points, by actually directing energy with the mind. All disease is caused by energy blockages or energy imbalances.

We have a physical body with blood vessels, bones and muscles, but that is not all there is to it. We are really beings of energy. For example, the spine can go out of alignment and this is really a response to an energy imbalance. When the chiropractor puts the spine back into place, it relieves that energy imbalance, but it may only be temporary, because it may not be dealing with the blockages that caused it to go out of balance in the first place.

If the person has some emotional issues that affect the muscles of the body, that could take the spine out of alignment very quickly. Western medicine does not know very much about energy, but the Orientals have understood it for more than 5,000 years. They refer to it as chi or prana. However, western medicine wants proof. Eventually, someone did find actual channels of energy in the body and they are only one cell in width.

Energy is distributed throughout these 14 interlocking, interconnected channels or meridians of energy. It has to go through all the cells in the body, and it is what regulates the functions of those cells. If you have a blockage in those meridians, then the tissue being supplied by that energy won’t function properly.

It won’t absorb nutrients and won’t be able to get rid of waste products properly. The tissue may deteriorate, may become a site for bacteria, or some other maladjustment of the body. Until you actually relieve the energy blockages or the cause of the blockages, healing of disease may be quite limited.

In addition to energy channels, we also have chakras in the body which are vortices of energy, and an aura which surrounds the body. Every problem which we have in the physical body actually begins with a blockage somewhere in these energy fields. In other words, all degenerative conditions are caused by these blockages.

I can tune in and find out where the specific blocks are for an individual person. An electromagnetic interference anywhere in the body can be corrected by directing universal energy, by using the mind as the tool to direct universal energy to the person.

The laying on of hands can also be an adjunct to help the energy flow. There are many other energy healing methods that also work. Acupuncture, shiatsu, acupressure and holding points are all methods of working with energy systems in the body.

Homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies influence energy systems in the body by using substances that have an energy imprint in them. Visualization, electromagnetic therapies, therapeutic touch, hands on healing methods, applied kinesiology, health kinesiology and educational kinesiology are also energy healing methods.

We are spirits living in a mental world experienced emotionally through the physical body. So the more powerful healing methods will take into account all four levels of the person’s being.

Case Histories

I would like to share with you some of the successes I have been privileged to share over the past few years using the universal technique method of energy balancing and correction. Many people have been freed of their allergies just in one visit. Things like arthritis and asthma have been cured.

Non-malignant breast lumps have disappeared within minutes. I have some clients whose cancer is in total remission. Candidiasis cases have cleared up. Emphysema, endometriosis, hyperactivity, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, phobias, psychological problems and spinal cord injuries have been successfully treated.

I had a case of a person who had about 80% visual loss in one eye. It was restored in about a minute and a half. Another person who was totally blind had partial sight come back. Although it’s kind of fleeting, at least she sees something.

Now, these are not really miracles. Each of us has the healing power within us. All healing is self-healing. If you cut yourself, it’s not the antiseptic that heals. It’s the body which has the innate capacity to heal itself. It’s up to us to understand that and to support it in whatever way we can.

The first part of my message is that all healing is self-healing. The second part is that the healing treats the person, not the disease. There is no chronic disease that can’t be helped, although there may be some people who are not in the space to be helped. Each of us has free will, free choice, and we may not know that we are exercising it at some level. Some part of us may be resisting healing.

Role of the Mind in Healing

To heal means to make whole, to integrate, to balance. All healing is either facilitated or retarded by the mind. The mind is the most powerful healing instrument we have. Medical professionals already know that.

They will admit that some ailments sound like they’re psychosomatic, and sometimes say that when they can’t find the problem that it must be in the mind. So they assume that the mind can make the body ill. But if that’s true, the mind can also make the body well.

They know that this is true. Sometimes people don’t have the will to live and die, even though they don’t have anything terribly wrong with them. On the other hand, some people who have serious diseases recover because their will to live is very keen. Doctors are very familiar with spontaneous remissions.

The person gets better, but they don’t know why. Doctors are also familiar with the placebo effect. When you give patients a sugar pill and tell them that it will make them better, about 30% of the cases improve. There is no active ingredient in the pill, but the belief in the pill is what makes them better.

All healing has an element of the placebo effect. If you don’t believe you’ll get better, you won’t. You can’t be healed against your will. You have to be a participant. You have to want it to happen. I believe that all ailments have a psychosomatic component: what we think, we become.

For example, if we are rigid, we may develop stiff bodies. If we can’t stomach someone or something, we may develop poor digestion. A person who does not like being a woman may develop premenstrual symptoms or menstrual difficulties.

Someone who feels like they are carrying the world on their shoulders may develop a sore stiff neck and shoulders. Holding back angry words results in a sore throat, laryngitis, etc. Being irritated with someone may result in an irritation or infection somewhere in the body.

If there are things we would rather not see, we may develop visual disturbances. If we are bored, we tend to be fatigued. I find it very productive to find out not only what is physically affecting the person, but what the mental, emotional components are.

Question: Could you describe a simple healing energy technique which we can use ourselves?

Answer: I demonstrated the universal technique of energy balancing earlier, but this is not easy to learn from a demonstration. It can be learned from two weekend sessions. Two weekends of study, and you will be able to do it with fairly good success for problems like allergies and psychological blocks and many other things.

There are other methods we can use as well which I mentioned earlier. The universal technique is my tool of choice though, because it’s so very powerful. However, other things can be used as a follow up.

Question: Why do you slow down your brain frequencies when you use this method?

Answer: Most of the time we function in the beta-wave frequency, which is from 14 to 21 cycles per second. When you drop into the alpha frequency, which is 7 to 14 cycles per second, this helps to integrate the right and left brain hemispheres, to integrate your analytical and your intuitive mind.

It also magnifies the aura. In the beta frequency, your aura might extend 25 feet. If you go into the alpha frequency, there are parts of your aura that extend to infinity. You can actually use this technique on people who are not present. They could be 500 or 5,000 miles away. It does not matter. You can locate them and identify the blocks and correct them.

The alpha state is the meditative state. There are a number of ways you can use to go into the alpha state and you can attain it quite readily through practice.

Question: How do you correct asthma using this technique?

Answer: People with asthma are hypoglycemic. It’s impossible to have asthma when your blood sugar is within normal range. It only happens when the blood sugar is very low. So when I treat asthmatics, I look at their hypoglycemia in terms of energy blockages.

There are specific energy blocks connected to hypoglycemia, which we go through. There are also emotional blocks in asthma related to not feeling worthy to take in life. The lungs taking in air is symbolic of taking in life. In addition, changes can be made in the diet and Bach flower remedies can help.

I have experienced very good success rates with asthma. From one to three sessions and they don’t have it any more.

Dr. David Rowland

Dr. David Rowland is a nutritional consultant, a natural healer, and the founder of the Hippocrates Wellness Center in London, Ontario. He is the past president of the Nutrition Consultants Organization of Canada, president of the Canadian Nutritional Institute Inc. and associate editor of the Vitamin Supplement magazine. He has discovered the universal energy balancing method and has written a number of books and articles on health.

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