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Unlocking The Secrets Of Tahitian Noni (Morinda Citrifolia)

The Enzyme Bromelain

I came to work in Hawaii, employed by Dole Pineapple, to isolate an enzyme of the pineapple fruit because people were having trouble making gelatin with fresh pineapple. The gelatin wouldn’t set because of an enzyme contained in the pineapple called bromelain. My job was to remove it and to find a commercial market for the enzyme. It didn’t take long. I found a good process and Dole was able to produce large amounts of the enzyme. My next job was to explore the market.

I had met a doctor in town, Dr. Hunter, who had discovered that he could clear all the mucous from the stomach by irrigating the stomach with an enzyme called papain. He had tested every enzyme known and the one that worked was papain, so he came to me and asked me to make it for him. Well papain comes from the papaya plant and it takes a lot of work to make it, so I said sure I’ll make some for you but why don’t you try this enzyme which I’m making first. The enzyme from the papaya fruit and the enzyme from the pineapple are quite similar enzymes. So he tried it, and it worked much better than papain. So we published a scientific paper on the use of the pineapple enzyme for stomach mucous, and this article generated a lot of interest among the drug companies who began exploring different applications for the enzyme and they began coming to us.

Purification Of Bromelain

Dr. Hunter called me one day and told me he had given one of his patients a douche with the pineapple enzyme to remove mucous from the vagina prior to taking X-rays. She had very severe dysmenorrhea. Thirty seconds after the enzyme solution was introduced into the vagina, his patient said forget about the X-rays, my pain is gone. Now this was a really important medical discovery. We published a scientific paper, and this sparked the interest of the drug companies even more.

We worked with them for a while, and they had wonderful success with the enzyme. When they reached the point when they needed approval from the FDA for the drug, the FDA said the product must be absolutely pure. So I had to purify the enzyme for them, and we were trying to get a protease. They did a double blind study on it and it did not work! There was no effect whatsoever. The question was had we done something in purifying the enzyme to remove the critical ingredient?

The Discovery Of Xeronine

I had to find out what I had removed during this purifying process. The biggest drug company in Japan was also researching it, and they also found that when they purified the product too well, it lost all its activity. The pure protease didn’t work. I continued working on this and eventually discovered what the critical ingredient was. It consisted of three things that have to be present to get a response. All these things together produced the crystalline xeronine. It is an alkaloid and this alkaloid is absolutely essential for your health.

Xeronine In Pineapple

At one time bromelain was a very good pill. In my first samples of the product we only used 17 mg. per pill. Today pineapple bromelain is unfortunately not a reliable source of xeronine because the soil has become deficient. The pineapple companies have not replaced all the micronutrients in the soil which the plants require. The pineapple plant has a large requirement for chromium and selenium, and these elements are missing from pineapple which has been cultivated for many years. I have no faith in commercial bromelain in spite of the fact that my whole life’s work started with that.

Xeronine In Noni Fruit

The first thing I did when I came to Hawaii was to investigate the island of Oahu, and I found the Noni tree. The Noni is a South Pacific tree bearing potato-sized fruit year round. The Hawaiians and Tahitians have used it in natural healing for many generations. It was a very interesting fruit. I was intrigued by the correlation between the healing properties of bromelain and Noni, and they were the same right down the list. So I thought I would use the same procedure on Noni juice that I had used to isolate the xeronine systems from the pineapple. When I got the Noni fractions out, they were so close to the pineapple fractions that it was hard to tell them apart, and so I knew I had it.

Xeronine Strengthens Proteins

Noni is an alkaloid, and the alkaloids are fantastic girders which give strength to the protein molecules. They operate by modifying the structure of proteins, and proteins are the most important catalysts we have. That is why xeronine is absolutely critical, and most of our enzymes require it. Our vitamins are part of our enzyme system and many vitamins act in concert with xeronine. Xeronine can change the size of some of the pores of the intestinal tract so you can absorb some of the large amino acids more readily. One of the critical amino acids is tryptophan which is the precursor of serotonin which occurs in the brain.

Noni Heals Disease

Since many problems are caused by a malfunctioning of an enzyme, and this may be caused by a deficiency of xeronine, that is why this alkaloid can cure so many different diseases. When released, xeronine actually works at the molecular level to repair damaged cells. Noni is considered a strong blood purifier and cleanses the body of harmful bacteria. One laboratory study showed Noni effective against nine different types of bacteria. It is a natural antibiotic, analgesic and antiseptic.

Two independent studies show that it is effective against fungus and parasites. The U.S. military encouraged its use for wounds and infection. Noni has been found to be effective for atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, inflammation, infections, wounds, indigestion, gastric ulcers, constipation, skin problems, menstrual cramps, relief of pain, flu, colds, mental depression, and senility. It enhances immunity, inhibits Epstein Barr virus, and is effective for serious burns. Noni counteracts food poisoning, and helps to overcome hard-core drug addiction because it counteracts the drug or poison.

Pro-Xeronine In Noni

What is the critical ingredient in Noni? Noni doesn’t have xeronine, but it has a precursor, pro-xeronine, which the body is able to use to make xeronine. This is a wonderful way to introduce xeronine to the body because the body is in control at all times. If you take a drug, the drug goes in and does its job, and you have no control. You give it the raw material and the body makes the material which it needs when it needs it and as much as it needs. So this is one of the safest materials you can take. It’s a natural food product. But our bodies do not make enough xeronine when we are under stress. So if you get injured, or get a cold, get excited or worried, all these things increase your need for xeronine.

Music and many of the arts actually affect the production of xeronine. If you like art, then you will be making xeronine. Laughing increases the production of xeronine. Fear and anger have the reverse effect. But a lot of us need a little extra help and frankly there is no better way than just taking Noni juice. It’s simple and effective.

Dr. Ralph Heinicke

Dr. Heinicke is an 82 year-old biochemist. He was hired by Dole Pineapple 45 years ago to isolate an enzyme of the pineapple plant. During his research, he discovered an important alkaloid called xeronine which is essential to biochemical cellular functioning and has amazing healing powers. Dr. Heinicke noticed that xeronine was literally disappearing in the pineapple due to denaturing of the soil, and through his research with local Polynesians he found the Noni plant which was abundant in xeronine.

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